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「Hand Shadows ANIMARE」

A scene where a play is born
File.4 Scarecrow 'Hand Shadows ANIMARE (hand ・ Shadows ・ Animare)'
Koichi Imai (Editor Writer)

Since its launch as the first shadow theater company in Japan in 1952, it has performed mainly on masterpiece fairy tales from home and abroad, and has led the genre of "shadow theater". You may have met somewhere on the stage or on television, too.
Did you know that there is an artistic side of such a Scorpio ? It is "Hand Shadows ANIMARE". "ANIMARE" in Latin means "breathe life, cheer up". In other words, "Hand Shadows Animare" is an omnibus-style performance that creates various shapes with only hand and body, and you can feel a fresh surprise in your nostalgia.

We asked Goto , a representative of the Sagittarius , about "Hand Shadows Animare".

"The opportunity is about 30 years ago now. The famous director is saying," Why are you a shadow theater company, why not do a hand shadow picture. "Hand shadow picture is very rich expression You should be challenging because you can.
At that time, we mainly use shadows with paper and board dolls. I think that Tegaki-e is a "traditional play" and I did not think that I could create a modern stage. But, as it says, there may be something possible, so I started studying little by little to try. ThatAmong them, I could do that too, and if I could do this, the repertoire of hand shadow paintings increased. However, because the expression of hand shadow paintings is very physical, I felt that it would be difficult to create a one-hour stage by itself. "

On the other hand, in Scarecrow, I was thinking about making a full-fledged overseas expansion. However, when traveling abroad, it takes time and money to carry luggage, so you must move with minimal equipment. It is not only a scurf, it is a serious problem that companies that challenge overseas must face.
Also, Goto-san had the feeling that "If you go abroad, it's meaningless if you don't challenge with works based on international communication, not works you've produced in Japan so far". Therefore, I have decided to challenge the world with Hand Shadows Animare, which is developed on handless, musically and speedily, and sometimes danceable, with the matured hand-painted picture.
It was about 2009 at the 8th Schwabish Gmund International Shadow Theater Festival in Germany.

"Even before, I had included the scene of the hand shadow picture in the work, but it was the first time to do the whole film with the hand shadow picture. It was the hardest thing to do with the hand shadow picture alone 1 It's common sense that nobody could think of time work, and I had a hard time reforming that consciousness, and a week before I left for Germany, I tried to the last minute The work was finally completed by mistake.
At firstThe members who participated in the German festival say the same thing, but the venue was heated just as we made shadows by hand. It was a great experience, with great applause during the performance. This was nice because there were no such ensembles in the world, and I didn't know what kind of evaluation I could get until I tried it. It was a great response, with various overseas festivals asking me "I want you to come to my house next time".

After that, he participated in overseas festivals such as the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Finland, Czech Republic and Brazil. Now there are about 100 hand-painted painting repertoires, and there are 50 to 60 works in Hand Shadows Animare. Among them, stages are configured in various combinations.

However, not all theater members can participate here. Among the 20 people in charge of the stage, 5, 6 who met the conditions such as the outstanding skill of hand shadow painting, strength to endure the performance of 1 hour, and training for a certain squad . Of course, there is also a scarecrow seat body activities, performances of "Hand Shadows Animare" is valuable.
Such a "Hand Shadows Animare" performance will be held in Yokohama, the first time in three years this year, 10 years since the premiere. As a program of "TPAM" (International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama), it will be a fringe performance.

"With TPAMI intend to perform in the standard form of "Douz Animare". We want our local members to come in many and let our overseas directors see how customers are happy, "said Mr. Goto.
It will also give fresh surprises to people who have an image biased to shadow painting.

* "Hand Shadows Animare" is such a stage!

"" Hand Shadows ANIMARE ""

■ Schedule: Thursday, February 14, 2019
■ Starting time: 16: 30/19: 00
■ Venue: Yokohama Doll House
■ Configuration / production: Atsushi Goto
■ Music: Kuni Kawachi / Yoshikawa Ishikawa
■ Stage art: Saito Hiroki
■ Costume: Keiko Nakaya
■ Sound: Tsutomu Mamoru (Sound Method)
■ Lighting ・ Ryuzen Stage Lighting Research Institute
■ Shadow art production: theater company Kasukaza Art club
■ Shadow art supervision: Goto Yu / Oda Junji (design Bee)
■ Ticket fee: All seats specified 2,500 yen / 3,000 yen on the day, 1,500 yen less than primary schoolchild
※ free under 3 years old. However, if you need a seat, it will be charged.
※ This work is mainly for elementary school students and above.
※ TPAM participant registered 2,000 yen
■ Inquiries: Theatrical company Scarecrow Tel045-592-8111

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