Kanagawa Prefectural Government Main Building Conference Hall Short Drama Collection Special Page

神奈川県庁本庁舎大会議場短編演劇集 特設ページ

- Theater at the prefectural office! ? -

``Kanagawa Prefectural Government Main Building Conference Hall Short Drama Collection'' will be held at the Kanagawa Prefectural Office on April 12th and April 13th. "Huh? A play at the prefectural office?"
You have such doubts!
That is right! This is the first time in the history of Kanagawa that a play will be performed in the large conference hall of the Kanagawa Prefectural Office.
What happened was during a project called "Dialogue Plaza" where citizens and Governor Kuroiwa exchanged opinions at the same conference hall, and in response to the governor's words, "I want to open up public spaces more."

“I want to perform in this room.”

Such an opinion popped out.
It's certainly a nice space, but it's usually used for meetings, so is that even possible?
Magcal was also present at the scene, and it was OK on the spot!
I remember being very surprised by the positive opinions and the prefecture's speedy response.
The project that has finally begun to take off is the ``Kanagawa Prefectural Government Main Building Conference Center Short Drama Collection''.
This time, I would like to share with you the details of the project along with photos of the conference hall and comments from Nobuhiro Sasaura and Shoko Kawada, the initiators of the project!

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□We received comments from Nobuhiro Sasaura and Shoko Kawada, the founders of this project!

-This is the first time in Kanagawa history that a play will be performed at the main conference hall of the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Building.
Are there any things you are aware of or expectations for holding the event at this location?

From Nobuhiro Sasaura
This performance was held at the "Dialogue Plaza" hosted by Kanagawa Prefecture, where the governor was speaking about the "Magcull Initiative" and said, "I want to connect and disseminate culture like a magnet. It's fine if you use this place (the main conference hall).'' When asked a general question, Kawada replied, ``Then I'd like to use it.'' He was very direct, honest, and reckless (lol). This is a project that started with this message.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the people at the prefectural government for their quick response to this unprecedented project.
Many people who have never been involved in theater are now supporting us.
From scratch, they have had many meetings with us, exchanged emails over and over again, and are doing everything they can to help.

It's not a theater. there is nothing. It is a historical building and a government office that is open during normal hours.
It's really difficult to create theater in such a place.
However, more than difficult, it was a very attractive place for expression.
There is something like an unfathomable magnetic force just like the conference hall. Moreover, no one has ever staged a theatrical performance, and it is not very well known. Being able to bring the extraordinary things we create to such a place. I'm excited as an artist.

Because theater is a form of artistic expression, it is difficult to convey its true charm even when using media, but by performing in such a place, I would like to convey that this is the current scene in Kanagawa.

To this end, we decided to create a collection of short plays, rather than just our own solo performance.
If this project is successful, we would like to continue to involve the government and create a series of events in various interesting locations within the prefecture.

I believe this is the first step toward creating an environment where theater is a natural part of people's daily lives and educational settings.
When I visited Germany for the Japan-German Youth Leadership Exchange Seminar, I learned that the European theater culture and the relationship between public theaters and theater companies are ideal, and I want to create that in Kanagawa.

To achieve this, we want our guests to be able to watch and enjoy a wide variety of plays all at once, and in recent years we have been particular about the format of ``short plays''.

From Shoko Kawada
I wrote ``The Boy of Dawn,'' a play about a young man named Yoshiro Oobi, who designed the main prefectural government building, about one night.
Reimei means "dawn". It also means the beginning of something new.
I gained strength from the conference hall and was able to write something interesting. I hope this performance will be a dawn in many ways. Please come and visit us.
Photo: The usual state of the conference hall. It's exciting just to see the carpets, lighting, and other spaces that give you a sense of history.

■nobuhiro SASAURA
Director, producer, stage manager. The shaggy head, Katsu, and the representative of the eel project.
He has directed theater works in a wide range of genres mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture. From musicals to conversational dramas, fantasy to social dramas, everything is meticulously directed. He has a reputation for his dramatic production, which takes advantage of the characteristics of his staff, who are stage directors and are well-versed in theatrical expression, as well as their long and persistent approach to failure. Recently, he has started the ``SHOTGUN produce'', a unit that brings together writers to plan short performances, the ``Musical Project ``M.PinK'', where citizens can encounter musicals, and the ``Kanagawa Drama King 2'', a short play competition. Based on his experience as a stage director and theater basic design advisor, he has been able to realize many plans tailored to the environment and situation. Additionally, as a theater educator, he conducts numerous workshops at companies and schools. Recently, in particular, he has been conducting communication courses using theatrical methods as part of a project to support the independence of people with mental disability certificates. Member of the Japan Directors Association. Standing director of the Kanagawa Prefectural Theater Federation.

