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What is the previous ride report "Switch Research Institute"?


Cooperation: Tama 1km Festival 2015 http://1kmfes.com/

This report is from the "Tama 1km Festival 2015" held at the Tama Center, even though it is a Kanagawa culture site. The Tama Center is in Tokyo, but I'm sure you'll hear that opinion, but the purpose of this time is to experience the "Tama 1km Fest Switch" by "Switch Research Institute". Switch Research Institute is planning one of the main programs of "Kanagawari Classics Project 2015", "Isehara Oyama Switch" by Switch Research Institute + Isehara Oyama Switch Researcher. Before the Kanagawari Classic Project 2015, I experienced various switches.

Tama 1km Festival 2015

There was also a holiday on that day, so there were a lot of customers! "Tama Ikki Fes" is an event where various artists such as live performances, theater, and dance perform on the main street in front of Tama Center Station. As soon as you walk along the main street, you will find a coin pouch wallet.

Tama 1km Festival Switch "Please turn the clasp upside down"

In this outdoor space, there are many parents and children who enjoy their holidays.
When I approached it, I noticed that there was an instruction to "Turn the purse upside down."
I look around and see nothing, no money in my wallet. I'm caught up in such suspicious instructions...

Tama 1km Festival Switch "Please turn the clasp upside down"

I succumbed to temptation at the speed of light...

“Charlie——————n!! I’m sorry!!”

Tama 1km Festival Switch "Please turn the clasp upside down"

When I turned around, I saw a woman picking up loose change.

"Hmm. There are also coincidences."

As I proceeded while lost in thought, I saw a sign that said, "Please stand here." A woman stood in front of a signboard when I decided to visit until someone stood up. Then...

Tama 1km Festival Switch "Please stand here"

"Sorry! Wait? I'm late for the train... I'm sorry! I was mistaken."

A man appeared vigorously and a woman laughed loudly. That's right, the instructions scattered throughout the plaza are truly "switches," and unexpected encounters await those who follow them. The reality of "Switch Research Institute" is a manual performance in which various actions are performed by an actor with a single trigger. It may be said that it is a very short play. This is my personal favorite switch!

Tama 1km Festival Switch "Please raise the flag"

Raise the red flag...

Tama 1km Festival Switch "Please raise the flag"

"Here it is! No, Tama Center is a beautiful place!"

"Customers! The meeting for the tour is here!"

Tama 1km Festival Switch "Please raise the flag"

"Guest! Over here, over here! You will be staying at this hotel today."

A group of tourists who misunderstood to raise a flag attacked! Then, a tour conductor pointed out the mistake, and not only the person who performed the switch, but also the onlookers around them smiled unintentionally. It was so popular that it was performed many times, and the actors who ran each time were exhausted and gave enthusiastic performances over and over again. Also, it may be difficult to convey in the picture, but this place is really in front of the hotel as the line says. Various dramas that make use of the actual situation of the place, such as the street light and the front of this hotel, were sprinkled here and there, and at the end, I was absorbed in looking for where and what kind of switch.

Tama Ikki Festival Switch

In addition, if you have a notepad and pen in front of the supermarket, a newspaper reporter will come out to scoop tonight's side dishes! (smile)

I can't wait to see what kind of "switches" this Switch Research Institute will prepare for Oyama, Kanagawa in November. In spite of my busy schedule, I was able to speak with Switch Research Institute's director and director, Mitsue Mitsuse, and deputy director, Masahiro Oishi, who was performing enthusiastically as a tour guide in front of the hotel. .


Q: Various theater companies are participating in Switch Research Institute.

大石:まず「スイッチ」は、2013年12月に劇団「ままごと」が横浜の象の鼻テラスで上演した「Theater ZOU-NO-HANA『象はすべてを忘れない』」で生まれたものです。象の鼻テラスは、横浜の赤レンガ倉庫や中華街など観光地の近くにある無料休憩所を併設した公園です。たくさんの人が通り過ぎたり、くつろいだりしている場所。「象はすべてを忘れない」では、作家が台本を書き、演出家が演出するという一般的な演劇の作り方ではなく、いろんなカンパニーの俳優やダンサーが集まり、その場所にどんな作品があったらいいかを全員でアイデアを出し合って作りました。歌やダンス、紙芝居などいろんなチームに分かれたのですが、その中で、やっぱり「演劇」がやりたいと思考錯誤して生まれたのが「スイッチ」です。そのとき、スイッチを作るチームにいたのが、僕や光瀬さんなど6名でした。演劇は、絵画や音楽に比べて、無視しづらい表現だと思います。公共の場所で突然はじめると、迷惑に思う人もいる。そこで、「お願いごと」を書き添えた道具を置いておき、それに応えたくれた人にだけ上演するというスイッチの形式が生まれました。勝手に自分たちがやりたいようにやるのではなく、お客さんのアクションに応えるという形なら、道行く人に不快な思いを与えず演劇が出来るのではないかと考えたんです。その後、ままごとが瀬戸内国際芸術祭2013に参加したのをきっかけに、香川県の小豆島でもスイッチを創作上演しました。創作したり周りの人と話したりする中で、スイッチというプログラムは、いろんな場所や環境に対応して変化できる可能性を持っていることを確信しました。ぜひ色んなところで上演したいと考えているときに、六本木アートナイト2015のプログラム公募を見つけました。僕が応募したいと光瀬さんに持ちかけて、それなら団体にしようと慌てて立ち上げたのがスイッチ総研です。現在のメンバーは、僕と光瀬さん、象の鼻から関わってくれている青年団の山本雅幸さん、制作の倉持陽介さんです。ちなみに参加してくれている様々なメンバーは、プロジェクトごとに声をかけています。最初の象の鼻の時から参加してくれているメンバーや、僕たちが是非スイッチに出演してほしい人と思った人にその都度声をかけて力を貸していただいています。

Mitsuse : That's exactly right. If I had to add one thing, Zou-no-hana and Shodoshima were both very harsh and in a hellish mood, so the actors would laugh and talk all the time, saying, "I'm thinking like this, so I have to pay for it!" This was one of the reasons why Switch Research Institute was established.

