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音楽の魔法と魔術師たち J.S.バッハ「無伴奏チェロ組曲」

Magic of Music and Magicians JS Bach "Unaccompanied Cello Suite"

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Feel free to enjoy! Living with a concert
File.8 JS Bach " Unaccompanied Cello Suite "
Kosaburo Mori ( Music Writer)

In 1890, a 13-year-old Casals boy found an old book of music at an instrument store in Barcelona. Flipping through the little-known sheet of music, in a moment, the magic of the music was intense and gently wrapped him up.
Rediscovering the masterpiece "Unaccompanied Cello Suite".

The musician who had adapted it to a certain degree, but at the time determined the artistic value of a collection of songs that was only treated as "practice songs for improving musical instruments," and made him known to the world with his wonderful performance. It's Pablo Casals.
Magic of Music and Magicians JS Bach "Unaccompanied Cello Suite"
"Father of Music" composed by Johann Sebastian Bach "All 6 unaccompanied cello suites".
Six suites each consisting of six songs. It was made about 300 years ago.
It is unlikely that no cellist will play this song. On the contrary, the ultimate dream of all cellists is to play and praise this song in heaven in front of Bach. It is often called the "Cello Old Testament".
Bach is also tough ...
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* JS Bach (1685 ~ 1750)

This song is often used as background music, so many people may be familiar with it. What I would like to pay attention to is the fact that it is often used as music for contemporary dance. In other words, the cutting-edge sensibility and the audience need the power of music composed 300 years ago.

Even so, the Bass of Casals recorded in the 1930s is wonderful. Strict Bach, which is said to be an investigator. I wanted to come in contact with the live Casals performance once it was fine. It's one of my personal, unforgettable dreams.
Magic of Music and Magicians JS Bach "Unaccompanied Cello Suite"
* Pablo Casals (1876-1973)

What if Casals didn't meet Bach's sheet music?
I will ask such a nonsense question. It's been a long time gone, but some musicians think that I would have rediscovered this masterpiece. Anna Birthma, the master of Baroque cello, has passed away in July. He is one of the key players in the movements that have been popular since the latter half of the 20th century and are called "Performance of old musical instruments" and "Performance of original musical instruments".
The many famous recordings and performances that were developed under the concept of regaining the true appearance of the music by incorporating the musical instruments and performance styles of the years when they were composed transformed the classical music industry.
Use the harpsichord instead of the piano.
The orchestra is smaller and sharper.
A fresh and light Bach that seems to have cleared the dust that has accumulated with the times! Mozart! Beethoven!
The fun of being new while using old musical instruments!
Birschma's Bach, who appeared in such a situation, naturally had a very different impression from the ones he had been accustomed to.
* Anna Birthma (1934-2019)

A performance that speaks rather than romantically "sings". The original dance character was boldly adopted, and the tempo was earlier. Above all, the polyphonic structure of the song is revealed, the more interesting it is to listen to, and the deeper and deeper it is drawn into the universe called Bach.
"It's like an eternal unfinished work."
A friend of mine used to describe Birthma, but at the concerts I've been to many times, it was exactly like that.
The joy and confusion of witnessing the moment music is born there. It's kind of free ... the air.

I think the encounter with Birthma changed the way I listen to music. A little bit of authoritarian and "ultimate" listening.
Magic of Music and Magicians JS Bach "Unaccompanied Cello Suite"

* Anna Birthma (1934-2019)

I was still in my twenties and I was wondering if I should record "accompaniment" or record Bach twice or three times, but now I'm crazy. Rather, the young Bach is my favorite. Not only viola and guitar, but also "accompaniment cello suite" played on marimba and saxophone are welcome. Everyone is seriously challenged to Bach, and if the sounds are different, you may notice the new charm of the song.
By the way, after experiencing Birthma again, when I listened to Casals's performance again, until thenI could feel the delicate and sensitive side that I could not hear. Your ears change as music changes.

Such concerts of all Bach "unaccompanied cello suites" will be held twice in November and December. Japanese baroque cellist and conductor Hidemi Suzuki will perform. I'm really looking forward to seeing what "now" he will study under Birthma and who has a lot of experience in the old music field.
I don't know if you can hear a light chatter, but you can enjoy watching the instrument peculiar to the baroque cello without the pin that sticks to the floor in your knees.
In the sense of the memorial to Mr. Birthma, I definitely want to come to it.

Magic of Music and Magicians JS Bach "Unaccompanied Cello Suite"
Master Bilsma, who has been sick for a long time and has died without visiting Japan for a while. I can't forget the time when I met him in front of the dressing room after Tokidoya's concert.
Feeling of the hand that gave me the sign and shook hands.
When he tried to sign his wife, violinist Vera Beth, with a friend-like person. He kindly urged me to wait and hesitate, "I'm okay, so please ask."
I received various treasures.

Old ease of Xing Ⅵ
Hidemi Suzuki Ultimate Bach
Cello Suites songs concert the first time
[Date and time] Scheduled for Saturday, November 2 from 14:00 to 16:00 (open at 13:30)
[MeetingPlace] Tsurumi Residents Cultural Center Salvia Hall 3F Music Hall

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