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波止場のワークショップは立ち止まらない〜若葉町ウォーフ 再始動へ!
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The wharf workshop will not stop ~ Wakabacho Wharf restart!

Wakabacho Wharf 
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File.28 Wakabacho Wharf "COVID-19 Memorial Theater"
Miyuki Inoue (Magcal editorial department)

Wakabacho Wharf opened in 2017 as an arts center that integrates a small theater, studio, and dormitory-style accommodation. This is a space established by playwright and director Makoto Sato as the total settlement of his stage activities. Up until now, "Wharf Workshops" have been held for young artists who are active in neighboring Asian cities to gather, talk, learn from each other, and disseminate information both domestically and internationally.

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In late March, Mr. Sato read the feelings of "I can't enjoy it with peace of mind" from the facial expressions of customers who visited the theater, and decided to refrain from operating the entire building until June 30th. It also meant that the activities of the well-prepared wharf workshops would stop. However, Mr. Sato does not make it a mere “closed”. While the facility operation was suspended, the space was opened to the area as a "vacant lot " and the activity of "Wakabacho Wharf Online" was started to deliver the situation in real time.

The first project is the "COVID-19 Memorial Theater" where various artists spell "graffiti" on the wall of the small theater on the first floor. It was broadcast live on the "Worf Channel" , but it's still not interesting just looking at it from a distance. Therefore, the self-restraint of moving across prefectural borders is also relaxed.I visited Wakabacho Wharf in late June when it was harmonized.

The white walls of the small theater, which was called the "white box," are likely to be filled with graffiti by various artists who visit on a daily basis.
"I thought it was because of this that the walls were white," says Sato, but it's a surreal world.

Obviously, there are windows and doors on the wall. I didn't notice it, so when I opened them all up, it felt surprisingly bright and peaceful. Even though it's the same space, the image is quite different, and it's strange ...

This is a graffiti by artist Yuri Miyauchi, who appeared as a top batter.

19 Kobitos also appeared after "COVID19-Memorial Theater".

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Since it is open as a waiting room for the mini theater Jack & Betty in the neighborhood, there is also a leaflet of the movie whose release has been postponed in one corner. This also seems to be part of the art.

The day I visited was the day of the regular "well-end meeting" on Tuesday. It was a simple meeting where neighboring art facilities such as Jack & Betty and Cinemarine gathered to look back on the past week, but it was a good opportunity to deepen the connection between Wakabacho Wharf and the town.

We asked Mr. Sato, who finished the Idobata meeting, about the "future" of Wakabacho Wharf.

"I think it's going to be really hard. Being forced to" self-restraint "for a couple of months should definitely have an impact, especially on children. Given that, everyone has ever been. It may be necessary to move to a slightly different stage.
What can the artist do in such a situation? The role of theater is probably to produce words. I think it has a role to put emotions that everyone can't put into words into concrete words. "

"" During the period, it is said that this time, a workshop of "Hatoba Club" will be held to have children graffiti using the floor instead of the wall. I'm looking forward to seeing how far that pure white space will "grow".

The wharf workshop, which had been suspended, seems to start moving around the end of the year. Is clear to not be easy, but in order to achieve a continuous collaboration with representation who of around the country and neighboring Asian cities, crowdfunding also Tachinobo clogs.
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It slows down, but doesn't stop. It seems that the days of keeping an eye on the trends of Wakabacho Wharf will continue.

Wakabacho, downtown of Yokohama. On Isezaki-dori, on the banks of the Ooka River, this is a wharf for cross-border people. A 50-year-old building that retains the atmosphere of the Showa era, and a building that quietly tells the history of the town after its role has been recreated. "Inn is boring only in the inn", "Studio is boring only in the studio", "Theatre is boring only in the theater" ...

Theater with an inn
Studio with a theater
An inn with a studio

It is an art facility that was born in 2017. We have theaters, studios, as well as accommodations that anyone can use.

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