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People who watch and participate are also fun! "Kamosu '19" Roundtable just before the opening

"Kanagawa Kamome" short theater festival 2019 (commonly known as "Kamosu '19"), which fosters the next generation of creative theater people and sends out a new 20-minute "short theater" play.
While the main event of the Festival is approaching, Ms. Matsumoto, who won last year's victory in the "Pushing Main Store", Ms. Nakahito Shizuku, who turned from a judge of last year to a challenger (a guest), participated in a theater company last year This year, we have three members, Mr. Kunihiko Onodera, who wrote the best program for the drama competition, and asked for how to enjoy the festival and the enthusiasm for the main battle.

Please tell me how you became interested in theater

Nakabayashi I noticed that when I was five years old I played hook captain of "Peter Pan" at a play club. The real world is not only interesting, so the world of Peter Pan is absolutely interesting. I thought in the children's mind, "Why can't we go to the world of Peter Pan?", And the means of going there was theater. Because theater is an overwhelming fictional world, you can also become a different self, know the different world, and meet your emotions you have never met before. And customers can also experience together, not just watching. I think that is the magic of the theater space.

Matsumoto I met theater at a high school third grader's cultural festival and thought "this is it" and majored in theater at university. The number of plays can be seen in a year compared to movies and books. It is possible to watch more than a thousand films a year, but two days a day is the limit no matter how hard you set the stage. That's why that one stage is also a maker for customersIt will be a very valuable opportunity. It's analog and very inefficient, but I feel that there is something in the theater space that can not be transmitted unless I go there and share the time.
I think it is interesting that Onodera Theater can do "I do not know why". Because the drama I write is sloppy, I sometimes say "I don't know what I'm saying" on the scene, but the play (laughs) can do it.

Where do you find the fun of short dramas?

Multiple staged event a short theater as Nakayashiki duck Fes, I think that it place are trained most. If you have two hours, you can have laughter, tears, and emotions, but in 20 minutes, your core part, "What do you want to do most right now?" Will become clear. What do you think of as "theatre" and how do you want to meet customers? I am also excited because there are many things I can do by shortening them. I think that is the fun of short drama.
Matsumoto: We challenged short drama for the first time last year. I think that's the point of ingenuity because there are things that can be transmitted within the 20-minute restriction and those that can not be transmitted. It is necessary to think about what point we are going to play in, and to focus on in the work, and because we can not pack all the items or things, we can do something strong.
Onodera I also wrote a short drama for the first time last year. Until then, I had never given me time constraints, but it fits unexpectedly (laughs). The other day, during the drama competition, I had you read other works that were nominated for the final screening in a reading. How clumsy me compared to thatwhat. It might be better for the one who finished the package to be unable to see Ara (laughs).
Nakabayashi I am not doing that with such awareness (laughs).
At Matsumoto Kafe, you can watch the works of five groups gathered from all over the country in one day. I think that the luxury of being able to squeeze and see the condensed work of theater groups gathered from around the country is obtained only because of the limit of 20 minutes.
Nakabayashi Oh yes. I think that there is a pleasure for customers to see various works. I can grasp the best attraction of the theater company in a short time ... or, for us, I would not be able to grasp it (laughs). I tend to think that "I'm short because I'm short of things," but I think there is a "darkness" that just doesn't seem like that.

We participated last year, but what is the attraction of the festival?

It is about meeting various people and groups gathered from all over Matsumoto . We usually work in Tokyo, but with our own power we can not get out easily. Last year there was a theater company from Shimane prefecture, Miyagi prefecture and Korea, and it is the best pleasure to meet those people.
Onodera I usually don't interact with the outside world, so I almost know what other theatrical companies are doing.It is not. When I meet occasionally, I feel like I became Urashima Taro (laughs). Even for me, a festival may be a place to learn the mode. It was also fun that the dressing room was shared and I could talk to other theater companies.
Nakayashiki I joined as a judge last year, but this time I wanted to participate purely as an artist. When you associate with other organizations, you will see your weaknesses and new aspects. Theatrical groups should also participate in the festival and do short-length plays, as they will be aware of what they have to do!
Matsumoto : High school theater groups will also be participating this year. Now that high school theater is said to be really interesting, I am really looking forward to it. At the same time, we have to make a difference as a professional. As a company, I think that we have to go one step further in precision, increase in density, and improve in practice.
Nakabayashi If you look at it from a customer, there is neither a professional nor an amateur, and the age does not matter. From the actor's point of view, I think everyone is fond of theatre, and that they want to deliver something to their customers.
Matsumoto I remember last year that Nakabayashi was commented that his approach to play was "It's just, but not the best." Mr. Takeshi Morihiko's screenplay was the first time last time, but then it will be written for a theater company and this will be his third challenge. If you can break a shell and start a different scene than before, I agree with you.
""Onodera Last year I joined as a theater company, so I was on stage as an actor. At that time, I remember that Nakabayashi, who was the jury, told me that "Screenplay is good and I will do the production." So this time I applied for drama (laughs).
Nakaya Shiki, did you say that? But this is the first collaboration with Onodera, so I can't help but slip. Mr. Matsumoto has pressure on last year's success experience, isn't it?

Matsumoto Certainly, there is a little hard part (laughs). It is very impressive that last year after the theater festival, we were able to perform at the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Grand Convention Hall on the opening day of the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office in May as a winning commemorative performance. As it was part of the GW event, I did not come to see the theater, but most of the customers stopped by by chance. Still, many people stopped taking a walk and watched so that the venue would be overcrowded. Such activities outside the theater gave me an opportunity to think that I would like to connect with more people.
In that respect, Fess is a project that is easy to visit even if you are not interested in theater. As various groups participate, I think that you will surely meet your favorite works!
NakayaBed ticket fee is also quite reasonable. You can see 5 groups for a whopping 1000 yen. It's 2000 yen even if you look at all the works, so this is absolutely profitable (laughs). Please come and see!

"I received a special message! 》

"Kanagawamame" Short-cut Theater "Festival"
Main battle schedule

[Public rehearsal] March 21 (Thu, congratulation)
* You can watch the practice of all works free of charge.

[Main game / A group]
1 March 22 (Fri) Opening 18:00 / Opening 18:30
2 March 24 (Sun) Opening 15:30 / Opening 16:00
Shonan Teatro ☆ Deralte (Kanagawa Prefecture) (open call for participants)
Ennuy (Tokyo) (open call for participants)
Theatrical company 120 ○ EN (Fukushima Prefecture) (open call for participants)
Koji Nakayashiki = A customer (Tokyo) Best play for a drama competition "Modern Lovers Adventure", written by Kunihiko Onodera
The theater company Hiroshi army (Nagasaki prefecture) (play totsu × 20 minutes winner group)

[Main game / B group]
1 March 23 (Sat) Opening 13:30 / Opening 14:00
Opening on Sunday 24th November 11:30 / Opening 12:00

21g seat (Kanagawa prefecture) (open call for participants)
Yokohama Yodo Arashi High School Full-time Theater Club (Kanagawa Prefecture) (22th Century Flying Frame Winner Group)
Lusanchika (Kyoto) (open call for participants)
Morihiko Takeshige × Head Swim (Tokyo) (previous year award winner group)
Stardust Ronlines (Hokkaido) (teaching festival champion group)

KAAT Kanagawa Art Theater large studio
tvk ticket counter TEL.045-663-9999 (10:00 to 15:00 / weekdays only) and others

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