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Interview with Toshimi Watanabe's INTER PLAY


Watanabe Toshimi's "Jazz in Life"

-I heard that the event of DJ style was originally the beginning of "TOKAMI Watanabe's INTER PLAY".

Yeah. But in fact, it's not the first place, it's a compilation CD called "INTER PLAY". Although it was about 2000, I am a song of the Japanese jazz band with power, such as “PE'Z (Pez)” or “SOIL &“ PIMP ”SESSIONS (Soil and Pimp Sessions)” that was still young at that time It is the beginning of selection and supervision and announcement. It is a flow of developing it into a public DJ event.

For the event, I borrowed the space of each place, put various songs with talks, and the style that I play and talk at the end. Since 2005, I have been able to share music with many customers in many places, and I have had the best experience. After that, we started radio from October 2016 and reach to the present ... ..., production of "INTER PLAY", event and radio "want to convey charm of jazz to more people" The basics are.

You know, in general, jazz has the image of being "fashionable" or "high hurdle"? Especially in the hurdle, the image that you can not enjoy it without knowing the theory. But there is no such thing. I think it's more casual and intuitive, and it's also aggressive music, healing music, and music that connects people to people. That kind of good I would like you to touch the depth and the depth. So, with the concept of "Jazz in life", the program introduces a variety of songs in a different perspective than the stereotype image.


-Is there a response from a listener who has never touched jazz?

There are a lot of happy voices such as "cool" and "I met my favorite". Also, "It's great kindness" etc (laughs)

So, especially for young children, there are still many songs that they do not know. So, when the listener has a song called "Oh, it is good", we are posting information on SNS so that we can check the band name and the song name anytime. After that, I also cherish "acceptable as a" new song ". However, even if it is a new album, it does not mean that it has come out in a new way, but it means "If you have not listened to it, it is a new thing." In other words, I want to make the history of jazz more accessible to listeners as much as possible without having a fixed concept.

It's not great, isn't it? It has been for over half a century, and decades-old songs are still covered by contemporary musicians. That kind of thing is also appealing to listeners, and there is no music that loves and intensifies as time goes on. So I'm thinking of being a bridge between jazz and listeners.

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Knowing from the tone of the jazz artist, "self as it is"

-Are there any artists who have influenced your lifestyle?

First of all, the encounter with jazz has been long before. Hip hop is one of the approaches of TOKYO No. 1 SOUL SET, but if you follow the original material of the hip hop inspired, you will reach jazz. So I listened to it on a daily basis, and I often went to the record shop.

Among them, if you dare to say, "Wes Montgomery (Wes Montgomery)" and "Chet Baker (Chetto Baker)".

I used to feel sick during recording. I've been constantly trying new things to create the sound of TOKYO No. 1 SOUL SET ... but it might have worked as a pressure. I feel ill, I can not feel well ... At such time I got tremendous courage from their music. Furthermore, at that time, I felt that I was able to affirm myself. So, back to the previous story, "Jazz in life" is my feeling, and I want to convey the greatness of it.


Not only music fans, but for all those who have a "heart"

-In the program, it seems that town information etc. are also transmitted is not it.

It focuses on interesting and lively local information, from creatives to clothing, food and housing.

That's also true from the experiences I have visited around the country in the past with live performances and reconstruction support activities for the Great East Japan Earthquake, but I have always felt the charm of local cities. In the past, when I went to Tokyo from the local area of Fukushima, there was only Tokyo where local people were following their dreams. I was also worried that I could lose anything, but now I feel strongly that I do not have to be a big city. It's a time when you can get and send information wherever you are, and if you act with your heart, it's a time when you can establish a new culture regardless of where you are.

And in the region there is actually soil to accept it. Speaking of jazz, so-called "Bacey", a long-established jazz cafe in Iwate Prefecture, Ichinoseki City. It is not a place where people from all over the world can easily go, but fans from all over the country gather and are loved by jazz artists all over the world. Of course, it is the result that I kept sticking to, but such a culture is actually not limited to music, but there are many in various places. So I would like to disseminate such information and make it a program that can be a trigger for everyone with a heart.

After that, when I thought about the area, Kanagawa Prefecture is a very attractive place. I have lived in Yokohama and Fujisawa, so this is my feeling. Every town has its own pride ... not quite. In the first place, I think that culture is born with the support of an environment that wants to act.

-Lastly, I heard that you are waiting for a live show at Chigasaki Cafe.

-bottom: 30px "Yes, this is an event called" FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE "sponsored by MOKICHI WURST CAFÉ (Mokichi Bulst Cafe) in Chigasaki, but this cafe is very good. The atmosphere of old houses is good, and alcohol and food are fulfilling in the cafe of the only Kuramoto "Kumazawa Sake Brewery" that exists in Shonan. It is a shop with many fans.

MOKICHI WURST CAFÉ's fans, our artists' fans, various people gather, and through music, alcohol, and cooking, new exchanges are created. I think that will be such a live.

I think any big culture starts with a small number of people at first. There is such a sense of expectation in the next live.


Date: November 17 (Fri) OPEN: 18:00 ・ START: 19:30
Cast: Watanabe Toshimi, Midori no Maru, UJ (Tanaka Yuzuri)
Price: 5,000 yen (including live and special dinner plates, 1 drink)
Place: 7-10-7 Kagawa, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Inquiry: 0467-50-0202