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Beautiful appearance quiet power

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File.8 special source
Umino Yamamoto (Galley Watts)

I like the word "佇". The sigh exudes, "Oh, it's nice," when you touch the air that is certain, such as a certain presence in the quietness, exudes amorousness, etc.
When I'm gathering together, I have a pity for a lovely, beautiful person who can be out of sight despite having a presence.

A few years ago, when I first saw the wood carvings of Mr. Morrison Kobayashi, I felt such an airy feeling.

The shock and pleasure that Mr. Morrison's atelier is near my hometown!
There, Mr. Chisato Takasato, Daisuke Nakamura and three others preside over the "special source". Each writer activity, interior design and construction.

* Morison Kobayashi, Daisuke Nakamura, Chise Takasato from the left

Mr. Morrison was in charge of store design at ID イ ン テ リ ア E (IDE) of Interior from 1995 to 1999. Speaking of ID 先 E, since it was a pioneer in the proposal of living with foreign interiors, sundries, plants, etc. in addition to antiques, I used to go to stores that were on the antique street of Aoyama since I was in my twenties. . It overlaps with when Mr. Morrison is enrolled, but it is a treasure trove of stimulation and I still remember that feeling of excitement.

"I have always liked the sculpture of Mr. Hogoshi Etsue, but when I started making wood carvings, in 2008, Hideki Maekawa's exhibition was" Water Source ", says Morrison.
Mr. Maekawa is also meA well-known writer, an artist who spins out the words that are born in himself and expresses a mythical story in a statuette, while the reality and the fantastic deep world view make the viewers more intriguing.

"While the work of the interior becomes busy, in fact, I began to lose hearing from my thirties, and I felt that I could not get in touch with it. This way of expression when I was shaken up in front of Mr. Maekawa's sculpture So I thought that the work would talk to me instead of me. "

Mr. Morrison who began to work independently as an expressive person.
The first work I carved was a ballerina that Takasato-san, who was working as an accessory writer, added to the display when she had a ballet-themed exhibition. The ballerina, which was carefully shown from behind, was a calm and transparent appearance.

Mr. Morrison, who has been making an effort to face himself, has actively been involved in the wood carving workshop held by respected Mr. Maekawa, as well as being able to see his identity through the process. I came to handle the meeting, but I will ask myself again.

"I like wood carving, but now I feel the distance to myself"
"Working as a writer for a long time, and whether the work you have been doing has been taken advantage of"

The invitation to an exhibition on the theme of "coexistence with nature, circulation of matter" is unique, and the metal that I have touched for a long time in the interior work is connected with my favorite mountain climbing, and I am connected to the "plant record" I am working now It was said that

It looks like a plant itself, but these are all made of metalIt's a surprise. A delicate thing that is cut out of a metal plate and colored with rock paint or rust.
"In the mountains, even pretty plants can show off their vitality. It's like recording their memories."

Designer, artisan, writer. These three balances become Mr. Morrison's form, and I am really convinced that it is a voice.

The space of the special source, which appears in the attic of a church in Europe, is lined with the works of Morrison, Takasato and Nakamura, but they all have a comfortable feeling. The permanent space configuration is Takasato's role.
"I am allowed to connect the works of everyone who came out in a way I like it, and to support them."
It is transmitted that Mr. Takasato has great trust in Mr. Takasato's sensibility in Mr. Morrison and Mr. Nakamura's deep manners (laughs), "Yes, yes!" Mr. Takasato himself also worked as an accessory designer while producing pictures, but he said he had been searching for his own direction. "I was both a designer and a writer, but in the accessories world I couldn't help feeling like I was lying."

Like Mr. Morrison, I was shocked when I met Mr. Maekawa's sculptures, "the important thing is, Takasato who came to think that there was not a lot. "I want to live concentrating on drawing a single picture," more and more, and my classmate from the Tamami era, with a good understanding person, Mr. Morrison, pushed the back and took the helm to the path only for the painter. The
I feel that the width of the view of things and the angle of the view has expanded "I know that I've seen the frame of the art, where I am going to walk," said Takasato, who smiles quietly, I saw an enviously beautiful appearance.
Mr. Nakamura visited Wats ten years ago, and in fact is the person who engraved the name "Morison Kobayashi" in my memory. When he was a student who studied interiors, he went to help Mr. Morrison to work on metal work, and because he was sympathetic to Mr. Morrison's way of thinking, he had a long edge. After going through other companies, he became an independent member of the special source and works on store interiors with Mr. Morrison while continuing creative activities.

Mr. Nakamura, who had been making dolls from iron scraps from a long time before belonging to the special source, also participated in the wood carving workshop of Mr. Maekawa, and experienced the taste and joy of carving. The breadth of creation is expanded, and the knots of trees are regarded as expressions, and creatures close to animals are expressed.
As the words of Mr. Nakamura said, "When I am enjoying making it, it will be a good finish," there was a humorous attraction that the talk of these children would begin when the night went on. .
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I was really nervous with a special source that has a good interior and expression.
However, I was not dexterous, but touched the figure of the three people who walked honestly while searching, and I felt some kind of feeling of warmth and familiarity. That's why it's like being in the air and that soft air is flowing.

Especially the work of Takasato who stopped my legs long. Mysterious colored flag like Aurora is swaying comfortably. It seems that there was a title put by the writer, but the words "the future is always good" came to me. Ichiki Ichigo, greater or lesser, there are life while repeating several goals. It is not a strong wind nor a headwind, and I think I would be glad if I thought that a wind that would accompany me was blowing on each stage.

I became an examinee and gave this work to a son who tends to be naive.
And when I'm depressed, I look at it and get ale.

(2019.6. Coverage)

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・ Morison Kobayashi solo exhibition
"Nature Appreciation"
Saturday, July 27, 2019-mid-August
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September-October 2019
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