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Kanagawa / Japanese traditional culture festival special feature "the 30th true morning festival, Minamoto Yoritomo government 800th special project"

A ceremony to celebrate the first 100 years of the Minamoto Spirit, held along with the 30th Morning Festival

-A poster is pasted on all 72 stations of Odakyu Line, and I feel the heat for the festival holding.

This year is also the 30th, and it is also the "800th anniversary of the morning's death." Especially 800 times are special. It is about 100 years ago that the Buddhist altar was held in this area with the Gomizuka Gominzuka. Unfortunately, the Great Kanto Earthquake has left only the torii ruins for the day, and now there is no reason to learn about the details of the Buddhist altar or what people felt like visiting. However, as a ceremony for the festival in the area of Ogino East, a place related to morning glory, we are making preparations to make it solid for everyone.


-I heard that you have set up a considerable period of time for this preparation.

Since June 2016, it's about a year and a half. In other words, before the last morning festival was held (laughs). I have been the executive committee chair since the 28th, but this time, the number of people involved and the scale of the event are different as well as the period. So at first I struggled.

The true morning festival is a festival to be created by everyone in the east area. So there are many people in the district, from children to seniors, community groups and experts. There is a special business of 800 times, and this year there are childrenIn addition to kindergarten children, primary school children and junior high school students, also the first high school student volunteers. In addition, there are many groups such as youth society and women's society, and all 36 groups. In addition, there were 12 members of the former residents' association that backs up preparation and operation, and there are a total of 35 members who plan special events such as the chief priests of elementary schools and the chief priests of elementary schools Exceeds. Among them, as the chairman of the proposal and progress management of the plan, because it will be to confirm and share information etc., it is already hard (laughs).

-In addition to the commissioner's task, Takahashi-san was also working on a picture-story book scheduled for an event.

I agree. In fact, four people decide the holding place and make it in the role assignment. It is something that you can enjoy immediately when you enjoy watching it, but I feel that it is really difficult when it comes to making it.


The story is centered on the whereabouts of the morning glory, since the "Ginshi morning prince's head (Mishishi) mound" is in the east area. First, I will briefly explain the historical facts, but when he was 27 he was assassinated by Tsukuoka Hachimangu Shrine by a duke of samurai. The duke will carry away his head, but it will be defeated by Yoshin Miura Yoshimura and Nagao Seikei. And, like Mr. Nagao Seikei, Mr. Miura, Mr. Takeharu Takeharu, who is a vassal of Mr. Miura, regained the neck of the morning and buried it in the place where the present Ochizuka is. The picture-story show is the title of "The Future of the Morning King", referring to "Sagami-fu Dojiki", "Azuma-gamine", "Gyokan-sho" etc. Emotional topics such as sex and feelings of losing the love of my mother and Hojo Masako are also included. Based on this fact, I made a great effort to create a story that can be enjoyed by children as well.
But I am supervising The descendants of Takeharu Takeharu who had just received the cooperation, and at the first show of the other day the children were pleased and I felt the response. On the day of the event, I will also distribute the "essential" water bowl to the picture-story show, so I hope everyone will enjoy it.

In the highlight, the wolf talks about the morning, and Gagaku invites visitors to historical romance


-It seems that the main event is being enhanced more than this time.

I think this is something I can not easily experience. It is a performance of "篠 笛 ・ 篠 笛" and "Gagaku".

We are planning to make the “Aoba-no-Taki” in Sakai, and “Don's Speaking Story” in the morning. Especially for young people, there may be many who have never heard of either performance, but their distinctive timbre and tone of narration resonate with the Japanese mind over generations. I think that is.

In addition, in Gagaku, we invite famous groups. The performance is really wonderful at the "Hidayata Gagakukai" of Hiyita Shrine in Isehara City, which is adjacent to Chino City. They also actively perform overseas performances, and are also known as the Gagaku Group, which has fans around the world. In fact, there was a time when I was thinking about what to do with the main event. At that time, I happened to be playing on TV and I felt it was "this is it". Even as a special business of 800 times, it will be an appropriate event.

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-It is likely to be a festival where you can feel more historical romance. Speaking of which, there are also presents for original washcloths on a first-come basis to the visitors.

I just went to a production meeting today and it is the final stage. This is also likely to be good. The logo design for the morning festival, the sitting statue of the morning glory, and the waka that morning mornings are designed. In addition, we invite people who have a relationship with Kamakura as a guest, including the mayor of Kamakura city on the day, but as a courtesy item, we distribute a memorial bowl decorated with a design of the morning, and enjoy sake There are also plans to

Kenchin soup, which is served in a 4 meter large pot, and many stalls add to the festival

-This time, it seems that there is a trick to one of the festival's attractions, "Feeling to eat".

I use a large pot called "Sensutonabe" and behave kenchin soup free of charge. The diameter of the pot is 4 meters. It will be quite powerful as a show (laughs). On the other hand, Kenchin soup recipe is a traditional recipe. There is "Kencho-ji" which is said to be the origin of kenchin soup in Kamakura, but I was taught how to make the tradition there. Also, the Sennin pot has a feature that allows you to divide the inside of the pot. So, this time, in addition to kenchin soup, we also have "o soup powder" and "onion soup". You can get soup powder, onion soup, this is good again. It is also my favorite, but it is very delicious if you drink after drinking (laughs).


Each residents' association and each group, livingAs for the simulated shops that the people cooperate with, there are "ramen", "soba", "yakitori", "tomorokoshi", "mochibe mochi", "soba bun", and "a direct sale of vegetables" as well. I want you to enjoy it by all means from children to the elderly.

-Finally, please give me your enthusiasm for the morning festival.

I also serve as the chairperson of this East District Neighborhood Association, but I also consider the morning festival as part of the "town development". It is the morning festival that can contribute to the richer life of the district. So, I would like to aim at a festival in which everyone involved in the festival feels "good" and "fun", not just the visitors.

And, it is also a special year of 800 times, and there are a lot of events that will be the first of this time, so I would like more people to visit. On the day, children dressed as children and warriors are waiting for your coming. Please enjoy the morning festival while feeling the history of morning morning and the culture of Hino and Higashidawara.


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