■Shoko KAWADA | shoko KAWADA
Playwright. Flat glasses.
Graduated from the Department of Japanese Literature, Faculty of Letters, Gakushuin University. Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Spent his childhood in Zurich, Switzerland. While he reflects his unique themes and linguistic sensibilities in his works, he also specializes in works that analyze past materials and create scripts. We provide numerous works to various organizations, including musicals, conversation plays, civic plays, and short stories. In 2009, provided the script for JMS "Princess Collection" (Kichijoji Theater). After that, he continued to provide scripts for citizen participation musicals held in Yokohama, such as the Tsurumi Citizen Musical and the Totsuka Ward Musical. In addition, he has developed a wide range of works, including works that touch on the truth of human beings, which are released in the credits of "Herahera Megane". In addition, he has produced numerous performances together with Sasaura, including serving as the producer of Magcal Friday's ``Sakuragicho Kiki Gai'' and co-producer of SHOTGUN produce ``BULLETS ASSORTED.''

- Performing group information -

■Atsugi Stage Academy
“Dream Dream Dream Business Trip Edition ~Kappa no Taro~”
Composition/Direction: Yasuhiko Kushima, Risa Suzuki (Tobiza)
General conductor: Kensuke Yokouchi (Tobiza)
Choreography: Lucky Ikeda, Eri Saiki
Singing instruction: Mariko Ueno
Planning and management: Atsugi City Cultural Promotion Foundation
"Atsugi Stage Academy" opened in 2010. Children from 4th grade to 2nd grade of junior high school learn singing, dancing, and acting lessons from instructors who are active at the forefront of their respective fields. He is expanding his activities by appearing at events such as festivals, and appearing in various other artists' live performances and PVs.

■theater 045 syndicate
Katsunori Imai (theater 045 syndicate), Keita Hirano, Hideyuki Inoue, Tomofumi Nakayama (theater 045 syndicate)
Established in 2010 by Tomofumi Nakayama, the leader, to spread the word from his hometown of Yokohama. He also produces the Drama King Kanagawa Tournament and also handles live dance events at bars and restaurants in the city. In January 2014, the first performance of ``12 Animals'' was performed. We are active with the keyword "Making things happen in Yokohama."
"Is there less bullying in boys' schools? Short version"
Written and directed by: Mariko Ono Music: Hiroaki Goto
Cast: Masako Ito, Shoko Okawa, Naho Shimizu, Yayoi Nakatani, Yuriko Harada (Tori no Mark, Reion Honma)
A theater unit by playwright Mariko Ono. In 2011, he attracted attention for his work ``Antonin Raymond's Architecture: The Story of the Old Gymnasium Being Demolished'' (Kanagawa Arts Theatre). Armed with the words of poetry, we aim to create theater that transcends time and space and makes difficult things interesting.

"Vampire Debate"
Written and directed by: Tsuyoshi Mezaki
Starring: Natsumi Nakamura, Saya Nagabuchi, Zen Suenaga (safe item (planned to change name soon)), Yuhi Asato, Daisuke Okawa (Shimokkare!), Taiga Koyama, Saki Ninomiya, Tsuyoshi Mezaki (Tasuichi), and others.
A unit launched from Waseda University Drama Club in 2007. He aims to entertain with his fantasy style, which is both ``possible'' and ``impossible.'' Although he mainly works in Tokyo, Mezaki is also in charge of performances in Kanagawa, scripts and direction for resident musicals, and theater workshops for junior high and high schools.

■A shaggy head and floppy glasses
"Boy of Dawn"
Written by Shoko Kawada (Herahera Megane)
Direction: Nobuhiro Sasaura (shaggy head)
Cast: Taichi Fujishiro (Maimu Productions), Motonori Mano (Fuun Kabosha no Basho), Aki
A unit formed in 2011 by Nobuhiro Sasaura of Unagi Keikaku, also known as "Mojamoja Head", to perform short performances with writer Shoko Kawada, also known as "Herahera Megane". Active mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture.

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