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"Magnet culture" to ask global guitarist Pino

Yugawara Town, Kanagawa Prefecture has signed a friendly city partnership with Tivoli City in Italy since September 2016. Located about 30 km east of Rome, the city of Tivoli is a historic resort that has been around since ancient Roman times. It is said that Yugawara Town has promoted exchanges at the private level for many years, centering on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A common point is having a tourist resource called "hot spring". Therefore, in light of the future of hot spring utilization and further promotion of attracting foreign tourists, we reached a friendly city partnership.
The other day, as a part of cultural exchange, we invited a guitarist Pino Forrastiere, who lives in Tivoli, to hold a concert. The venue was the “Sakai Charity Concert Hall”, which has a reputation for its warm space made by Soho. We talked to Mr. Pino before the show in a great location overlooking the sea.

How did you start playing the guitar?

When I was 5-6 years old, my brother gave me a guitar. My father likes operas, and it may have been raised in an environment where music always flows, but I studied classical guitar at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome.

Developed and played an original instrument called 16-string guitar

I wanted a guitar with a wide range like the piano, from low to high, so I asked Davide Serracini, an expert craftsman, for ideas. I like it very much because it sounds like an orchestra with this one guitar. The album "Village Life" released last year was played on this 16-string guitar. "alt =" "width =" 1200 "height =" 801 "/>

We are talking about the first visit to Japan this time

Yes, it is. It was very far from Italy, and I felt a mysterious attraction in Japan. I did a concert in Mishima and Tokyo, but everything was felt fresh everywhere and I was thrilled like a child (laughs).
Tokyo was an image of a busy city, but Yugawara is rich in nature and calms down. It may be because the atmosphere is similar to the city of Tivoli where I live.
What I cherish is to stay relaxed and live. Whether you make music or think of an artistic project, it is important that your mind is peaceful.
The hall is filled with the scent of wood, so it's a very relaxing space.

In Kanagawa Prefecture, we are promoting "Magnet Culture = Magcal" from the idea of "attracting people with the attraction of cultural art and creating local excitement"

Cultural art attracts people, that's right!
I think that the circle of people and the buzz will be further expanded by the collection of various art such as music and art.
I have participated in NY's guitar festivals, etc., but being able to meet people from various countries and regions was a great asset.
For me, music is a "bridge" for interacting with people.

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Pino Forrastiere
Pino Forastiere
Composer, guitarist. Mastered classical music (6 strings / 10 strings) at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, and then expanded the area to contemporary and rock. Over-genre composition and performance techniques continue to be loved by guitarists and musicians from around the world, and regularly perform at concerts and festivals in Europe, America and Canada.