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"Mojamo Jaga head and spatula glasses spectacle theater Japan Yokohama Ohama-sama"

"Local theater musical Japan Yokohama Ohama-sama"


Honmoku Twelve Ten High School Theatrical Club is a script based on the theme of "Chabu-ya (the first floor is a dance hall, the second floor is a bar for sexual intercourse)" and the legendary star "Meriken Ohama" that were once present in Yokohama Honmoku We try to perform "Yokohama Ohama" at a cultural festival. However, they are opposed by adults saying, "It is not appropriate for a high school student to play the stories of prostitutes." A completely original musical based on a place and a person who existed in the contemporary high school theater department on the stage, with a struggle for "sex" and "female independence".

August 12 (Sat) 14:00-18:30-13th (Sun) 12:00-16:00-
※ Afternoon event on the afternoon of the 12th, there is mini review show in other times Venue Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Hall (Nearby Station Sakuragicho Station, Hinodemachi Station)
¥ 4000 General, ¥ 2000 College students, vocational school students, theater research students, high school students or less (on the day +200 yen)

Ticket Reservation
(24 hours available)
0120-240-540 * Free tolls and operator support
(Hours from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays)

Crowdfunding (August 6 deadline)
I want to show free to local drama musical "Japan Yokohama Ohama-sama" students who touched the history of Honmoku
※ Elementary, junior and senior high school students, theater trainees and university students living in the prefecture can play for free.

環境 The environment is the same for both Chubu shop and modern. Collision It is interesting ◇ because there are people

・ Please tell me the part of each part and the part that you feel attractive in this performance.

: Mr. Ryo Miyake who plays the part of Honmoku Twelve High School second grader called "Mika"

Miyake-san: It is Miyake-san who plays the role of "Mika", a second grader of Honmoku 12 High School.
It is a high school girl who hates hatelessly and is strong enough to be called an angry twin tail by a writer.
I don't like to lie and I have a strong sense of justice. What I thought funny was something that even the teacher is a child who gets out in front of him.

・ Mr. Miyake is an active high school girl, isn't it? In fact, are there such students in current high school students?

Miyake: Not! Everyone is a good girl on the front, but in the back it's pretty sloppy, and it's like writing on SNS. I will never match face-to-face and say something back. I mean there are many good children. There is a scene that expresses anger many times in this role, and it is difficult for me to become childish when I get angry. How to express the anger so that it does not become one pattern, I am now searching for variations of the anger. In this performance, I would like you to see the dance and the song of the people who come out at the main part of the Chubu shop, as well as to be honest with each other. The fun of a musical that combines the colorfulness of the dance and the songs is full of excitement.

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Ms. Kazuka Matsumoto, Deputy General Manager of the Theater Department, said Mika's classmate "Rei"

Mr. Matsumoto: I am Mika and her classmate, Kazuka Matsumoto, who plays the role of Deputy General Manager of the theater department called Ray.
I also think that it is funny, so I immediately talk to you, so I often hit each other, I do not know how to bend, I am a hotblooded Han. There are many parts that I remember when I was an elementary school student, and I felt that I played and overlapped with my old days.

・ Is it easy to get in touch with the fact that there are many overlapping parts with yourself?

Mr. Matsumoto: It's hard to say that it's easy to be useful, because you don't want to admit something that you have in common, or even reveal something that you're disgusting. Moreover, it is difficult because there are parts that we want to turn our eyes on, we don't want to say, we don't want to look in script in script. Still, in this musical, I can really enjoy not only dance but also songs. It is the lyrics that I would like you to pay particular attention to. The author, Mr. Kawada, is also writing lyrics, but there is too much stuff I want to say, something I want to convey, and I even feel like a rap. I want to sing properly so that the crowded mind can be delivered to the audience.

Mr. Toshiyuki Tanaka who plays the real character "Kurata Jazaburo" who created the Chubu Yamachi in Honmoku

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Mr. Tanaka: I am Tanaka Hiroyuki who plays the real character "Kurata Jazaburo" who created a Chubu-Yamachi in Yokohama.
This was the third time I played this role, and at first I thought it was a happy and good business person. However, as I played repeatedly, I realized that it was not so simple. Even though you are smiling, you are an adult whose eyes are not smiling. I have come to think now that such a politician would have a back-faced person.

・ Would you be able to know because you continued to cover the role making, such as walking in the former Chubu Yagai, and going to meet Mr. Kurata's descendants?

