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神奈川県庁本庁舎大会議場短編演劇集 特設ページ
Theater / Dance

Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office Main Conference Hall Short Drama Collection Special Page

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-Drama at the prefectural office! ? -

On April 12th and April 13th, "Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office Main Conference Hall Short Film Collection" will be held. "Eh? Theater at the prefectural office?"
You who had such a question!
That is right! For the first time in the history of Kanagawa, the theater will be staged at the large conference hall of the Kanagawa prefectural government.
Regarding the outcome of the event, in response to the governor's words "I would like to open up more public places" in the "Conversation open space" project where citizens and Governor Kuroiwa exchange opinions at the conference hall.

"I want to play in this room"

Such an opinion popped up.
It's a nice space, but I usually use it for meetings, and is that possible?
Magcal was also there, but it's OK on the spot!
I am very surprised by the positive opinions and the speedy correspondence of the prefecture.
And the project that finally started in earnest is "Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office Main Conference Hall Short Film Collection".
This time, I would like to convey the contents of the project along with the photos from the meeting place and the comments from Nobuhiro Sasaura and Shoko Kawada, who are the creators of the project!

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□ We received comments from Mr. Nobuhiro Sasaura and Mr. Shoko Kawada, the founders of this project!

-The first time in Kanagawa history, a performance at the Kanagawa prefectural office / main conference hall was performed.るという事ですが、
















そのためには、まずごWe hope that visitors will be able to enjoy and enjoy a variety of plays at once, and in recent years we have been focusing on the form of "short stories."

From Shoko Kawada
I wrote a nightly drama "The Boy of the Dawn," based on a young man named Yoshio Obi who designed the prefectural office.
Dawn means "dawn". It also means that something new will begin.
I got the power from the big conference hall and wrote something interesting. I hope this performance is dawning in many ways. Please come and visit us.
Photo: A state of a large conference hall. It's exciting just to see the historical spaces such as carpets and lighting.

■ Nobuhiro SASAURA
Director, producer, stage director. Mojamoja head and eel plan representative.
Producing drama works in a wide genre centered on Kanagawa prefecture. Finely directed from musicals to conversation plays, from fantasy to socialism. He has a good reputation for his dramatic production that makes full use of the characteristics of the staff who are fully acquainted with the theatrical expression of the stage director, and the length and stubbornness. Recently, she has developed a short performance planning unit "SHOTGUN produce" that gathers writers, "Musical project" M.PinK "" where citizens meet musicals, and a short drama competition "Kanagawa Gekiou 2". From his experience as a stage director and a theater basic design adviser, he has achieved many projects that are suited to the environment and circumstances. Also, as a theater educator, he holds many workshops at companies and schools.
U Especially recently, we are developing a communication course using theatrical methods in a project to support the independence of people with a handicapped certificate. Member of the Japan Director's Association. Executive director of the Kanagawa Theater Federation.

■ Kawada Shoko | shoko KAWADA
Playwright. Spatula spatula glasses.
Graduated from Gakushuin University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Japanese Literature. Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Spend your childhood in Zurich, Switzerland. While reflecting his own theme setting and language sense in the work, he is also good at works that analyze past materials and make scripts. Provides various works to each group, including musicals, conversation plays, civic plays, and short stories. In 2009, provided the script for JMS "Princess Collection" (Kichijoji Theater). After that, we also provided screenplays for the citizen participation type musicals of the Tsurumi Ward and Totsuka Ward musicals held in Yokohama. In addition, a wide variety of works have been released, including works that touch the truth of human beings, which are announced in the credit of "Herahera Glasses". In addition, he has produced numerous performances with Sasaura, including being the producer of Magcal Friday "Sakuragicho Kaiki-kai" and the co-producer of SHOTGUN produce "BULLETS AS SORTED".

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-Performance group information-

■ Atsugi Theater Academy
"Dream Dream Dream Business Trip Version-Taro Kappa"

Composition / Direction: Yasuhiko Kushima, Risa Suzuki (Door)
Total Conductor: YokouchiKensuke (Door)
Choreography: Lucky Ikeda, Eri Ayaki
Singing instruction: Mariko Ueno
Planning and management: (public interest incorporated foundation) Atsugi City Cultural Promotion Foundation
"Atsugi Stage Academy" which started in 2010. Children aged 4 to 2 will learn singing, dance and acting lessons under the guidance of teachers who are active in the front lines of their respective fields. He has expanded his fields of activity, such as performing at festivals and other events, and performing live and PV for various artists.

■ theater 045 syndicate

Katsuho Imai (theater 045 syndicate), Keita Hirano, Hideyuki Inoue, Tomofumi Nakayama (theater 045 syndicate)
Established in 2010 by Tomofumi Nakayama, the president of the company, to send information from his hometown of Yokohama. Produced at the Gekio Kanagawa tournament and worked on live dance events at bars and restaurants in the city. In January 2014, the first performance "12 animals" was performed. Active under the keyword "to bring things to life in Yokohama".

■ Preference
"Is there little bullying in boys' schools? Short version"

Written and directed by Mariko Ono Music: Hiroaki Goto
Starring: Masako Ito, Shoko Okawa, Naho Shimizu, Yayoi Nakatani, Yuriko Harada (mark of birds, Reon Homma
Drama unit of playwright Ono Mariko. In 2011, he was noticed in "The story of the former gymnasium of the Antonin Raymond Architecture which is being demolished" (Kanagawa Arts Theater). With the words of poetry as a weapon, he aims to create a "difficult" theater that is "interesting" by jumping through space and time.

■ Tasuichi
"Vampire debate"

Written and directed by Tsuyoshi Mezaki
Starring: Natsumi Nakamura, Saya Nagabuchi, Zen Suenaga (Safety items (planned to be renamed soon)), Yuhi Asato, Daisuke Okawa (Shimokkare), Taiga Koyama, Saki Ninomiya, Tsuyoshi Mesaki and others.
A unit launched in 2007 from the Waseda University Theater Club. Aiming for entertainment with a "fantastic" and "impossible" fantasy style. Although he mainly works in Tokyo, Mezaki is also in charge of performances in Kanagawa, screenwriting for ward residents musicals, theater WS for junior high school, high school, etc.

■ Majamoji head and spatula glasses
"Dawn Boy"

Written by Shoko Kawada (spraying glasses)
Director: Nobuhiro Sasaura
Performers: Taichi Fujishiro (Maimu Pro), Motonori Mano (Fuun Pumpkin Carriage), Ming Season
A unit formed in 2011 for "Majamoja head", Nobuhiro Sasaura of the eel plan, to perform "short spatula" with "herahera glasses" and author Shoko Kawada. Active mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture.