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The world of `` hand shadow painting '' that brings nostalgic and fresh excitement made with hands and body


「Hand Shadows ANIMARE」

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A place where a play is born
File.4 Scarecrow "Hand Shadows ANIMARE"
Koichi Imai (editing writer)

Since its inception in 1952 as Japan's first shadow troupe, Scarecrow has been leading the genre of "shadow dramas", performing mainly in domestic and international masterpiece fairy tales. You may have encountered somewhere, such as on the stage or on TV.
Did you know that Scarecrow has an artistic side? That is "Hand Shadows ANIMARE". "ANIMARE" in Latin means "to inspire and invigorate". In other words, "Hand Shadows Animare" is an omnibus-style performance that creates various shapes using only hands and body, and you can feel a fresh surprise in nostalgia.

I asked Kei Sato, the representative of Scarecrow, about "Hand Shadows Animale".

"I guess it was about 30 years ago. A famous director told me," Why are you guys a shadow troupe, why don't you do a hand shadow? " You should try it because you can do it.
At that time, we were mainly engaged in silhouettes using paper dolls and cutting paper. He considered hand shadow painting a "traditional play" and never thought that a modern stage could be created. But he might say something might be possible, so I started researching little by little. SoIn that, I can do that, and if I can do this, the repertoire of hand shadow painting will increase. However, hand shadow painting uses a lot of physical strength, so I thought that it would be difficult to create a one-hour stage by itself. ''

On the other hand, at Scarecrow, I was thinking of expanding into overseas markets. However, overseas, it takes time and money to carry luggage, so you must move with minimal equipment. That is a serious problem that companies that challenge overseas, as well as Scarecrow, must face.
Mr. Goto also thought, "If you go abroad, there is no point in trying to work with international communication, not with the works you have produced in Japan until now." With the help of mature hand shadows, I am determined to take on the world with “Hand Shadows Animare,” a fast-moving, sometimes danceable, unspoken music.
Sometimes in 2009, at the 8th Schwabisch Gmund International Shadow and Picture Theater Festival in Germany.

"Before, I had always included the hand-painted picture scene in my work, but this was the first time that I did the whole work in hand-painted picture. The fact that no one could do the work of time was something that no one had thought, based on the common sense of the past, that I had a hard time reforming that consciousness, and one week before departure to Germany, I tried to the last minute After a mistake, the work was finally completed.
At firstThe members who participated in the German festival told me the same sound, but the venue was heated just because we made shadows by hand. It was a wonderful experience, with great applause during the performance. I was glad that there was no example of such an ensemble in the world, and I didn't know what kind of evaluation it would get until I tried it. At that moment, various overseas festivals asked me to say, "I want you to come next."

Later, he participated in overseas festivals in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Finland, Czech Republic, Brazil, and others. Today, there are about 100 hand-painted repertoires, and there are 50-60 works in Hand Shadows Animare. The stage is composed of various combinations.

However, not every member of the theater company can participate here. In charge of the stage, five or six out of the 20 stage members who met the requirements of outstanding skills in hand shadow painting, physical strength to withstand an hour's performance, and a certain degree of Scarecrow training. Of course, there are also activities of Scarecrow, so the performance of "Hand Shadows Animare" is precious.
This year, the 10th anniversary of the premiere of "Hand Shadows Animare", a performance will be held in Yokohama for the first time in three years. It is a fringe performance as a program of "TPAM" (International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama).

"In TPAM, 'Hand ShaI want to perform in the standard form of Douz Animare. I would like many locals to come and see the overseas directors seeing their customers pleased, ”said Mr. Goto.
It will be a fresh surprise for people who have a biased image of shadow painting.

* "Hand Shadows Animare" is such a stage!

《“Hand Shadows ANIMARE”》

■ Schedule: Thursday, February 14, 2019
■ Start time: 16: 30/19: 00
■ Venue: Yokohama Doll House
■ Composition / Direction: Kei Goto
■ Music: Kuni Kawachi / Yoko Ishikawa
■ Performing art: Hiroki Saito
■ Costume: Keiko Nakaya
■ Sound: Mamoru Todo (Sound Method)
■ Lighting and Ryuzen Stage Lighting Laboratory
■ Shadow art production: Theatrical Company Scarecrow Art Club
■ Shadow art supervision: Kei Goto / Junji Oda (design Bee)
■ Ticket fee: All seats reserved 2,500 yen / 3,000 yen on the day, elementary school students and under 1,500 yen
* Free for children under 3 years old. However, if a seat is required, a fee is charged.
* This work is intended mainly for elementary school students and above.
* TPAM participants 2,000 yen
■ Inquiries: Scarecrow Theater Company Tel045-592-8111

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