Mr. Tanaka: Besides that, I think that's because I read quite a lot of documents of the age when Kurata was alive. I bought the land of Honmoku and made it my own empire, leaving the culture and being smart and attractive. Surely I think that it was a considerable person who also kills in the back of a smile. The attraction of the show is that since it is honest, there are a lot of people who are hitting it. It is located in the Chubu area, but the environment is the same today. It is a fact that the Chubu Yamachi has disappeared, but it was there. What is wrong and what should I leave? The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held and attract attention from foreign countries, and I think that it is important to leave history as a Japanese, as this is true. What can we leave in your heart after you finish watching? Furthermore, I hope that it will be possible for the show to leave something to the children who will become adults in the future.

き っ か け The reason for becoming a professional director was the Yokohama citizen musical that I saw in high school ◇

# 808080 "> (Left: Mr. Akira, director. Right, Mr. Tanaka)

・ I would like to ask Mr. Akira, the director. The performances of the previous Ukiyo Hotel have a theme for women's independence and sexuality.

Mr. Kajiura: The writer Kawada has always been dealing with women's independence, and says that employment opportunities for men and women have become equal, but the proportion of women who get to officers and managers is still low. There are a lot of works made on the theme of absurdity that women feel, haziness to society, etc.

・ The head and spatula glasses are a unit of a director and a scriptwriter, not a theater company name. Is there a reason not to have a theater company?

Mr. Sasaura: If you become a theater company with actors, there will be actors that are not true for the work you wrote. I think it would be better for each other to find good actors in the audition that fit the work you wrote, and ask each time. In addition to 25 actors, one guest is scheduled to participate each time in the local theater musical of this performance.

・ It is a rational way of thinking, but are not there two opinions that clash?

Mr. Kajiura: It is because he has spent his childhood in Switzerland, so he is an international person with a strong sense of heart and a person who puts out what he wants to say at the bang bang. I am always jealous because I want to say what I thought immediately. But it would be easier to say what you thought of each other. The rehearsal hall, the actors and the staff are all good friends in an atmosphere where everyone can say what they want to say.

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(Left, Mr. Matsumoto, right, Mr. Miyake)

・ You are involved in the prefecture's business from the theater performances held at the prefectural office in 2014. Were you originally interested in theater that took root in the community?

Mr. Ashiura: We are working mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture. Originally, regional theater was performed, but at that time, the Governor of Kuroiwa told us that he would like to use the main office building as a theater at the "dialogue open space" sponsored by the prefecture. It all started when Kawada asked the general question "What should I do to do the theater here?" Specifically, the story went on and after 4 months I would really do a theater performance, and I thought Kanagawa Prefecture was amazing for its speed.

・ Please tell us how you thought you would become a director.

Mr. Ashiura: I didn't really want to do theater specifically, that kind of thing. When I was a high school student, I went to see a citizen's participatory musical in Yokohama, and at that time something was awful and left in my memory. After entering university, I started to participate in a participatory musical called "Constitutional Play". After that, I learned a lot of staff work and it was much more fun to do in the field than teaching in university. I was so absorbed that I could not stand the gap with the site and dropped out.

・ Do you mean that you have become a director by a citizen musical, and you are currently working on a local theater musical?

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Mr. Ashiura: A member who got to know in a citizen musical, it ended in a great surplus when planning a performance with only one intention. "I'm sorry, I have to continue," said the next show. Having said that, if we were to perform by hiring a professional staff, etc. after that, it fell into a deficit continuance. I think that there are few people who are professional from citizen musicals and who become professionals, but I think that the participatory theater where everyone can participate is important for the community. Similarly, in order to revitalize the area through theater in a state of being connected to the area, Ehime Prefecture played "Bocchan Theater" and Akita Prefecture had "The Warabiza". I think it would be great if there is a hostile reception environment that looks ahead to fostering people.

・ The prefectural youth center is just translated as Magkal Theater. Therefore, in this performance to be staged, you seem to be challenging to crowdfunding for the first time (as opposed to the target amount of 500,000 yen, approximately half is achieved in 7/19 at the time of coverage).

Mr. Tsujiura: Yes. I have a challenge to have the students watch it. Yokohama We play by mixing lies with things, people and culture that really existed in Honmoku. Prostitution and acupuncture are not always covered in media such as television, but showing them in the theater can be used as a reference to help children learn about such cultures and what to do in the future. There is a way of expression that can only be conveyed because of theater. I would like to touch the theater more on a daily basis, and in this performance, I would like to put on the dance and song as a musical and say, "Why can't I tell this in theaters?" .


Future performance schedule "Punk dranker"
October 20 (Fri)-28 (Saturday) Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Sol Screenplay: Midori Shinichiro (Theatrical Produce: Spiral Steps)
Directed by: Susumu Kajiura (Momojaja Head / Unagi Project)
Tickets will be released from August 19th.

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