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Kanagawa / Japanese Traditional Culture Festival Special Feature “The 30th Real Morning Festival / The 800th Anniversary Special Project”

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Ceremony to celebrate the spirit of the Genji morning for the first time in 100 years is held together with the 30th anniversary of the morning festival

-I feel enthusiasm for the festival such as posters on all 72 stations of the Odakyu Line.

It ’s the 30th time this year, and it ’s also about 800 times after the death of the real morning. Especially the 800th death is special. It was 100 years ago that Buddhist ceremonies were held in this district, where the Genzuka Gengenzuka is located. Unfortunately, the only thing that can be reminiscent of the Great Kanto Earthquake is that it leaves only the torii remains, and now there is no reason to know the details of the Buddhist rituals and how people worshiped. However, we are making preparations to make it a strong and memorable event for the festival in the Higashi-Higashi district, a place related to the real morning public.


-I heard that a considerable period was set up for this preparation.

Since June 2016, it is about one year and six months. In other words, it was before the last real morning festival was held (laughs). I have served as the chairman of the executive committee since the 28th time, but this time, the number of people involved and the scale of the event are different from the past. So I had a hard time at the beginning.

The real morning festival is a festival created by everyone in the east. Therefore, various people in the district participate, from children to the elderly, local organizations and experts. This year, there is a special project that has been overdue 800 timesIn addition to kindergarten children, elementary school students, junior high school students, the first high school volunteers. In addition, there are many organizations such as youth associations and women's associations, totaling 36 organizations. In addition, there are 12 members of the former self-governing association that back up preparation and operation, and in addition, 35 members who plan events such as the priest of Kongo-ji and the principal teacher of elementary school with the cooperation of the former self-government president. Exceed. In that process, as a chairperson, I would like to propose proposals, manage progress, check and share information, and that's already difficult (laughs).

-Mr. Takahashi worked on a manuscript for a picture-story show that was planned as an event alongside the chairman's mission.

I agree. In fact, four people decide the place to create in the division of roles. The picture-story show is something that can be enjoyed as soon as you see it, but when it comes to making it, it feels really difficult.


The story centered on the whereabouts of the head of the real morning because the Misashishi mound is the eastern district. First of all, I will briefly explain the historical facts, but when he was 27 years old, he was assassinated at the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine by Kugi. The park takes away its head, but is defeated by Yoshiura Miura's vassal, Masakage Nagao. As with Nagao Seikei, Mr. Mitsutake's vassal, Takeharu Haru, regained his head in the morning and was buried in the place where the current Mitsuzuka is. The picture-story show is titled “The Future of the Prince's Neck”. While referring to “Sagami Fudoki”, “Azuma Kagami”, “Koukansho”, etc. It also includes emotional topics such as sex and the feelings of loss of love of mother, Masako Hojo. Based on this historical fact, it was very hard to create a story that even children could enjoy.
But I ’m supervising The descendants of Takeharu Harutake also helped, and the other day's first announcement, the children are happy and feel good. On the day of the show, we will also distribute “indispensable” Minamata to the picture-story show, so I would like many people to enjoy it.

In the highlight, Tsuji talks about the real morning, and Gagaku invites visitors to historical romance


-It seems that the main event has been enhanced this time.

I think this is something you can't easily experience. It's a performance of “Shinobue / Tsubaki” and “Gagaku”.

Shinobue and Tsubaki are planning “Aoba no Flute” for Shinobue, and “Marigatari” for Kocho in the morning. Especially young people may have never heard of either performance ... but their unique tone and narrative tone resonate with the Japanese mind from generation to generation. I think that.

Gagaku invites prominent groups. The performance is really wonderful at the “Hitada Gagaku-kai” at Hitata Shrine in Isehara City, adjacent to Hadano City. He also actively performs overseas performances and is known as a Gagaku group with fans all over the world. Actually, there was a time when I was thinking about what the main event should be. At that time, I happened to hear that the performance was on TV and it was “this”. It will be an appropriate event even for the 800th anniversary special project.

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-It seems to be a festival where you can feel more romantic history. Speaking of which, there will be a first hand towel present for visitors.

It ’s the final stage for today ’s production meeting. This is likely to be good. Designed with the logo title of the real morning festival, the sitting figure of the real morning drama, and the wakas that the real morning drew. On the day, the mayor of Kamakura City and other people related to Kamakura will be invited as guests, but as a return, we will distribute a commemorative candy with real morning design and enjoy sake. There is also a plan to have you.

Kenchin soup served in a 4 meter pan and many stalls add blossoms to the festival

-This time, it seems that there is also a mechanism for “enjoying food”, one of the attractions of the festival.

You use a large pot called “Sennin Nabe” and you can enjoy Kenchin soup free of charge. The diameter of the pan is 4 meters. It's quite powerful as a show (laughs). On the other hand, the Kenchin soup recipe is a traditional recipe. There is “Kenchoji Temple” in Kamakura, which is said to be the birthplace of Kenchin Soup. Also, there is a characteristic of the hermit pot, and you can divide the pot. So this time, in addition to Kenchin Soup, we also have “Soup Flour” and “Onion Soup”. You'll be happy with the soup and onion soup. It is my preference, but it is very delicious when you drink it after drinking (laughs).


Residents' associations, groups, and residencesThere are also a variety of simulated shops that the people collaborate with, such as “ramen”, “soba”, “yakitori”, “corn”, “mochi mochibe”, “rice buns”, and “direct sales of vegetables”. I hope that everyone from children to the elderly will enjoy it.

-Finally, please give us your enthusiasm for the real morning festival.

I also serve as the president of the local community in the east, but I also consider the real morning festival as part of “town development”. The real morning festival is to contribute to a better life in the district. Therefore, I would like to aim for a festival that will make everyone feel that it was “good” and “fun”, not just for visitors.

It's also a special year of the 800th anniversary, and there are many events for the first time, so I would like more people to visit. On the day, children dressed like baby warriors are looking forward to your visit. Please enjoy the real morning festival while feeling the history of real morning and the culture of Sagano and Higashitawara.