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See, eat, touch and experience the culture of the old people's hometown!

We hold event to convey culture with oldness of old people house!
~ I want to keep telling ~ ~ A gift from my hometown

The Kawasaki City Japanese Folk House, which spreads out in a corner of Ikuta Ryokuchi, is a lush museum dotted with 25 old folk houses including 7 designated national cultural assets in a spacious site of about 30,000 square meters. . The old-fashioned house with a thatched roof is a nostalgic thing to see for the first time, and it is strange because the mind is relaxed.

In a space surrounded by such old houses, exciting events like spring are held!
The areas that will be themed are Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, and Shinami Town, Shiba-gun, Iwate Prefecture. There will be folk entertainment performances and product sales that will spread throughout the region, so why don't you go out for a walk.
The “The Former Funakoshi Stage”, which will be a venue for folk entertainment performances in the three areas, was built in the late Edo period of Ansei 4 (1857), and is a valuable building designated as an important tangible folk cultural property in the country. A splendid setting with facilities necessary for a Kabuki theater such as a stage with a diameter of three (5.4 m), a flower path with a soppong (lifting). When I sit on a bench and watch folk entertainment that is unfolded on the stage, I feel like I was in the Edo period.
"src =" "alt =" "width =" 800 "height =" 600 "/> Food and drink sales on the day too As you do, you can enjoy the stage while eating and drinking like a traditional theater.

During the exhibition, we will also hold wine courses, experience making an eyebrow brooch, and experience an eyebrow dyeing experience for foreigners. You can enjoy your day with your family and friends.
※ If you look at the performing arts performance about this event, and those who participate in courses and experiences, admission fee will be exempt. Please offer to participate when you enter the park.
■ Schedule: March 23 (Sat) / 24 (Sun)
■ Place: Kawasaki City Japanese Folk House Garden
■ Application: All paid events are pre-registration required. Please apply by mail form, telephone (044-922-2181) or main building ticket office.

* Details here !

【Folk performing performances】
1st: March 23 (Sat) 13: 00-
Shinshiro local performing arts Shiso Kakumochi (Kawasaki City Important Folk Art Designation) ※ Kawasaki City
The beginning of the Meiji periodShinjo local performing arts lion song holding that it is the beginning that young man of power boasting, arm proudness competes for power using stone, mortar, rice cake and liquor barrel between intervals of farm work. With the change of the times, it has developed into a song holder using steps and boxes. On the other hand, Reiko Kamakura, which was started on the occasion that Gen Yoritomo became Consular General, is regarded as the beginning of Reiko. The world that the song holdings and the dumplings unfold together unfolds, even in the bustling, pounding, harahara. Please enjoy the spectacular world that is selected as the 50 selections of Kanagawa Prefecture folk entertainment.

Harukoma of Ichinose Takahashi (Yamanashi designated intangible folk cultural property) ※ Koshu City
It is a traditional event of the Shogetsu that extends to the Ichinose Takahashi district in the northern part of Koshu City. Celebrating the New Year and wishing for a year of family safety and five-grained fertility, it is characterized by a man who plays the role of "Shunkoma" horse, which is decorated with Tsuyu Hanai and origami. Please enjoy the colorful dance like New Year.

2nd: 24th (Sun) 13: 00-
Yamaya no Tae Odori (Nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property) * Shiha Town

The Taju Odori, which is a festive event centered on the lunar New Year, is one of the things called "zashikida planting". Starting with the preparation of the New Year's Day, it used to be the winter season, and every day and every dayI was played praying for good harvest of the year while I was singing.
The dance is made up of acts that oversee rice making and farming work, and performing a year-long rice-making process takes four hours to complete. This time we will put together in a compact stage, so please feel free to come.

■ Charge (all seats free)
Adults 2,000 yen, junior high school students or less 1,000 yen * Free for viewing under the age of 3 years old
<Two-day set ticket> 3,500 yen for adults, 1,500 yen for junior high school students
※ Since seats with English guides are also available (pre-registration required), please feel free to come to foreigners.
※ A rainy weather will go (we distribute rain feathers at the time of rainy weather)

※ You can not shoot videos and shoot using a tripod.
Application mail form

"A lot of other fun events! 》

Wine course】
You can enjoy Yamanashi wines and dishes from the bistro le bourgon's restaurant in Tama Ward.
※ Those who are underage and those who come by car can not participate.
■ Date and time: March 23 (Sat) 17: 00-19: 00
■ Fee: 4,000 yen
Application mail form

【Moon picture brooch making experience】
The brooches are colored using the techniques of "Taki-e" and "Jamei", which are used in lacquering, a traditional Japanese craft.
■ Date and time: March 23 (Sat), 24 (Sun) Each day 10:00 to 13:30
■ Fee: Large brooch 4,000 yen, small brooch 3,500 yen
Application mail form

【Print experience (for foreigners)】
In the eyebrow dyeing workshop with an English guide,I dye the stall of the ku and so on.
■ Date and time: March 24 (Sun) 10:00 to 11: 30/14: 15 to 15:45
■ Fee: 5,000 yen
Application mail form

    It is an open-air museum of old houses that relocates and displays 25 buildings around the Edo period. In all buildings designated as cultural assets, we display folkware transmitted to the land and house. You can enjoy the atmosphere of time trips in the past, and also enjoy the seasonal nature such as cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. There are many events such as folk stories, performing arts performances, and various hands-on courses in traditional houses, and in the main building you can also see exhibitions that you can learn about old life and buildings, and planning exhibitions.

    • Shop / Place name
      Kawasaki City Japanese-style house garden
    • Address
      Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasaki City Tama Ward 7-1-1
    • TEL
    • Business Hour
      March-October 9:30-17:00 November-February 9:30-16:30 Closed days: Monday (open for public holidays), next day for public holidays (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays open) ), New Year holidays (12/29-1/3), temporary closing day
    • Parking Area
      140 units
    • Reserve
      Groups (20 or more) need to be reserved. The indigo dyeing experience is recommended for reservation.
    • Average Usage
      [Arrival fee] General 500 yen, high school student, university student, person 300 yen or over 65 years old (all certificate required), junior high school student or less, Kawasaki city resident 65 years old or more Free (certificate required) ※ group fee available