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Did you also have "baked coffee" during the war? The truth of the jazz cafe

Jazzz Café CHIGUSA 

Jazz soaking in tonight
File.1 What kind of shop is "Chigusa"?
(Akiko Shinmura / Jazz Cafe Chigusa)

Long-established jazz cafe "Chigusa" of Yokohama Noge. I think that there are a lot of people who have an image that the threshold is high and hard to enter.
But what kind of jazz is cool ... I will deliver a message from Chigusa staff to you who feel that way

A coffee shop where you can listen to jazz records. Speaking of so-called jazz cafes, in most cases the tastes and tastes of the master are fully reflected in the store.
Loud music from the audio system of choice. Both the master and the customer have a difficult face, and they listen to music silently, in a depressing mood ...
It is probably because of this unique atmosphere that there are many voices that "it is hard to enter" in the store.

Chigusa is a jazz cafe that Yoshida Mie opened in Yokohama Noge in 1955. I have been told that there is the oldest jazz cafe in Japan, but it has not been said like a historical cultural property from the beginning.
At the time of the store opening, for young people sensitive to the latest music as a place to listenAs a result, the rushing musicians often came to the store. As it is not the time to feel free to listen to their favorite music anytime and anywhere, as there is no such environment, they may have been absorbed into the sound. The "hard to enter" unique atmosphere that continues today may be that remnant (?) ....
In the current Chigusa, daytime cafe time does not mean that "talking strictly prohibited". However, because everyone pays attention to other customers, the environment where you can concentrate and enjoy the sound continues.

Coffee looks good in the jazz cafe. However, coffee is also distributed during wartime. It was said that the inside of the store had the smell of baked sweet potato because the shortage was made from baked sweet potato. By the way, that "baked coffee style coffee" was manufactured with Kimura coffee which was in Fukutomi-cho in Yokohama ... Yes, it is KEY COFFEE of later.

Chigusa's coffee still has a sweet potato mix?

It does not go to worry that. At present, I use coffee siphon to carefully brew the coffee powder that I have been blended for Chigusa . It takes time, but I hope you can enjoy the sound and time flowing from the jazz record, along with the aroma of coffee that spreads inside the store.

At Chigusa, in addition to the cafe style at the time of its inception, Bar Time has been set up after 18:00 so that you can more easily touch records and jazz.

Talks welcome!

Staff in their 20s entering the counterAs it has increased, it has also been increased to learn various anecdotes from regular customers and elderly customers. On the other hand, since the number of customers is also increasing, it is a place to exchange not only jazz but also hot music information and enjoy conversation.

At present, Chigasa does not have a strong master who becomes a core. A large number of staff are involved in the operation, and while inheriting the jazz cafe culture with the company, we are sending trial and error days so that the jazz culture can be disseminated in a new way in line with the present.
Give a cup of coffee 500 yen and a little bit of courage, and let's step into a space where you can be immersed in music as much as you like.

  • Place
    Jazzz Café CHIGUSA

    Founded in 1933. One of the oldest jazz cafes in Japan. Since its founding, Mamoru Yoshida, who was the founder, has been making "a store to listen to sounds" and is deeply involved not only as a jazz cafe owner but also as a planner and guardian in Yokohama's music scene, whose life is last Continued to be with jazz until. It is currently operated as a general foundation.

    • Shop / Place name
      Jazz Cafe Chigusa
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      2-94 Nogecho Naka-ku Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
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      【Tue-Sat】 12: 00〜22: 00 【Sun ・ Mon】 12: 00〜18: 00
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      20 seats