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Experience the power of photography at the Yokohama Museum of Art! "Shinoyama Nobunobu Photo Power THE PEOPLE by KISHIN" & "Shinoyama Nobuno Artist Talk" Report

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“Shinoyama Nobunobu Photographic Power THE PEOPLE by KISHIN” Report

The subject of “Shinoyama Nobunobu Photography Power THE PEOPLE by KISHIN” is all human. Moreover, actors, singers, musicians, athletes, dancers, kabuki actors, etc., who are beyond the age and gender, are alive with the aura and breath of the times when each was active. Exists there. The 130 photos are no longer just photographs. It is an “unforgettable memory” that has shared the time and era with each of us.

The first thing that surprises me about this exhibition is the size of each piece. While feeling nostalgia and greatness in the portrait where John Lennon & Yoko Ono kissed at the entrance, stepping into the venue, each one of the pictures that became a large panel, It approaches in front of the viewer. The works themselves have been published in magazines and photo collections by Mr. Shinoyama, so there are many familiar photographs, but Mr. Shinoyama talks about the feeling of confronting "them" that became a huge panel again. Like, “experience” is not “appreciation”. I am overwhelmed by the amount of heat that a single picture speaks to.

Visitors will go through five rooms (sections) in order while feeling a fluffy “non-daily life” in the first impression. The experience also creates a mysterious feeling.


The first is the room of “people who entered the GOD demon register”. There are many stars here, such as John Lennon, Yukio Mishima, Shintaro Katsu, Reiko Ohara, Hibari Misora, who are still active in the hearts of many people. The calm figure of Kinsangin and Hibari Misora, the portrait of Masako Natsume, a national film full of transparencyHe was healed by the smile of the star “Ms. Satoshi” by Amami Kiyoshi, and was afraid of the extreme portrait of Yukio Mishima dressed as a martyr St. Sebastian. The lighting set darker amplifies the aura unique to big stars.

The theme of the second room that opens up with the black curtain is "Famous Celebrities Known to All People". A total of 49 “STARs” are displayed in two corners across the passage. This room is also well lit. It feels as if you were back in the real world from the dark “GOD” room.

The “STAR-1” room, which has a small panel (which is large enough!), Surrounds the walls of the four sides. The Sueharu Wang (1973), Masakazu Tamura and Kazuo Funaki (2016) Up to Photon, the history of Japanese performing arts for about 40 years is condensed. Like the day after the Friday attack in 1986, Takeshi Kitano passed before Kodansha, which became the scene, and there is a picture that makes you feel the change of the "era".

The “STAR-2” room across the aisle welcomes visitors with a larger panel of seven, including Enozo from the Shinnosuke Ichikawa era, Daisuke Miura & Riki Takeuchi, Sayuri Yoshinaga, AKB48, Yu Sakurai, and Tantsumi. Above all, the photo of Momoe Yamaguchi at the height of the popular lie on a lakeside boat evokes intense memories.


Among the portrait collections by Shinobu Shinoyama, the room of the next “SPECTACLE Dream World that takes us to another dimension” is the one that makes you feel the power of “unusual” most. Of particular note is the coinage of “Shinorama” (“Shinoyama” + “Panorama”), which is 9 meters wide, and connects multiple large format cameras at the same time or by changing the orientation of one camera. These are photographs taken by Kishino Shinoyama's original technique that projects a fantastic world in a wide space. The world of fairy tale where there are many Kumiko Goto, the `` holiday '' where Mickey, Minnie and their friends gather, Shinoyama himself became the character `` Shinoraman '' and sneaked and filmed EastAll the works in this room, such as in the park of Kyoto Disneyland, are fantastic. The appearances of the Kabuki actors lined up at the same time created a different space as if they were back in time to the world of actor paintings in the Edo period.