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Sushi New Year ~ The New Year of Kyogen Kai with Laughter ~

Cypress master's cypress stage living in the 21st century Vol.5
Sushi for New Year
Daishi (Noh Instructor Kyogen Koko Flow)

From the end of the year, the rehearsals of the rehearsal have begun, and decorate the New Year to be able to invite the god of year old … this will not change at any home.
Radish root pouring, Kadomatsu, Kami, Back wall, Paper drag, Decorations, Jewelry, Ordering a cowpool … These are necessary for decorations in training class.
Put a chain of strands in the upper four corners of the rehearsal area, a Radish Root Pier in the Shinto shrine, a ball decoration and a Kadomatsu on the entrance. In decorative areas such as a tokonoma, decorate rice cakes on rice cakes and back lotions. This is a decoration of the New Year.

New Year celebrating New Year. The disciple gathe gathers in the rehearsal area and conducts the "song first performance".
Renewing the day, the company (students in the classroom) also gathers and performs "Mai Initai".
This is a traditional Jinja ceremony, it will be a unique event in the Noh music world.

On the stage is the hanging scroll of the Imperial god, the surface of the "black captain" used by Kyogen and the bell in the noh played "Okina" which is most sacred. Salt and rice and sake to sakaki who has dropped from the shrine. These are decorated on a special altar, and the ceremony is held before that. Besides having a long life in New Year, I pray for the safety of the stage of the year. "alt =" "width =" 3264 "height =" 2448 "/>

Finally, I got Okinu, salt and rice on Sansho, cleansed my body and then to the New Year party.
The most exciting thing in the New Year's party is "lucky". Although it may be done everywhere, there is an interesting "play" unique to Kyogen. The point is to write Kyogen 's line that matches the loose – grade item (approx. 500 yen) prepared by the participants, on Noshi and paste it.

"Well, it's time for lucky fellows to do it!"
We began swiftly with the voice of our office.
"I was hit by ○ ○, it is an exhibition from Mr. xx.What is" serve ~, sucking, sucking "from the" Migraining ", what is the inside? "
By the way, "salve" is a topical medicine that paints on paper pieces and cloth pieces, sticks to the affected part, and sucks out poison. The Kyogen contest "Solid Migration" is a story in which Kamakura and Kyoto 's Master' s Compare "Sucking Compare".
That's why the content of the loose product is "desktop cleaner".
It is a gift exchange with a stylish word game that is unique to Kyogen, but there are things you can do well, sometimes you do not understand well because you are too scolded, and you will not be laughed.

I think that now it is the beginning of a year suitable for Kyogen, but when I was a child, I did not want to dislike this series of year-end and new year events.
"I want to spend the New Year 's normal' because you do not need an omolybden! ', I thought seriously ….

Well, this year I will leave just a little.
When cleaning, we look back over the year and appreciate the new encounter and success while reflecting the failure.
YearIf it is clear, I pray for the happiness and development of many people who support us.
Although it is said to be "Heisei end", I want to welcome the New Year with a smile and gratitude feel as usual every year.