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[Castle EXPO2016 / Part 2] Enjoying the castle with a castle! Three days when all of the castles gathered in Yokohama!

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"Oshiro EXPO 2016" will be held on December 23, 24 and 25 for 3 days. Christmas Minato Mirai is crowded with couples and families with large Christmas trees decorated all over the place, but when we stepped into the Pacifico Yokohama meeting room at the venue, we were there

"I've been there often! Have fun slowly!"

Castle EXPO 2016

And everyone who dressed up as a Sengoku warlord or ninja instead of Santa Claus. Depending on the shooting at the decision port in various formations.

If you go to castles in the past few years, there are people called “Omotenashi Busho” and you often see them performing. Immediately feel like you've come to the castle and your tension will go up!

A typical famous castle! Japan 100 Great Castle Photo Exhibition

Anyway, I was worried about where to attack, because everything from the 1st to 5th floors of this Pacifico Yokohama conference room was a castle, but first I went to the “Japan 100 Castle Photo Exhibition” .

Japan 100 Great Castle Photo Exhibition

“100 famous castles in Japan” is a cultural heritage that is representative of Japan and is a historical symbol of the region. Many people know the castle and the ruins of the castle. It was established in 2006 by the Japan Castle Association to lead to promotion.

There are currently 12 castles left in Japan since the Edo periodIt is called “Existing 12 castle towers”, of which 5 castles (Himeji Castle, Hikone Castle, Inuyama Castle, Matsumoto Castle, Matsue Castle) are national treasures.

From these “Existing 12 castle towers” , one or more prefectures have been selected to make 100 castles, and a stamp rally is also provided to make the castle tour more enjoyable.

In the castle EXPO 2016 , photos of 100 castles, history of castles, representative lords, etc., from the “Nemuro Peninsula Chas” in Hokkaido in the north to the Shuri Castle in Okinawa in the south Panels with information were lined up.

You can feel as if you are going around all 100 castles just by walking while looking at each one.

In addition to the panel exhibition, there is also a booth where local organizations of the castle selected as one of Japan's 100 most famous castles will be able to visit the castle with guidance dressed as princesses and warlords of the Sengoku era, and to introduce special information and surrounding sightseeing There was also an exhibition of armor and a commemorative photo session wearing armor, which was also very popular!

Left: I was surprised to see a person inside because I thought it was armor because it didn't move!

Left: I was surprised to see a person inside because I thought it was armor because it didn't move!

There are a lot of local characters!

There is a local character in the town where the castle is located! (No, there are local characters all over the country)

That's why local characters from various places gathered in Yokohama. Hikonyan of the most popular is still Hikone Castle. This year, there is also the NHK Taiga drama “Onna Castle Lord Naotora” with Ii Naotora as the main character, a busy year for the Ii family.It seems to be.

Naotora-chan, successor lawmaker, hikonyan

The photo is from the left, Naotora-chan, Hikonyan, and Daiyasu Ieyasu . Naotora-chan is from Hamamatsu and has an “eel-shaped bowl (!)” On the right. (Somehow it feels like Kou Shibasaki who starred)

There are many other things ~

Umemaru and Wanmaru

From left, Umemaru of Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture (Odawara Castle), is Wanmaru Mr. Aichi Prefecture Inuyama (Inuyama Castle).

Shimaneko, Chikiri-kun

This is shimanekko of Shimane Prefecture (Matsue Castle), is Chikiri-kun of Osaka Kishiwada (Kishiwada Castle)!

Again There is only your local character of the town with a castle, it is the Japanese style everyone aligned.

And from Kumamoto, Kumamoto local character Kumamon and Kumamoto city local character Higomaru came from Kumamoto. I couldn't meet Kumamon this time, but I was able to see the show at Higomaru .

Higomaru is a fairy who came to the present age in 2007 with the 400th anniversary of the Kumamoto Castle.

It is a body that seems difficult to walk, but when it began to dance, it was quite violent, especially the spinning technique that turns around!

Attached to the roof is "Ribatape"

Hmm? Is n’t it a bandage? I think that most Kumamoto residents call the bandage as Livertape, which is a special order from the local company “Ribatape”.

Kumamoto Castle was damaged by the damage of last year's earthquake, but the message is to heal the wounds and do their best.

Because this day was Christmas, I was dancing and spinning with my sister, Arisa, who was a partner, with a Santa cap and Liver tape !

Kumamoto Castle (Photo taken in October 2015)

I can't wait to see Kumamoto Castle return to its original form. (Photo taken in October 2015)

At Castle EXPO 2016 , there is also a stone display depicting unusual patterns from the restoration work of Kumamoto Castle and a reconstruction support corner for Kumamoto. Many castle fans donated 738,052 yen in 3 days. It seems to have gathered!

What is Nobunaga's holding masonry group, Anano Shu?

In Castle EXPO 2016, there are many castles such as Rakugo who was introduced in the first part and castle mania Shunta Talk events and forums were held with invited specialists.

What I thought was a rare opportunity was the construction company Iwata Construction (Headquarters / Shiga ), the descendant of the masonry group “Ano Taishu” that Nobunaga Oda valued and called on. This is a lecture by Mr. Junnori Hamada , the representative of Otsu City in the prefecture.

