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It is funny without complaint! Governor, I will talk hotly about the charm of the gull's short story festival

"Kanagawa Kamome Theater Festival (hereinafter" Kasakazu ") started in 2016 is a theater festival that will perform a short story within 20 minutes. Several works that are rich in variety selected from all over the country can be found together and can be seen at the same venue during the same period.
Mr. Yuji Kuroiwa, a governor of Kanagawa prefecture known as cultural art lover, and Mr. Satoshi Maruo, chairman of the executive committee, asked his thoughts for the next event.

– In the 3 rd "Kasuke" held in January, it seems that all the participating organizations' works were watched.

Kuroiwa Yes. It is not unusual for the governor to see everything (laugh). However, it is a rare opportunity to collect all the works of people who do not know every day. Moreover, the performance time is 1 20 minutes. Because the story will be completed in 20 minutes, there is a sense of tension that can not keep an eye for a moment. There was personality in each, and this was fun without complaint.

Maruo drama tends to be thought of as "a bit high threshold", it is a lecture burden that you go out and go out and watch the work for over 2 hours. In that respect, "Kasuke" which gathered works that can be enjoyed in a short time can be an entrance to theater. There were various genres and styles, and "I did not understand this, but this work was interesting," Is not it possible to see with such a stance?
Current Japanese drama is mainly feature length, but from a historical perspective , Short story plays have been popular in some cases. In the Imperial Theater there used to be a form of performance called "Midori" to perform various short stages. It is "green" of "Midoridori". It seems that it was popular with tourists coming to Tokyo. "I think that there is a possibility that the whole country will echo" Kasuke "," If you go to Kanagawa you will see interesting short story drama ". For that, I would like to transmit high-level works.

– It also plays an important role as Kanagawa's attraction.

Kuroiwa In Kanagawa Prefecture, we are engaged in "Magar (Magnet · Culture)" which attracts people by the charm of cultural arts and creates bustle of the area. And there is pleasure to discover talent in "Kasuke". Although it may be thought that it is easy to make it if it is a short story, in fact it is required a considerable competence. The power of the scriptwriter, the power of the director, the power of the actor. It is a great pleasure for us to find new talents among people gathering from all over the country. And for young people, you can think that "If you go to Kanagawa there is a chance to demonstrate your talent." It would be wonderful if you could make such a cycle.

Maruo The other day, I went to Okinawa to serve as a jury of short story theater. This is the representative of the Okinawa team who participated in the "Kasuke" began to say "It is possible to have a wonderful work from Okinawa". I felt strongly the expectation for Kanagawa that "Kanagawa has a chance for a new encounter, I'd like to perform it all the time."

ff; "> – Is there any ingenuity in terms of operation?

Maruo Originally theater is a diverse range of things, so there is also a notion that scores should not be attached to the works. However, the friendly competition that is born from there, leads to the creator 's and the viewer' s level up, where the encounters with customers, judges, theaters and other works without contact points are exchanged, in ordinary activities . I think that we will cherish the viewpoint of "to select" from above from the top, not from the perspective, but from the viewpoint of "coming to various kinds of works from various regions".

Kuroiwa This time the Korean team took part, but internationalization has been conscious from the beginning. Although there are walls of words, you can do an interesting play depending on ingenuity such as putting out subtitles. In the first place, there is no rule that there must be serifs in theater. It is the aim of "Magcal" that Kanagawa will be drawing attention from abroad on an artistic scale.

– How about next year's Rugby World Cup, efforts towards the Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games in 2020?

A lot of people from all over the world visit Japan to see Kurosanwa sports festival. Some people may want to enjoy entertainment at the time they are available. I would like people to enjoy "Magcal".

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Is it likely that there will be new efforts at the fourth time "Kasuke"?

Maruo This year, we plan to establish "Kanagawa Kamome short play award". A short of 20 minutes short play will be the first in Japan. And if there is a flow in which the awarded work is performed such as "Kasuke" etc., the person who writes will become ambitious and will also improve the quality of the content. In the future, I think that it would be nice to have such an environment that not only the festival once a year but also a short story can be seen at the permanent theater any time.

Kuroiwa I would like to think further about extending the football in the future. For example, a civic musical which is actively performed in various places. The producer is not a professional, but when it comes to "do it!" The power is immeasurable. I myself founded a theater department at junior high school and belonged to a musical study group at Waseda University, so I have great expectations for the power and spread of entertainment. I will continue to promote McGal in the future through cultural art events like "Kasuke".

The 2nd Best Work Award "in Shirazu"
Work / Director Hiroshi Oshima / Appearance Chile Actors

"" The 3rd Best Work Award "Desk School Theory"
Mr. Takeshige Morihiko (Megane-do) / Director Matsumoto Kazuto (Breaststroke Headquarters) / Starring Branch Office