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中屋敷法仁×黒岩祐治 演劇を熱く語る!
Theater / dance

Norihito Nakayashiki x Yuji Kuroiwa enthusiastically talks about theater!

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A play that incorporates emotions into one work and can move the hearts of those who see it. What is the attraction that attracts our hearts?
We asked Governor Yuji Kuroiwa of Kanagawa Prefecture, who is known for his unrivaled love for theater, and Norihito Nakayashiki, the representative of the theater company "Kaki Eater", who is currently attracting attention, to talk about his passion for theater.

— What made you interested in theater?

Kuroiwa The origin of my theater life is the elementary school arts and sciences. I learned the charm of expressing myself in a different dimensional space. In junior high school, he founded the drama club. At university, I belonged to a musical study group and was absorbed in theater.
Norihito Nakayashiki x Yuji Kuroiwa enthusiastically talks about theater!

Nakayashiki It all started when I played Captain Hook of "Peter Pan" at a nursery school playground. I was a child who was withdrawn, had a quiet voice, and was always in the corner, but if I could talk about the common topic of theater lessons, I would be able to talk to everyone. I thought this was fun. However, when the play party is over, I will return to my original life. So, even after I entered elementary school, I was looking forward to the annual arts and sciences (laughs).
Looking back, I think it was more fun to communicate with people than to act.
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— Do you remember your first theater experience?

The Takarazuka Revue, which I saw when I was in Kuroiwa Kindergarten, was my first experience in theater, and I was very impressed. After that, when I was a high school student, I watched the musical movie "West Side Story" and was completely fascinated by the musical. Musicals suddenly sing and dance in the middle of the story, so there are changes and you never get tired of it. Currently, I am doing various jobs as a governor, so I am sometimes told that it is difficult, but it seems that it is better for me to do various things at the same time than to concentrate on one thing.
Norihito Nakayashiki x Yuji Kuroiwa enthusiastically talks about theater!

Nakayashiki I was Shakespeare's "Richard III" when I was in elementary school. My parents were reluctant to say, "It's difficult for my child to understand," but I said, "I definitely want to see it!" And asked him to take me.
What was shocking was that I couldn't understand any of the lines even though I was speaking in Japanese (laughs). After all it was difficult for elementary school students, but I felt that it depicts the deep nature of human beings, which is not mentioned in textbooks. I read Shakespeare in the library as a result of this, but I still don't understand. However, as I read it many times, I began to wonder, "What's this?" And began to swell my image, "What would happen if I performed it?" In the high school drama club, I worked hard on Shakespeare while the people around me performed a script on a life-sized theme.

— What kind of power is there in theater?Do you think

Kuroiwa I love musicals, so when I was stationed in Washington, DC, USA, I often went to New York. The purpose is, of course, a Broadway musical. Theater has the power to attract and move people in that way. With the magnet-like power of such culture and art, "Magcal" is trying to attract people to Kanagawa Prefecture and bring the area to life. The "Kanagawa Seagull" Short Drama "Festival 2019" with the cooperation of Mr. Nakayashiki was very exciting.
Norihito Nakayashiki x Yuji Kuroiwa enthusiastically talks about theater!

As Governor Nakayashiki Kuroiwa said, I think the greatest power of theater is the gathering of people. The next thing is to provide a topic between people. Everyone is watching the same performance in the theater, but each person has different impressions. My parents were quiet people, but on the way home from watching the play, there was a lot of talk about it. I usually talk about things in a bland way, but when I watch a play, the topic of "what kind of life have we lived in?" That's why I love the atmosphere of the lobby after the performance.

—What kind of theater do you want to make in the future?

Kuroiwa : I would like to grow more things that can only be seen there, such as plays with a rich regional flavor that incorporate local legends and folk tales.

"> Nakayashiki I'd rather create a" audience seat "rather than what kind of play I want to make. When I saw a good play, I said," I was watching with the person sitting next to me. You may become friends with a sense of unity. I would like to create an audience seat where you can have such an experience.
Norihito Nakayashiki x Yuji Kuroiwa enthusiastically talks about theater!