The title is "The popular hole and stone wall promoted by Nobunaga"

The first of the “castle with stone walls”, which is a turning point that changes from a medieval mountain castle to a modern castle, is said to be an Azuchi castle built by Nobunaga Oda. was.

The stone wall of Azuchi Castle still remains

The stone wall of Azuchi Castle still remains

There is no manual for the stone masonry technique, and it seems that it is still inherited only by oral tradition. The reason is that

“Listening to the voice of the stone, knowing the heart of the stone, taking the heart of the stone as your own heart, it is important to practice the mind and the arm so that you can sit comfortably forever. Than)"

The key to the “dialogue with the stone” is that it cannot be communicated in writing.

Mr. Hamada, the descendant of the popular ancestors, has been working on the restoration of stone walls such as Azuchi Castle and Hikone Castle.

In the lecture, there was an introduction to the tools used by the popular people, but it was not a special or new one, but a tool that has been used for a long time.

I felt that the certainty of technology is not a tool, but the power of craftsmanship to manipulate stones freely.

content / uploads / 2017/01 / oshiroexpo_02-10.jpg "alt =" Senda of the popular people, Junnori Hamada "/>

Mr. Junnori Hamada, the descendant of the popular people

Lastly, Mr. Hirota introduced Oda Nobunaga's words as a memorable quote.

“Those who are born and talented ask for it and neglect their training.

However, those who do not have natural talents endeavor to acquire skills.

The attitude is totally different. This is important. "

Mr. Hirota, who has a special skill inherited through a long history of stone masonry masonry, dares to cherish Nobunaga ’s words that “ every day's effort is more important than talent ” It may be related to the method of inheriting the technology of the popular people.

It's also interesting to see this castle when you go to see the castles in various places, thinking that "this stone wall may have been piled up by the congregation."

Extensive exhibits such as the Castle Diorama!

At Castle EXPO 2016 , there were also models of 12 existing castle towers and castle diorama of 40 castles all over the country.

A model of Himeji Castle, a national treasure and a world heritage site. Is the roof black before renovation?

A model of Himeji Castle, a national treasure and a world heritage site. Is the roof black before renovation?

In particular, the castle diorama is not only a building, but the whole castle is a diorama, and its size and height difference are easy to understand and it is wonderful to imagine the whole castle. !

A diorama of Kochi Castle. The height difference is easy to understand

A diorama of Kochi Castle. The height difference is easy to understand

Azuchi castle diorama with a burned heavenly lord. The stone wall of the popular people!

Azuchi castle diorama with a burned heavenly lord. The stone wall of the popular people!

Isn't it quite elaborate? 40 castles of diorama are rarely on display at the same time, so castle fans are happy!

There was also a merchandise corner, and there were castle goods, books, plastic models, and special souvenirs from each castle town.

There is a lot of Sanada related goods due to the popularity of the 2016 Taiga drama Sanadamaru!

There is a lot of Sanada related goods due to the popularity of the 2016 Taiga drama Sanadamaru!

The castle town's famous confectionery and sake are all together. There was also a DVD!

"> All the castle town confectionery and liquor are all together.

In addition, the "castle of Ukiyo-e Exhibition Matsuzaki collection -" end of the Edo period in the corner from Edo, dominating drawn warlords and battlefield by ukiyo-e Meiji, the Ukiyo-e 10 points that the castle was to stage the exhibition, "carefully selected Castle pictorial In the exhibition , eight castle drawings (including reproductions) held by the Japan Castle Association were exhibited.

A picture of a castle on an old map of Japan

A picture of a castle on an old map of Japan. In this way, there were various castles in various places.

You will love the castle more and more!


Pacifico Yokohama exhibition that uses a conference room 1-5 floor all, but it was further held for three days, was the castle EXPO2016 of large rich enough to not be seen in one day.

In particular, the “Castle Premium” “Castle Specialists” lectures and talk events were all valuable content that you would not want to miss.

In addition to the Yamashiro talk event by Shunta Shunkatei introduced in the first part, and the lecture by Mr. Hirota, who is the last guest of the concubine, this is a forum on the theme of “approaching the actual situation of attacking Odawara” and the Taiga drama “Sanadamaru” There was also a lecture by Yu Hirayama, who was in charge of the period, and it was very interesting for fans who were watching the drama.

Besides castle researchers, castle photographers and castle illustratorsVarious “castle specialists” who enjoy the castle from different angles, etc. appeared, for example listening to stories that the fun of castle photography has evolved more and more as photography using drones became possible, for example Was done.

The venue was always crowded with many people, from adults to children, and I felt the excitement of the recent castle boom. It seems that the number of visitors for 3 days has reached 19,000 !

I learned a lot about the joys of visiting the castle, not only the castle with the castle but also the castle, which is very attractive as the starting point of the castle, and the fun of walking around the castle with a sense of attack and protection It was only 3 days.

Castle EXPO 2016 ended with a great success in this way, but in fact this was the first time it was held.

It seems that we will continue to hold castle fans and exchanges with the area where the castle is located, as well as for the development of castle research.

I'm just finished, but I can't wait to decide what this year's event will be!