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Double Planet 第7話
Theater / dance musics

Double Planet Episode 7

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Double Planet
Episode 7 "Challenge from Yota Kanda"
Satoru Aono (Furutajun & Yota Kanda / Radio Shonan Personality)

"I'm a hero, I'm good, I'm courageous if I think so
Don't lose, you'll win at any time !!
It ’s not just about winning, it ’s cool!
Don't lose, you'll win at any time!
"Kiseki's Kotoba in full bloom"

It was the first time in my life that I was so focused on " 2 minutes and 30 seconds".
"Kiseki no Kotoba" heard from the radio "Love & MUSIC ".
The lyrics I wrote were sung by Mr. Kanda with a melody.

There was no sense of reality, and I felt like it wasn't my own thing.
No no no!
Normal judgment wakes me up.
These are the lyrics I wrote. It was the moment when the lyrics I wrote became music.
That feeling came after me when the radio broadcast was over and I was lying in bed alone.

Double Planet Episode 7

At the same time as joy, I have to admit this feeling that springs up.
The melody of "Kiseki no Kotoba" flowing into my brain made me regret the voice of Mr. Kanda.

I sent an e-mail to the radio and asked for composition. No way Kanda-san willingly agreeI didn't even think about it. I spent every day in ecstasy for a while. In the two months since then, I haven't done anything. I didn't try to compose again, I didn't write new lyrics. For two months, I was just waiting for Mr. Kanda with my finger in my mouth. Like a loyal dog. No, like a dog with its fangs pulled out.

It's just an excuse that high school life began to regain its daily routine and was distracted by it. I had stopped my growth.
The lyrics flow along with the melody.

"I'm a hero, I'm good, I'm courageous if I think so
Don't lose, you'll win at any time !!
It ’s not just about winning, it ’s cool!
Don't lose, you'll win at any time!
"Kiseki's Kotoba in full bloom"

I don't think music wins or loses. It's not a win or loss, but I feel like I'm losing now. I lost to Mr. Kanda's vitality and lost to myself. It's a big defeat.
It's a bad way to lose, and it's not imposing.
It's ironic, and all the words pierce me now.

I can't lose.
I want to win.
I want to win both Mr. Kanda and myself.
If you don't win, you can't move forward.

I honestly thought so.

But what should I do ...

I remembered that there was one.
Last month, Mr. Kanda said on the radio that he wanted to provide a song for a work written by a high school girl who is doing theater.

Surely the title is ... "Sky Puzzle"? "Sky and ... puzzle". That's right, "Sky and Puzzle".

Apparently, Mr. Kanda, who was inspired by the title, declared that he would think about the lyrics and even make a song. Although I thought it was a tremendous vitality, I still felt like someone else. But it's no good for other people. I also don't want to lose to Mr. Kanda's vitality.

Perhaps this is a challenge from Yota Kanda directed at me.
I want to compose myself this time. If I don't go that far, I can't bloom forever.

Once you decide soI couldn't stay even if I stood up.
What should I start with?
The lyrics. I have to start by writing the lyrics.
Mr. Kanda said that he was inspired by the lyrics just by the title "Sky and Puzzle", but now I don't have the ability to make such a leap. If not, I have no choice but to ask.
What kind of story is the story "Sky and Puzzle"?

Ask ... who?
To the author?

Double Planet Episode 7

I have no choice but to ask the girl who wrote that story.
I came up with a way to send an e-mail to the radio and ask the child indirectly, but I immediately rejected it when I realized that the exchange itself would be overwhelmed by Mr. Kanda.
I want Mr. Kanda to finish the composition without getting caught and say something.

After all, it seems that there is no choice but to contact the child directly.

Realistically, I feel like I'm trying to jump over a very high hurdle.
I'm not proud of it, but my communication skills are not high enough to talk to Frank with girls. Or rather, I'm not good at it. But before that, I have to get to the child first.

First of all, I tried searching on Twitter with the word "sky and puzzle".
I want you to get caught in something.
I looked at the search results with the feeling of praying.
Scroll slowly.

My finger stopped.
The letters written on the profile are instantly burned onto the retina.

[ RUKA ] "Kanagawa Prefecture. Kouji Girls. Drama Club. I wrote" Sky and Puzzle "."

you're kidding?
All the words in the profile match.
I'm sure this child.
SNS is amazing.

RUKA . Luka. Luca. By the way, I think it was such a name.
Although I was nervous, I decided to send a message by direct mail.

Double Planet Episode 7
"Nice to meet you, Luca. I'm sorry for the sudden message. I'm not suspicious. I'm a high school student who goes to a high school in Kanagawa prefecture. I'm a second grade man. I'm not suspicious. I'm not really suspicious. Please. I learned that Luka is doing theater on the radio program "Love & MUSIC " that I always listen to. Mr. Kanda was talking about "Sky" written by Luka. I'm very interested in the work "To Puzzle". If you'd like, could you tell me more about the work? Thank you for reading to the end. Satoru Aono. "

"to be continued"

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