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舘形比呂一のDanceable LIFE Vol.1
Theater / dance

Hirokazu Tategata's Danceable LIFE Vol.1

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I met a dance and found my place
Hirokazu Tategata (dancer / choreographer)

What is the fun of visiting the theater today as various things are becoming digital? I think it's a "live feeling".
A feeling of dynamism that can only be experienced on that day, at that time, and at that place. It disappears every moment. You can leave it as an image, but it will be difficult to convey the "air" at that moment.
Hirokazu Tategata's Danceable LIFE Vol.1
When it comes to dancing, it's a world of physical expression, so it's harder to keep dancing in the same style as you get older. But that is unavoidable. That's why I want you to feel the moments that disappear momentarily with your eyes, ears, skin, and pores, and I think that will remain in the viewers.
Hirokazu Tategata's Danceable LIFE Vol.1 The reason I started dancing was not "I want to express something" or "I want to stand on the stage". Since I was a kid, I was introverted and entered a university where I learned acting because of my longing for expression, but my teacher just got angry. I couldn't do the basic lines and acting well, and I completely lost my confidence. My senior took me to a jazz dance studio forcibly, and that was exactly the experience of "scales from the eyes."
It was probably because the dance was a "world without words." I couldn't say the lines well, but it was really fun to express myself by dancing, and I felt like I was able to find my own worth for the first time. SoUh, I found "my place".
Hirokazu Tategata's Danceable LIFE Vol.1
By the time I graduated from college, I decided to work in dance, but when I was about 25, I hit a wall like people. You can't just love and dance. So I went to NY, and I experienced a bigger setback here. The levels are too different. I can't keep up with the level of taking lessons hard, working harder than others, and getting better little by little. I'm originally stiff and it's too late to start dancing. Since I am Japanese in the first place, it is different from the skeleton, so I felt the limit to pursuing Western dance.

What do I need to be on stage alongside them?

What attracted me was the world of "Japanese" such as Noh, Kabuki, and Butoh.
Hirokazu Tategata's Danceable LIFE Vol.1
As the ballet term says "Andeol = outward", the Western world is an image of expanding. On the other hand, the image of the Japanese world is that it is stripped and condensed. It was a persuasive world that fell in my mind.
Since then, I have been searching for a stoic expression that mixes "quiet and dynamic" in the style of independent performances. Of course, the entertainment world with songs, dances, and plays like THE CONVOY is also my starting point, so I would like to continue pursuing it in the future.

If you have a chance, let's meet at the theater next time!