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Challenge of ST spot Yokohama that started from small theater!

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A place where a play is born
File.9   ST spot Yokohama
Koichi Imai (editing writer)

Did you know that there is a small theater called “ST Spot” under the office building in the west exit of Yokohama Station? More than 30 years since opening. He has produced many artists, including Toshiki Okada (Chelfitsch), a playwright and director active worldwide.
The NPO ST Spot Yokohama operates the theater. Under the mission of "Utilizing the power of art in modern society", we are working with Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, etc. to conduct a wide range of activities. This time, I'll focus on the lesser-known activities.

The ST Spot Steering Committee is run by a voluntary organization organized by citizen volunteers in 1987. Since becoming an NPO as ST Spot Yokohama in 2004, we have expanded our range of activities.

"The fact that nurturing a variety of artists was widespread in the artist community, but very little known in the region. In the coming era, I thought it was important to connect with the region. Has set up a mission to “utilize the power of art in modern society” as an organization that tries not only theater operations but also the arts in the area. ”(Chairman Tomoki Ogawa)

Challenge of ST spot Yokohama that started from small theater!

Given the shortage of operating funds, we focused on the Kanagawa Voluntary Activity Promotion Fund 21, a collaborative project between Kanagawa Prefecture and an NPO. "Building new educational activities using art"Business" and dispatched artists of various genres to school. He says he has learned to work with a wide range of genres in five years.
Since then, this project has been continued as the “Yokohama City Arts and Culture Education Platform” by a tag with Yokohama City.

"Since there were about 20 collaboration projects with Kanagawa Prefecture, we contacted all the schools, listened to the requests, matched the artists, and were on the same day. It was a dense and fun time, We do not readily spread our activities, so we asked local halls, specialty museums (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, Yokohama Minatomirai Hall, Yokohama Museum of Art) and art NPOs to cooperate. I work as a coordinator, and in this fiscal year, I run a business at 146 schools out of about 500 elementary schools, junior high schools, and special needs schools in Yokohama City. "(Mami Tanaka, Secretary General)

"In these projects, it's important not to narrow down from the beginning to 'drama or music?'. It doesn't matter what the trigger. For example, if you want to bring out the children's energy, dance It might be good or it could do something with music. I try to lower the hurdle to art by making various proposals. "(Ogawa)

The results of this project will lead to the "Local Culture Support Project / Yokohama Art Site" and the "Project to improve the foundation of arts and cultural activities in the field of welfare."

Challenge of ST spot Yokohama that started from small theater!

* Yokohama Art Site 2019 Kick-off Meeting

The Yokohama Art Site, a local cultural support project that started in 2014, is a project that supports community building, art festivals, and the creation of original works in Yokohama in various ways throughout the city of Yokohama. . The details of the support include the examination of grants and the improvement of the system. Interviews and public relations magazines.

The challenge here is the definition of art.

"What is art? This is a very difficult definition. Some art is sharp, some festivals are art, and community building with foreign children may be art. , We can't judge unless we look closely at local activities, and we can't find new or buried things. "(Mr. Ogawa)

He seems to have repeated trial and error, such as conducting a discussion on the theme of "What is Yokohama's local culture?", But in fiscal 2019 there were 47 applications and 29 were adopted.

Challenge of ST spot Yokohama that started from small theater! * Facility: Shikinomori Elementary School, Yokohama City / Artist: Anna Obira

Since the decision of the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020, people with disabilities and arts have been excited.
ST Spot Yokohama has teamed up with Kanagawa Prefecture to carry out a collaborative workshop for people with disabilities and artists, as well as research and study, study sessions, and inspections for the creation of works. doing. Since we were not familiar with performing arts activities at welfare facilities, we first held study sessions where people at the site could talk with each other. He also conducts research to follow a large prefecture area.

"Welfare facilities also work very hard, but there is a limit in the facilities alone and the air stagnates. I think it is meaningful. I hope that other halls and cultural facilities will become hubs for these activities in the future. "

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* Implementation facilities: Liaison Kasama, a facility for supporting persons with disabilities / Artist: Doi (modeling unit), Junpei Katsumi (PARADISE ALLEY BREAD & CO)

ST Spot Yokohama has contributed greatly to the activities of art being opened and permeated in the city by repeating trial and error in these activities.
Finally, he talked about what Ogawa cares about.

"The theater is a theater and we are still free to work. We try to keep the artist's fangs out of his creations and presentations, even when balancing publicity. "


ST Spot Yokohama (formerly ST Spot Steering Committee) was organized by volunteer citizens as an operating organization of the small space "ST Spot" opened by Yokohama City in November 1987.

In April 2000, ST Spot Yokohama formed a board of directors. In June 2004, ST Spot Yokohama acquired a legal status and established a non-profit corporation ST Spot Yokohama (NPO ST Spot Yokohama). With the opening of the ST spot, local theater activities became rapidly active. Since then, it has been an activity base for young artists such as dance, music, video and art. Our organization is working to bring about organic expansion such as business development, information service provision, network construction, etc. to promote these creative activities, expanding the bottom of local and domestic performing arts and producing many young talents . In April 2004, we established an art education business. Focusing on collaboration with the government, we develop businesses specializing in art education, such as dispatching instructors to schools for artists, training professional human resources, and developing programs to promote the healthy development of children and the spread of art. I am.

The ST spot, which is the smallest in the city, but has great potential, is positioned as a new operating model for public private theaters and continues to operate as a non-profit institution that promotes art in a broad sense.

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