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Double Planet 第13話
Theater / dance musics

Double Planet Episode 13

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Double Planet
Episode 13 "I couldn't help being praised by her"
Satoru Aono (Furutajun & Yota Kanda / Radio Shonan Personality)

What on earth should I start talking about? First, let's trace the colorful memories of this month. Everything started to move a lot from that day. That night I let Mr. Tamaru listen to the song "Sky and Puzzle" that I made for the first time in my life. After the playback time for one song had passed, Mr. Tamaru called me. The moment I answered the phone, there was no greeting at all, and the first voice, "It's really good," fell deep into my stomach. The warmth of a hot water bottle spreads slowly throughout your body.

It was rewarded.

Such a word came to my mind. At that time, when I had never written a song and had no courage to do so, I was still thinking about fulfilling the feelings I expressed in those days when I wanted to make it. But now that I've managed to create a creative work myself, the expression inspired someone to do something, and it came back to me like a boomerang. Is this the real thrill of expression? Did I want to write a song for someone, not for myself? In that sense, Mr. Tamaru is my first customer. Certainly, Mr. Tamaru came up many times during the making. I couldn't help but want to be praised by her.

"Can I use this song for the upcoming distribution performance?"
"Let me use it"

Double Planet Episode 13

A few days later, I decided to visit Tamaru-san's high school. parentIt was to be cross-examined by Mr. Natsuki, who is a friend. Who am I? I was told by Mr. Tamaru about that, but I was asked to dig up the roots and leaves with the feeling that I could not feel relieved unless I checked with my own eyes and ears. Tamaru, who stands behind Natsuki, put his hands together and quietly moved his mouth, saying, "Go, me, n."

"I heard the song."

Natsuki said with a mysterious feeling.

"How was it?"

I was nervous and waited for an answer from her mouth. Even if Mr. Tamaru likes it, it is difficult if Mr. Natsuki is no. I was prepared for that.

"This isn't someone's song, right?"
"Rights, are you okay?"

right? What does it mean?
It was a word I didn't expect at all.

"Because it's out if you do it in the delivery performance"

I see, that's what it is.
I have to tell my innocence here. Like a man.

"I write and compose my own song. It's definitely a song created by Satoru Aono."

Is this a courtroom?
The response was so stiff that I wanted to dig into myself.
Inwardly, I felt like I was lying. There is no doubt that he completed the song by himself. However, Tamaru-san's words and feelings are probably intricate at the root of the song. This song was made because I knew that. It seems that I made it by myself, and I could never make it by myself. This was not a beautiful thing, but a fact.

"OK. Let's play this song in the last scene!"

Double Planet Episode 13

After somehow winning the credit of Mr. Natsuki, the project of the "Sky and Puzzle" distribution performance began to flutter. I also visited the rehearsal hall several times to see the rehearsal. I was just silently watching the lessons. From the first grader who is not familiar with the situation, completely "youWho? It must have been in a state. Formerly I couldn't stand this line of sight. However, my nerves were getting fat before I knew it.

"Natsuki, I want you to say that line with more effort."
"Eh? Lie? Is that there?"
"Yeah, I feel like I'm trying to act a little too much."
"You can't tell unless you overdo it!"

There were many times when Mr. Tamaru and Mr. Natsuki started arguing with each other. The training was interrupted each time. Awkward air begins to drift between the first graders. But they didn't mind. Discuss until they are satisfied with each other. The feelings of the two people on the work were bursting out. This amount of heat may be what I have always admired. A fragment of youth that I gave up when I decided to do it alone because I wanted to form a band but couldn't. I think I've avoided arguing with someone. I have chosen a life that does not conflict. However, collisions cannot be born unless they are serious about each other. To have an opinion that cannot be handed over to me. In other words, you know the meaning of living.

Will I still be in time?

The second year of high school will be over in two months. A year that was so quick.
One year left until graduation. 1 year?
Ask yourself if you can still make it.

"It depends on you"

I felt like I was told to be thrown out by myself who became strong.
I came back to the starting point while making a detour.

Let's talk to someone.
Let's say I want to form a band.
You may not be dealt with.
But let's stick.
Let's tell it again and again.

I want to form a band and play live.

Double Planet Episode 13

I was heading to practice that day as well.
After leaving school, I bought 10 cream puffs at a pastry shop near the station.
It's an insertion into the drama club.
SuchI was longing for a man who could do things smoothly.
Right now I'm about to be.
I run up the stairs of the pedestrian bridge with excitement.

Then I got a call from a strange number.
It was Natsuki-san.

"What's wrong?"

After an unnatural silence, Natsuki tried to squeeze out her voice.

"... Luka was positive for corona."

"to be continued"

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