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play. Touch each other. Experience. SATOYAMA & SATOUMI Fall Camp in Odawara

■ Play. Touch each other. Experience. SATOYAMA & SATOUMI Fall Camp IN Odawara

Date and time: October 9, 2017 (Mon, congratulation) ※ Admission free place: Odawara Arena (Nakasone 263, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Cast: Juice = Juice / Country Girls / Kobushi Factory / Tropaki Factory / Hello Project Trainee / Horiuchi Takao / Makoto / Ishikawa Ishikawa / Yuri Kumajima / Makoto Yashima / Airi Suzuki / Chiyoshi Okai / Bitter & Sweet / Ciao Bella cinch Etti / LoVendoR / PINK CRES./Yo Yoshikawa / Junko Shibata / Upper army corps

Stage content PR PR of Odawara City
ト ー ク Talk shows based on videos of affiliations talents experiencing activities in Odawara's nature, appearances in tourism business, and local industry etc. 地 元 Local baton team (Cherry's)
ラ イ ブ Live booth contents by artists 展示 Environmental activity groups and exhibitions pertaining to local products / Product sales workshops Buri forest creation project, NPO corporation Odawara Sansori meeting, Ashigara winter water rice field meeting, Friends who protect Medaka and rice fields, Taro Environmental Shimin Network, Sakawa River Water System Conservation Council, Moriya Kobo, Odawara Mori no Nakamari, Oda Haru (Iki) Garbage Club, Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd., Odawara Craftman Association, Odawara Hayashi Seikai, Karakuri Creation Study group, Odawara Lacquerware Okawa woodworking plant, wood tool of wood of wood Isobe, Shonan Electric Power Co., Ltd., Hotoku Energy Co., Ltd., Furukawa Co., Ltd., NPO corporation chilledrin, meeting to make a castle with all authorized NPO corporations, etc. ◇ Sports experience Zone Shonan Bellmare Futsal Club, Pea Chamber, Cycle Days, Odawara Surfing Association and others ◇ Drinking Food booth SHONAN GOLD ENERGY, La Parrulldo, Odawara Confectionery Industry Association, Tokaken Co., Ltd., Hanamaru Kitchen, Desture, Odawara Fish Branding / Consumption Expansion Council, Yukoya Gen, Tatsuro Cafe, First, Persian dishes Couche, niece, Shanghai Dlica
◇ Administrative booth, Agricultural administration section, energyEnergy Policy Promotion Division, Ministry of the Environment

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Odawara City, located in the western part of Kanagawa Prefecture, has a population of approximately 194,000 people and an area of approximately 114 km2. As city of the prefecture, it has the fourth area after Yokohama-shi, Sagamihara-shi, Kawasaki-shi, and forest occupies approximately 40% of city areas. The Sakawa River flows north to south in the central part of the city to form the Ashigara plain, and the southwestern part is a forest area connected to Hakone rimayama, the eastern part is a hilly area called Soga Hills, and the southern part faces Sagami Bay.
With a mild climate throughout the year, Odawara, which is also rich in agricultural products such as plums and oranges, promotes plains, forests, rivers, and the sea widely outside the city as regional property, and in addition to the preservation of the natural environment, It is also a demonstration area of the Ministry of the Environment "Morisatogawakai Project Model Project" with the aim of connecting to expansion etc.


Many visitors said they had visited Odawara for the first time at this event, and Maimi Yajima, who was the MC for the opening ceremony, said, “I really felt that Odawara is a very good place, visiting several times at this location. "If I could have Odawara's charm reaffirmed not only by people outside the city, but also by people of the same generation living in the area,"
In addition, Kenichi Kato, the mayor of the city, said, "It would be nice to have many people know the resources and environment that Odawara City cherishes, and want to live in Odawara."

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On stage, through the figures of the young people involved in the Odawara Forest work, we will introduce the attractiveness of the work that inherits the tree culture and craftsmanship skills, as well as the flow of images of experiencing the petit emigration life in Odawara , The story was told.
In addition, performance by baton team "Cherry's" operating in the city and special live by idols belonging to the company were performed and made the site buzz.


In addition to exhibitions, product sales and food and drink booths by more than 50 local groups, the appearance of jungle gyms made of wood and workshops on log cutting are also held at the venue, many children are familiar with Odawara wood It was out.


In addition, as a seventh annual collaboration curry that has become a regular for SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement, it also sells "Japanese style. Odawara Kamaboko curry" using Odawara's Kamaboko. The talents often visited the opening booths at different stages of the stage, handed over the products to the product purchasers, participated in the workshops, etc., and saw many occasions where they interacted directly with the visitors.

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The city is good, but the country is good. Odawara, which is a 30-minute Shinkansen bullet train ride to Shinagawa, may be said to be a place where such senses fit perfectly. In addition, it is surrounded by rich nature, and agriculture and fishing are popular. Many stores are conscious of local production for local consumption, and it seems that more people who want to move from the city are also gradually growing up with rich food and a calm lifestyle.

On the day, Airi Suzuki at the venue, Makoto-san, Lisa Yamaki (Country Girl), I ask you the impression of Odawara in Suberi Mercury's (Hello plan).

Airi Suzuki

When I was little, I have memories that I used to go to Hakone for family trips. On the way, I loved to stop at the orange juice store in Odawara. Odawara is warm, and it is an impression that there are many kind people. Today, I received a natural yeast bread that was open at the event, but it was very delicious. I would like to find more delicious things and good things in Odawara and enjoy it.


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What I first thought of coming to Odawara is that the sky is wide! There are few tall buildings, so you can see the sky and the air is delicious. Odawara's land is flat and the climate is warm, and you can get there by bus from Tokyo in about an hour. There are a lot of good things and I think it's livable and recommended for the elderly and those who want to stay calm. Well, I prefer a more wilderness area where you can feel gusts and intense natural threats. I think there is a forest, and I hope that Odawara's timber industry will be more activated.

Risa Yamaki (Country Girls)

Hakone had been private before, but for the first time in Odawara, I stayed at this location for 2 nights and 3 days. Odawara was full of charm and was fun. I like frogs, but Odawara has a lot of nature and I think it feels like frogs can coexist as well. Odawara is a good place with good access, not too big a city, not even in the countryside.

Suberi Mercury's (Hello plan)

Odawara has been a city since I was a kid, for me from Minami Ashigara City. I went out to Odawara to treat my teeth, ate a steak, and I was really looking forward to the course of returning home on the Daiozan Line. It is no exaggeration to say that all memories from childhood to teens are in Odawara. Hundred hills near Odawara High School, sometimes go to memories of youth era nowI will come back again. Odawara has many events, so I feel that people who love to have fun are gathering.

At this event, which delved into the various attractions of Odawara, there may have been many visitors interested in Odawara. Why not visit Odawara, where relaxed air flows by all means.


The next "SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement" will be held on March 31, 2018 (Saturday), April 1 (Sunday) at Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa.

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