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Still we will live

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Hinoki stage of Kyogen masters living in the 21st century
Vol.13 With the "core" of tradition and new values
Okura doctrine (Noh performer Kyogen style Okura school)

February, when the new coronavirus infection was gradually spreading in Japan. Various events including the sports world have been canceled, and the world of performing arts has also been canceled or postponed one after another.
From the performance in March to the present, he has been on the stage only once. It is not set also held prospect performances up to this previous August, but the government can not be helped because profession of "3 dense" throat middle advocated. I think that the organizer has no choice but to cancel considering the traffic situation of the customers.
I had refrained from voluntary concerts on May 31 ‪, but was abandoned.

"I can not do anything"
"Cultural art is powerless ..."

I don't want to feel negative, so I thought, "Let's do something we couldn't do before!"
It's a strange story, but he was a little bullish, asking, "Is it permissible for a slight deviation in the current situation?"

First, I made the Kyogen class online.

Still we will live

It's modern, but the feelings are solemn.

I worked on this with the hope of the students, but it was surprisingly fun. There is a limit to what you can do, but I'm looking for a way to practice online.
In addition, university classes are likely to be online, and I have collected various equipment because I want to teach more firmly.

It's strict, but it's kind of fun with more equipment!

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Wired and wireless earphones from the right, a wide-angle lens in the center, a mobile stand on the left, and a fan in the foreground. In other words, there are more things to prepare for training (laughs).
The students were also pleased that they were able to speak out and move their bodies every day under house arrest.

Next, taking advantage of the fact that many artists are challenging various things on SNS, I created and uploaded a hakama challenge and a memorization challenge.

First of all, this is the "Hakama Challenge" published on Twitter. It's a challenge to the students, so to speak.

Quick dressing is a matter of course for us, but it seems to be surprisingly difficult for modern people, and when I posted "If you have a hakama at home, try it", there was an unexpected response.

I want children to take on the challenge of "memorization challenge". Anyway, there are many names of fish, so those who like fishing should be able to enjoy it.
[Can you remember? "Fish theory"]

I hope it will be useful for people to see and be pleased with. I think that is the starting point of my activities.

Still we will live Culture and art are indispensable for people to live.