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Experience the overwhelming power of photography at the Yokohama Museum of Art! "Kizan Kuwayama Exhibition Photo Power THE PEOPLE by KISHIN" & "Kizan Kuwayama Artist Talk" Report

"Koyama Nobunobu exhibition photo power THE PEOPLE by KISHIN" report

The subject matter of “Koyama Kinobu Exhibition Photography Power The PEOPLE by KISHIN” is all human. What's more, actors, singers, musicians, athletes, dancers, kabuki actors, and other "celebrities that everyone knows" beyond age and gender take on the aura and breath of their active days, and are alive and lively It exists there. About 130 photos are no longer just photos. It is an "unforgettable memory" that has shared time and time with each of us.

The first surprise in this exhibition is the size of each piece of work. While feeling the nostalgia and greatness in the portraits kissed by John Lennon & Yoko Ono who were decorated at the entrance, when you step into the hall, each one of the photos became a large panel, Plunging into the eyes of the viewer Since the works themselves have been published in magazines and photo books until now, they have many familiar photos, but the feeling of confronting “they” who became a huge panel again, says Mr. Hayama himself As you can see, the "experience" itself is not just "appreciation". I am overwhelmed by the amount of heat that one picture is talking about.

Visitors will move through the five rooms (sections) sequentially, feeling the “non-daily life” that is fluffy to such a first impression. The experience also produces a strange feeling.


The first is the room for the people who entered GOD. Here, there are stars of memories that are still inscribed on the chest of many people, such as John Lennon, Yukio Mishima, Katsu Shintaro, Reiko Ohara, Hibari Misora, etc. A calm figure of Mr. Kinsan and Misora Hibari, a portrait of Masako Natsume filled with transparency, a national filmHe is soothed by the smile of star Ms. Amami Qing's "Mr.", and awe of the radical portrait of Yukio Mishima, who is dressed in martyrman St. Sebastian. The dimly set lighting amplifies the aura of a big star.

The second room that opens the black curtain and ends is the theme "celebrity known to all people in STAR". A total of 49 "STARs" are displayed in two corners across the aisle. The lighting in this room is also clear. From the dark "GOD" room, it feels like it returned to the real world at a stretch.

The room of “STAR-1” where small panels (but even large!) Surround wall surfaces in a row is the Kusanagi shot in 1973 from Wang Seiji, Tamura Masakazu, and Kashiwagi Kazuo from 2016 About 40 years of Japanese entertainment history has been condensed up to the photon. As in the day-to-day conversation after the Friday attack in 1986, there are some photos that make you feel the transition of the "era", such as Takeshi Kitano passing before Kodansha, who has been on the scene, so I never get bored.

In the room of "STAR-2" which separated the passage, the panel of seven more large people including Ebizo in Ichikawa Shinnosuke era, Daisuke Miura & Takeuchi power, Sayuri Yoshinaga, AKB 48, Yu Sakurai, Dan honey etc. will receive visitors. Above all, the photographs of the popular peak Momoe Yamaguchi lying on a lakeside boat evoke intense memories.


In the collection of portraits of Kishin Shinoyama, what makes the "non-daily" power most felt is the room of "the dream world that brings us to another dimension" next to SPECTACLE. Above all, the eye-catching is the coined word “Sinorama” (“Sinoyama” + “Panorama”), which extends 9 meters across, and connects multiple large format cameras at the same time or changing the direction of a single unit to make time-lapse photography So, the photos are taken by Kishin Shinoyama, a technique unique to reflect a fantastic world in a wide space. The theme of "the holiday" where the world of fairy tale, Mickey, Minnie and his friends gather, where Kumiko Goto is present, is the east of a human being whose character "Sinoraman" himself infiltrated and photographed.All of the works in this room are fantastic, such as in the park of Kyoto Disneyland. At the same time, the Kabuki actors playing in the theater also created a different space as if they had time slipped into the world of actor paintings of the Edo period.