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Reproduce the German project 100 years ago "The Miura People's Exhibition"

We express town called Miura with portrait

-Aritaka-san seems to have been moved to Miura recently, and Ms. Muramura-san has recently moved to Miura.

Aritaka : I have been living in Tokyo for more than 20 years, and I have been to Keiko regularly for filming, but I happened to have a favorite house and moved four years ago. At first it was quite difficult to go to Tokyo, but the trains were convenient, and I gradually got used to it.

Osamu Shibamura : I am a Kansai, and I have been living in Tokyo for a long time. I was working on editing a music magazine, and there was a monthly deadline, so I went to Miura, thinking that I would like to spend time in the private room, staying in the office.

Aoi Muramura : Miura is very popular in agriculture and fishery, food is delicious, nature is abundant, and it is a very attractive city. From the perspective of migrants, there are many locals who love Miura, but I wanted to do an “artistic project” where young people could rediscover the “attractiveness of the area”. A few years ago, I released an app to introduce the vegetable direct sale place in Miura Peninsula in my company, but during production, I went around each farmer to collect content. Through such activities, I deepened my relationship with the local people, and I became aware of issues and problems that the area has.

Aritaka : I also connected with the people of Miura in food relations, and when I participated in the activity of the color network, there were many interesting people, and then I came to have farmers and fishermen taken as their own works .

Tsujimura Osamu : I knew that Mr. Aritaka was taking such a photograph, so I had been talking about something I wanted to do. Therefore, I received a talk from the Kanto Gakuin University, which received the adoption of the “Cultural Art Promotion Project Utilizing Universities” by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, through SaMAL, which connects art projects in Sagami Bay and Miura Peninsula, in a timely manner. The project started in earnest.

Exhibition at Misakiguchi Station
Exhibition at Misakiguchi Station

――Is the work on display different from the one you were filming?

Aritaka : All this time, I took down for the photo exhibition.

Osamu Takimura : There is a photographer who has been active about 100 years ago, Augusto Zander, and it is expressed as a portrait of farmers, bricklayers and cooks living in the Rhine region of Germany. You were working on a project. For example, I think it's a bit difficult to do it in Tokyo or Yokohama. Most people who work in the city wear suits and don't know much about their appearance and texture. However, Miura has many primary industries, so we planned that a project established 100 years ago in Germany could not be done if it were Miura.

Aritaka : When I heard from Ms. Muramura that Zander was a concept, I was convinced that Miura would be able to shoot from this perspective.

"The people of Miura" that a local resident thinks

-How did you choose the subject?

Aritaka : I am a human being and I don't know all the people of Miura, so I received some recommendations from the members of the executive committees through Mr. Kashimura.

Tsujimura Osamu : I have been living in Miura for about 5 years, so I've been here since ancient timesPeople like Yara had no connection at all. In order to carry out this project, we gathered the young people and children born and raised in Miura to form the Executive Committee. Therefore we repeated discussions about what kind of person to take to express Miura.
In the course of the discussion, for example, the opinion that a doctor who has been in charge of school health check for a long time was to be selected as the subject came out. He is 87 years old, but he has been a doctor at Miura for 50 years. It is a existence that many people know if they were raised in Miura. But people like us who come from the outside don't know that there are such people. It is the result of having discussed at the executive committee that I was able to photograph such existence.
By the way, the doctor specializes in dermatology and urology, and knows the history of the men of Miura in various ways, and was able to hear valuable stories.

Aritaka : It's the story of the Showa period when it was wet.

Display at Misaki Port
Display at Misaki Port

Tsujimura Osamu : Miura was prosperous with tuna in the Showa era, and it was a downtown area with a number of movie theaters. By the way, the fishermen who have been out in the deep sea fishing come back to the port and play a lot. I asked them to talk about that kind of thing (laughs).

Regarding the selection of the subject, I think that it was important to discuss this with the people who were born and raised in Miura.

--- What kind of people gathered for the executive committee members?

Tsujimura Osamu : Young farmers in their twenties and thirties, wallpaper shops, seed shops, donut shops, noodle shops, public servantsThen there are also video creators.

Atsushi Tsujimura : People who are not necessarily creators, but are born and raised locally, and before, I did an event called "town project planning course" to think about an art project in Miura twice, but there are many who met there Ne.

Aridaka: with or farmers and Seimen'ya's purchase to the executive committee of the photo exhibition, but there is no relevance to the work and photos, but it is interesting Tteyuu everyone are making together.

