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Theater / dance
Tanishi Hiroki's Danceable LIFE Vol.1

I met my dancing and found my place
Hirokazu Tachibata (dancer / choreographer)

What will be the fun to visit the theater today as various things digitize? I think that it is "live feeling".
That day, that time, a feeling of excitement that you can not taste without going to that place. It will disappear every moment. You can leave it as a picture, but it will be hard to tell the "air" at that moment.

Speaking of dancing, it is a world that expresses with the physical body, so it will be difficult to continue dancing in the same style with each age. But that is unavoidable. That is why I think that it is momentary or that it will feel instantaneously disappearing in the eyes, ears, skin, pores, and that it will remain in the viewers.
The reason I started dancing is not "I want to express something" "I want to stand on stage". Since I was a child I was introverted and I entered a university where I learn acting from the longing to express, but my teacher is getting angry. I could not do rudimentary speech and acting well, I was completely losing confidence. To that, my seniors took me to the jazz dance studio mid-ago, but that was exactly the experience of "eyes from the eyes".
That is probably because dancing was "a world that eliminated words." I could not say lines well, but I enjoyed expressing myself with dancing so I felt like I could find my own existence for the first time. ThatI found "my whereabouts".

By the time I graduate from university I decided to work on dancing, but when I turn around 25 years old, I hit the wall in a crowd. Just just dancing and doing it is useless. So I went to NY, but I experienced a big setback here. The level is too different. You can not catch up with the level of being able to work harder, trying many times as much as you can and getting better little by little …. Originally my body was hard and I started dancing so late. Since it is Japanese, it is different from the skeleton, so I felt the limit to pursue dancing.

What is necessary for me to be on the stage side by side with them?

And the attracted attention was the world of "harmony" such as Noh, Kabuki and Butoh.

The word of the universe is an image that spreads like the word "Andeol = outward" in the ballet term. On the contrary, the world of harmony is the image which drops and condenses. It was a persuasive world that fell off in the morning.
Since then, I am exploring the stoic expression that "static and dynamic" is mixed in style such as voluntary performances. Of course, there is a song like THE CONVOY, there is a dance, the entertainment world with a play is also my starting point, so I would like to pursue in the future.

If you have the opportunity, let's see the next in the theater by all means!