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Summer time for drying insects

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Cypress stage of Kyogen teacher living in the 21st century
Vol.9 summer insect drying
Okura Doctrine (Nohgaku Kyogen Style Okura Style)

Summer vacation sea bathing river play fireworks bon dance insect drying
Both are summer traditions.
Some people may not hear the word "insect drying", but for us, wearing clothes is an annual summer event. By taking out the costumes that are usually stored in the dressing cabinet and exposing them to the wind, insects do not come in the winter, that is, prevent insect biting.

We don't know how many costumes we have, but it's difficult to dry them all in one season. Approximately narrow down the items that need maintenance and work intensively over 3-4 days.

In addition to "dressing" that wears under the outerwear such as large stripes, the clothing used as "outerwear" such as foil (foil), thick plate (attached), karaori (karaori) is pure silk, Hang it on clothes and hang it on a well-ventilated place. It is important to check the condition while drying and repair it if necessary. If it is lightly frayed, apply a patch and repair it yourself, but if it is too bad, you may be sent to a dressing store to fix it. "alt =" "width =" 3840 "height =" 2160 "/>

Costumes such as Kyogen hakama, Nagamashi and Suo are made of hemp, so they are kept in a traditional way. First, apply the washing paste diluted with water carefully with a brush. Fold it properly on the mat, and draw the mat on it, and four or five adults will step on it with their feet. By doing so, the press is neat and the dust and dirt on the hakama can be removed. If it dries, it will not only return to a crisp hakama, but it will also be less likely to get dirty due to the glue coating effect.

Costumes and props are one of our business tools, and how to handle them has been learned strictly from an early age. Outside with direct stepping or straddling. Even if you fold one, it is checked whether the fold is correctly folded.

It is basically the actor who manages such costumes, but when there is not enough manpower, sometimes apprentices from all over the company participate.

The cheers of children playing in the water The sound of a wind chime The shade swaying in the wind Inserting watermelon and ice

The time when everyone is relaxing and relaxing is like a Japanese original scenery that feels nostalgic, and is a favorite summer tradition.