Executive Committee member
Executive Committee member

Tsujimura Osamu : In order to do the "Miura people's exhibition", I think about how to do an art event in the city of Miura I In the event of the two parts, the first part calls the direction of the executive committees of "Maazuru machinaare" and "Hayama Art Festival" and talks about what it means to do art events in the area I heard. In the second part, we had a discussion with the participants, "What kind of art event can we do if Miura?" People who gave an active opinion during this event are also members of the executive committee. Art is not such a high threshold, I think that it may be started from the idea of simply doing something interesting or trying. This event was an opportunity to open the door, so please feel free to participate in the “Miura People's Exhibition”.

Aoi Muramura : We want to do something here to solve problems that Miura has, such as population decline and increase of vacant houses and infrastructure! I also understood that there are more young people thinking that I think, and high school studentsYou also came.

One-on-one match with the subject

--- Has your cooperation been obtained smoothly?

Aritaka : This is my first attempt, so I explained in detail and carefully. There were so many things that I could never talk to.

Osamu Shibamura : There was no one embarrassed by the subject.

Aritaka : The shooting style was not that I would chase the person, but rather, please hold the tripod and get in the camera frame. Because it was such a style, there was no one who was so addicted, everyone was just like it and it was like a one-on-one match.

Exhibition at Misaki downtown area
Exhibition at Misaki downtown area

Tsujimura Osamu : However, some of the subjects said, "Do you want to laugh?" But on the other hand, please do not laugh. I'm also doing the stage work of the Miura people's exhibition. But I didn't want something like laughter. I will direct them to express the subject, but I don't need to make a laugh or lie. That's where I was very careful.

Aritaka : At first, you said quite well please don't laugh.

Osamu Tsujimura : I would like you to put parentheses on it. I think we are cool too. However, when I usually work I am smilingIsn't it? Of course there is such a job. So that's natural and good.

Aritaka : If that happens, I will be filmed, so I can not make it a work. It was not interesting on the go, and I tried to bring it to this style as much as possible. The lens is also shot with the same single focus lens. I've been shooting people from various professions from the beginning with the same perspective with the same sense of distance, so I didn't have to bother too much.

Exhibition at Misaki downtown area
Exhibition at Misaki downtown area

Osamu Shibamura : In shooting, what kind of place I take at that time was a very important factor. When I took a picture of a Shirasu fisherman, I gathered at 5:00 in the morning, got on the boat together and accompanied the Shirasu fishery, and did fishing until I came back for about 4 hours. Since I can not ship without Shiras, I rescheduled about 3 times and finally I was able to accompany. Some of them took so long to take a single picture, and some took five minutes. The waitress girl at the coffee shop was negotiated and photographed on the spot.

At the time of shooting, I also shot a video interview for the subject. In the exhibition hall, we will introduce not only photos but also the story of the subject with images.

Landscape over time

-Did you decide to make it monochrome from the beginning?

Aritaka : Mr. Omura is told that he wants to exhibit at the fish market and sees the sceneWhen I went, I thought that monochrome would be better if it was this stupid and huge boy.

Osamu Kashimura : I thought that shooting in monochrome would make it possible to go beyond time. Because the colors really make you see the times. In the case of monochrome, there was also an aim that it would be possible to show 100-year-old photographs of Zander and modern photographs at the same time. I think using the fish market as an art gallery has never been done before. It is a very special place, so I think it will be a photo exhibition that I have never seen before. This fish market is about 100m in length. For example, in Tokyo, there is no way to go straight 100 meters straight. I'm thinking of an exhibition that uses this direct path of the market effectively. Anyway, it's a big venue, so we will display works that match the scale. I'm glad that people who love photography and art love come.

Misaki Marine Products Local Wholesale Market
Misaki Marine Products Local Wholesale Market

-What kind of activities are you planning to do in the future?

Tsujimura Osamu : Miura is a photogenic town. It seems that there was a photo session in Misaki when the first exhibition, about 250 amateur photographers from all over Kanto. The old town line remains in the town of Misaki, and there is a remnant of Showa. People who live there are also pictures. There are things in the city and people who want to like to shoot photos.

Aritaka : At first I came to Misaki well. There are many back alleys and lots of things like this left. AirI'm nostalgic about the flow, and I would like to go in one hand with a camera.

Osamu Takimura : The "Miura People's Exhibition" theme was to represent the city in portraits. I also think that I can do planning related to photography in a different way.
There are a lot of people who like music as members of this executive committee, so I think that you can also perform art events in a form different from photography. It would be nice if I could create an opportunity to express art and culture in the area of Miura.