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I am intoxicated by Debussy played by the goddesses

横浜市青葉区民文化センター フィリアホール 

「Philia Hall 25th Anniversary Concert Claude Debussy's 100th Anniversary Chamber Music Retrospective」

(TOP image) Kawakubo Yuki (C) Yuji Hori / Kobayashi Mie (C) Akira Muto / Kawamoto Yoshiko / Endo Mari (C) Nakayama Katsumi
Yuura Miura (C) Yuji Hori / Yue Ueno (C) Akira Muto / Naoko Yoshino (C) Akira Muto

Feel free to enjoy! Living with a concert
File.3 Claude Debussy's 100th Anniversary Chamber Music Retrospective
(San Mori Mori / music writer)

Claude Debussy (1862-1918), a great French composer famous for the symphonic poem "The Sea", decided in the last years to compose "Six Sonatas for Various Instruments". That was to counter the German composer who boasted at that time, and to let the world know the wonders of French music.

Although it has become a serious outright from nokake, most of the German composers in the classical music world at that time and even now. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, of course, Brahms, Wagner, Mendelssohn, etc. all seem to be German composers as they come up with it.
Although it is a bit rough, it is German music that is obsessed with the structure and form. When I see the "form" and a little, I feel "Wacatta!" And that would be "fun!" And "talk!"

So what is Debussy's music?
I still remember the impression I had when I first heard it.

I do not understand well.
It is fluffy.
What a fashionable thing?
Glitter and beautiful.
A music that has nothing to do with it.
But very muchI feel free ... it was fresh.

It is also true that there is a nuance reminiscent of the touch of a French Impressionist painter.
If Monet tries to draw light and change over time in a fixed plane of painting, Debussy will have a rich, three-dimensional image of the sensibility of what he hears by the temporal art of music. It can be said that he had sent (By the way, Debussy seems to dislike being called "Impressionist")
Toru Takemitsu of contemporary music and Bill Evans, a jazz pianist. The music of Debussy-affected people is also free, elusive, and transparent.

A concert covering chamber music works will be held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of such Debussy's death. The venue is the Hall of Fame Hall, a chamber music hall suitable for small group ensembles, and the Philia Hall in Aoba Ward, Yokohama City.
The instruments used are violin, viola, cello, piano, flute and harp. From solo performances to ensembles of up to 5 people, it is a program that you can enjoy the timbre and sound by various combinations.
It is played by the famous series of Philia Hall "Meet with the Goddess (Muses)", a group of regular talents, of course, only those who are good at French music. Debussy who did not dislike women (it is said to have had a lot of troubles) seems to be able to imagine her being delighted with Ninmari in that world.

While aiming for six songs, sonatas of the later years who eventually died because they could only compose three songsOf course it will be played.

Ueyoshi Yuka (C) Akira Muto, Kawamoto Yoshiko, Yoshino Naoko (C) Akira Muto

My personal recommendation is "Sonata for flute, viola and harp".
A master melody with a mysterious and somewhat inaccessible atmosphere.
I will try my best in my ear.
Anxiety when I lost sight of it.
And a sense of relief felt when it appeared again from nowhere.
If this song is played, it is the world's best, the beauty of the beautiful harp of Naoko Yoshino. Enjoy!

Philia Hall 25th Anniversary Concert
Claude Debussy's 100-year chamber music retrospective
Schedule: Saturday, November 24, 2018
Venue: Aoba Ward Cultural Center, Yokohama City Philia Hall
Openings: 14:00 / ending schedule: 16:30
Price: (All seats specified) S seat ¥ 6,000 / A seat ¥ 5, 500
*See below for details

  • Place
    Yokohama City Aoba Ward Cultural Center Philia Hall

    A classical music hall on the 5th floor of the main building of Aobadai Tokyu Square South-1. The hall room type uses a shoebox type without proscenium arch represented by the world's four largest halls, and from the scale of 500 seats, the audience and the stage are united, not only the sound but also the visual sense of intimacy You can enjoy the overflowing performance.

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      Yokohama City Aoba Ward Cultural Center Philia Hall
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      Kanagawa Prefecture Aoba Ward 2-1-1 Aobadai Aobadai Tokyu Square South-1 Main Building 5F
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