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新春を寿ぐ 〜狂言方の新年は笑いとともに〜
traditional culture

Live the New Year ~ Kyogen New Year with laughter ~

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Hinoki stage of a Kyogen master living in the 21st century
Live the new year
Okura doctrine
(Noh performer Kyogen style Okura school)

From the end of the year, the rehearsal hall will be cleaned up, and we will decorate the New Year so that we can invite Toshigami ... This is the same at any house.
Order daikon radish, kadomatsu, kaede, back white, paper shide, ring decoration, ball decoration, shimenawa ... These are necessary for decoration in the rehearsal hall.
Shimenawa is stretched on all four sides of the rehearsal hall, radish shimenawa is on the Kamidana, and ball decorations and kadomatsu are on the entrance. In important places such as the alcove, decorate with a ring decoration and mochi on the back and white. This is the New Year's decoration.
Live the New Year ~ Kyogen New Year with laughter ~

New Year's Day is the new year. A group of disciples gather at the rehearsal hall to perform the "Utai First Ceremony".
On another day, the entire company (students in the classroom) will also gather to hold the "Mai First Ceremony".
This is a tradition of Kagaku, and it is an event unique to the Noh world.
Live the New Year ~ Kyogen New Year with laughter ~

On the stage is the hanging scroll of the ancestral god, the face and bell of the "black lieutenant" used by Kyogen in the most sacred performance "Okina" in Noh. Sakaki, salt, rice and sake that have been taken down from the Kamidana. These are displayed on a special altar, and the ceremony is held in front of them. As we live the new year, we pray for the safety of the stage for the year.
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At the end, I got the sacred sake, salt and rice on the three treasures to cleanse myself, and then went to the New Year party.
Live the New Year ~ Kyogen New Year with laughter ~ "Fukubiki" is the most exciting event at the New Year's party. You may do it anywhere, but there is an interesting "play" peculiar to Kyogen. The point is to write and paste the Kyogen lines that match the lucky gifts (about 500 yen) prepared by the participants on Noshi.

"Now, it's time for the lucky draw!"
Start vigorously with the voice of our job.
"Mr. XX was exhibited by Mr. XX. The line from" Plaster Yakuren "is" That's right, suck, suck ". What's inside? "
By the way, "plaster" is an external medicine that is applied to a piece of paper or cloth and attached to the affected area to suck out the poison. The Kyogen performance "Plastic Yakuri" is a story in which Kamakura and Kyoto's Kyogen are "sucking and comparing".
That's why the contents of Fukubiki products are "desktop cleaners".
It's a gift exchange with a stylish word game that is unique to Kyogen, but there are things that are well done, and there are things that are too disciplined to understand, so laughter is constant.

Now I think it's the beginning of a year that is suitable for Kyogen, but when I was a kid, I couldn't help but dislike this series of events during the year-end and New Year holidays.
I really thought, "I don't need New Year's gifts, so I want to spend a" normal "New Year!"
Live the New Year ~ Kyogen New Year with laughter ~

By the way, there are only a few places left this year.
At the time of general cleaning, I look back on the year and thank for new encounters and successes while reflecting on my mistakes.
In the new year, I pray for the happiness and development of many people who support us.
Although it is said to be the "last of Heisei," I want to celebrate the New Year with a smile and gratitude, just like every year.
Live the New Year ~ Kyogen New Year with laughter ~