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Modern training that supports the “secret song” of traditional performing arts

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The stage of a kyogen who lives in the 21st century
Vol.8 Modern training to support the “secret song” of traditional performing arts
Daegyo Doctrine (Noh Theater Kyogen Okura style)

The other day, I played “Koryo”, which is said to be a secret song in the performance of Kyogen. The “Okura Ryuichi Kanjiro Kyogenkai” hosted by his father's family is a milestone that marks the 20th anniversary, and this is the second challenge for me.

Briefly explain the story.
A spear caught by a hunter from a clan turns into a monk called the lord of the lord and goes to convince the hunter to stop fishing. That return trip. When the hunter finds a bait that the hunter has thrown away, he loses the temptation and finally takes off the kimono he has worn, reveals his true character, and falls into the habit. At the end, he managed to get out of the trap and be chased by a hunter to escape.
It is the highest difficulty level of 180 Kyogen performances and requires mind, skill, and body, so it is customary to obtain about 20 years of training and perform as the final course of completion. Therefore, it can be compared to a “graduation thesis” as a kyogen. In other words, you can only be recognized as a full-fledged person after playing “Fishing Rod”.
I premiered at the age of 26, and this was the second repercussion in this commemoration.
* The former master of Cite (Photo: Satoshi Kunisaki)

Needless to say, technical aspects are difficult. But more than that, you need physical fitness.
Since the niece has turned into a human, the performer should sit down sufficiently. Speak, talk, fly and sing in this posture for the first 40 minutes.
And the biggest problem is the heat.
The lord of the lord wears a mochi-mochi costume and wears a costume on it. A square hat, gloves, and face on the head.
Only the neck is touching the air.
* A kite and kite. Check carefully before the stage for damage!

For me before the age of 40, physical fitness was the biggest problem. If you don't have physical strength, you can't use technology. So I started training this year.
・ Running 5km
・ Muscle training 30 minutes
・ Yoga 20 minutes
・ Stretch 30 minutes
At first, I was working on acclimatization, but in May, I applied a spurt and pushed it all at once.

As mentioned above, measures against heat are necessary, so I always wanted to run in a “hot” fashion.
The long-sleeved “extremely warm” sold at clothing stores was useful.
Of course, the tights are “Heat Tech”.
Wear a sauna suit and wear towels, gloves and a mask on the head and neck.
Run while saying lines.
Fortunately, he was running on the bank in a “suspicious” fashion, but he did not seem to be a suspicious person. The reason I didn't choose the apparel sold at sports stores is because clothes that are hard to move are the best. There is no point in training unless a load is applied.

Muscle training was centered on the inner muscle. I usually didn't do anything because I wasn't interested in muscle training, so I knew only about push-ups, but recently I was surprised that there are more efficient ways to train. If you look at the site, many posts are posted on YouTube, which will tell you more. Even by slowly practicing the 5 types you choose, you can get enough sweat.
Stretching and yoga worked on buying and borrowing books.
It turned out that the body became much lighter just by struggling with one book seriously. He / she tells carefully where to stretch muscles.
There are various poses in yoga, but the purpose was focused on training the trunk.

Actually, I thought stretch and yoga were unrelated to kyogen. However, when I actually tried it, I found that the performance improved surprisingly and I was embarrassed by myself.
Anyway, I am light. Stability is born in the foot.

What surprised me most was the sports drink. Instead of the sports drink I had been drinking, I was recommended to use a product called Hypotonic Water. Because it can absorb water quickly, it won't patter in your stomach.
In addition, energy drinks are essential. Ingested before going on stage. Even during the time of going inside (leaving once and then going back to the stage), a gel-like drink that quickly restores strength and muscles is ingested. I was able to use the “modern power” to enter the stage.

Enormous physical strength, technology on it. The mental power that supports it. I think that it is a program that combines mind, skill, and body.000 "height =" 1334 "/> * The back side of the screen.Special surface used only for the back.

Why do you get there? I was asked.
34 years of entertainment experience. 13 years since the premiere. You might have wanted to know what your current limit is. I think I wanted to find out if the stack was correct or not.
The rest was just “do it or not do it”. Set your own goals and move on. We will strive to satisfy the customers who see us.
That was my heart.

In the future, physical strength will decline. On the other hand, technology and spirit will improve.
I think that it is a suitable performance to hit all the lives of my life accumulated by that age.
I want to challenge again in the next 10 or 20 years in search of my limit.

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