Q: I heard that in the "Re-Classical Project 2015" you will place switches on the old approach to Mt. Daisen, which is 700 meters above sea level. I wonder if you have prepared a mechanism that focuses on the location this time as well.

Mitsuse : Yes. This time, as usual, I want to do something that can only be done in that place. We are working hard to create new switches based on the scenery, famous places, specialties, history, etc. unique to Mt. Daisen. We have already visited Daisen several times, and all of us at Soken are fascinated by the power of Daisen, in a good way, "a little quirky" and a "special place"!

Oishi : Yes. The switches are created by borrowing the power of the place to the maximum for each work, so I think it will be something that makes the most of the atmosphere and topography of Mt. Daisen.

Q: Please give a message to those who have not experienced the switch yet.

Oishi : There are many ways to enjoy the Switch. If you feel embarrassed to press the switch yourself, you can enjoy watching someone else press it from a distance. However, listening to customers who have experienced it, it seems that even if you know what will happen, the experience is completely different if you look at it from the sidelines and if something happens as a result of pushing yourself. . I would like you to try pressing it yourself. Nothing dangerous or scary will happen!

Mitsuse : What we pay most attention to when creating a “switch” is to “think from the point of view of the person who presses the switch” = “There are others in this world who have a different sense of pleasure and pain than we do.” Imagine that with all your might." Even if you press the switch, nothing scary or unpleasant will happen. Please, by all means, feel free to take a look at our immature little play that we have made in a fully grown-up way! You untie your shoelaces, open the lid of the clay pot, spin the spinning top, and begin the story. All of us at the Research Institute are waiting for you at Oyama!

Sashie Mitsuse Masahiro Oishi

Photo from left: Sashie Mitsuse Masahiro Oishi

Thank you for your hard work! !

[Switch Research Institute]
A group that specializes in performing more deeply, widely, and ridiculously the unique and ever-changing form of work called “Switch,” which was born and raised from the performance planning of the theater company “Mamagoto.” Formed in January 2015. The members are Sashie Mitsuse (Nippon no Kawa) and Masahiro Oishi (Mamagoto | Nylon 100°C), who were present at the moment the switch was born.

*Mamagoto: An organization established in 2009 by Yukio Shiba, a playwright and director, to perform works by Yukio Shiba.
>> http://www.mamagoto.org/

Mitsuse finger painting
chief. Planning, switch creation, overall production. actor. Active in a wide range of fields of expression, from contemporary colloquial drama to Spartan contemporary theater, mainly on the stage. After working for Cam Cam Mini Kina and Cat Hotel, in 2006 he launched Nippon no Kasen with writer Mitsunori Fukuhara. It attracts curiosity with its unique style in which the actors manipulate lighting and sound while acting. Since 2007, he has continuously participated in Nibroll choreographer Mikuni Yanaihara's theater projects. Many appearances such as theatrical company, Yukiko Motoya, Kaikai, Tokyo Deathlock, Mamagoto, Mikuni Yanaihara Project. Major performances in recent years. Stage "Order to destroy large things" (written and directed by Mitsunori Fukuhara) "Cherry Orchard" (written and directed by Mikuni Yanaihara) "Winter Short" (Mitsuhiko Fujiki, Kenji Yamauchi, etc., screenplay) "Mother Hooker" (Sakanoue Shinobu Production/Direction) “Theater ZOU-NO-HANA2014” (Composition/Direction by Yukio Shiba) Drama “Yoshihiko the Brave and the Demon King’s Castle” “Ofukou-san”, etc.

Masahiro Oishi
Deputy Director.
Planning, switch creation. Belongs to Mamagoto since 2010. Since 2014, he has also belonged to Nylon 100°C. While staying in various parts of Japan such as Kitakyushu, Nagoya, and Shodoshima, he participated in the creative activities of the house, and appeared in theater performances mainly in Tokyo and Yokohama. Also works as a facilitator for drama workshops held at elementary, junior high and high schools and theaters. Main appearances include "Mamagoto" "Swingby" "Nihon no Otona" "There is Morning" (written and directed by Yukio Shiba), Mum and Gypsy "K and Midnight on the banks" (written and directed by Takashi Fujita), NODA・MAP "Egg" (Written and Directed by Hideki Noda), FUKAIPRODUCE Hagoromo "Women's Dressing, Men's Dressing, Winter Preparations" (Written, Directed and Music by Konosuke Itoi), Hanchu-Yuei "Because I was not born, I can't do it yet" (Written and directed by Suguru Yamamoto)・Direction), Nylon 100°C “President's Blood” (written and directed by Keralino Sandorovich), sample “Futon and Daruma” (written and directed by Ryo Iwamatsu, Shu Matsui), etc.

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