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Smart illuminations Yokohama 2017

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You can be a queen! ? "Kaohame The World"


At the opening event, a girl from the second grade of elementary school living in Yokohama City challenged “Kaohame the World”, which is projected to the 51-meter-high Yokohama Customs when faced in the hole. Yokohama Customs is a five-story building reminiscent of an Islamic temple, and is nicknamed “Queen Tower”.


“Good evening! I ’ve become a queen? It ’s really interesting,” she said. The girl was enjoying her smile with a cheerful smile.


The same work was also installed in Shanghai, China, and the smiles of the children in Shanghai were projected on Yokohama Customs in real time.


"Kaohame The World" by Yuta Takahashi

ent: 1em; margin-bottom: 30px "> Mr. Takahashi:“ Everyone can participate and enjoy face-to-face signboards. We are aiming for a unique international exchange with smiles that connect Yokohama and overseas in real time. I think that the importance of international dialogue and exchanges is increasing with the Tokyo Olympics being held in 2020, but there is a hole to make a smile here. I want to propose new communications. "
The power supply for this work is provided by the “MIRAI” fuel cell vehicle that runs on hydrogen from Toyota Motor Corporation, which is also a public vehicle in Yokohama.


"UVLS" by Takayuki Mori

This work is based on Greek mythological sculptures, such as a gypsum statue that is a polygon of a thread that shines in response to ultraviolet rays. At first glance, it looks like it was made digitally, but in fact, a lot of triangles are made by hand using insect pins, and a thread runs between the pins.
Ms. Mori: “I thought it would be possible to bring a two-dimensional digital world, such as a personal computer, into a three-dimensional space. It ’s like digital, but it ’s actually analog, between reality and imagination. I made this work because I wanted you to feel the space. ''

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"Kotatsu of the night sky" by Takato Kimura

The kotatsu table uses a curved mirror that can be seen on the road, and there are hot water bottles inside.
Mr. Kimura: “When you sit down, you can see a 360-degree view of Yokohama, and if you fly into the sky, you can see the plane. This kotatsu is a table where you can't put anything and eat even if you enter. I feel that something is unsatisfactory, and I'll probably start talking to someone I've been sitting in. This is a work that creates a place to talk with the people you meet while sitting and warming up the scenery of Yokohama that you normally look at. The pattern on the kotatsu cover is based on a sunlight photograph that is exposed to sunlight with a plant etc. Although it is a work that does not use light, it seems that the sunlight is confined to this cover It has become. "


"Musical Chairs" by Naho Kawabe

Mr. Kawabe, who has a production base in Hamburg, Germany, wanted to work on a work related to Elephant's Nose Park. At this port, Western chairs were made by ship carpenters and spread throughout the country at the time of opening. I focused on that.
Kawabe-san: “The title of the musical chairs is a chair-taking game. Chairs have been used since ancient Egypt. The history of chairs made by mankind so far can be seen by hanging colorful chairs. I want you to feel those scales. ''

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"Magical mixer project" by Taira Ichikawa

Mr. Ichikawa has been working on a mobile planetarium mixer since his school days, and this is a version of a work he made about 30 years ago. A mixer truck equipped with a planetarium projector that can be used on public roads.
Mr. Ichikawa: “Normally a planetarium is confined in a dome and you can see it, but you can jump out of the dome and project a planetarium wherever you can go. This place is reflected in a nearby building. I want you to see the light art that can only be seen in Japan. ''


"ON / OFF" by Lillian Bourgea

By Lillian Bourgea, who is working from France to make a huge piece of something that is familiar to her life. In fact, this huge bulb can be turned on and off.
Electricity is supplied by the Prius PHV plug-in hybrid vehicle.


"The primitive projector" by Jaime Ibanez & Jorunt Duix

One person plays the sound while dealing with the light and shadow from the Netherlands A project where another person manually projects the animation. Jaime Ivanes controls the screen, while Jorunt Duix plays and spins a fun story.

Interview with Tsutomu Okada, Art Director, Smart Illumination Yokohama 2017!


―This is the seventh time this year. Please tell us about the highlights of this year.

The easy-to-understand is “Kaohame The World” by Yuta Takahashi, the world's largest face-fitting experience. Although it is an event in Yokohama, it can be connected to Shanghai, China in real time, and it can be said that it is a work that can be enjoyed worldwide. This year, we invite five foreign artists from Ukraine, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Austria and France to enjoy various works. I hope that they will be able to think together with everyone while appreciating the future of the way they think, the way of light, the way of life, the way of communication.

―What kind of world view do you want to go from now on?

On November 2nd, guests from Spain and Taiwan were invited to the Yokohama City Opening Memorial Hall, and an international symposium was held on the theme of “the effect of art in the city”. I would like to work on the impact on the city while making full use of energy-saving technology from a global perspective and utilizing the creativity of artists. I think it would be great if this idea spread worldwide and the rate of global warming slowed down.

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The contents introduced from the Magcal editorial department were the contents of the "Core Festival" from November 1st to 5th, but Smart Illumination Yokohama 2017 will continue in various places in Yokohama until the end of the year.
Date: November 1 (Wed)-December 31 (Sun), 2017
* The period varies depending on the program.
Venue All illuminations in Yokohama city, Christmas-themed art projects, and light-ups at the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office will be held.

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