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“First of all, there is“ movement ”and“ between ”. Themes will come later.” Special interview with animation artist Satoshi Wada: “New Artist Picks Satoshi Wada Exhibition | My Swamp”

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──It seems that you started self-taught animation production around 2002 when you were a university student. What was the trigger?

Wada : I was majoring in art when I was a student, but I was more interested in video. Originally I love watching comics and comics, and I can't express such laughs like “tension” or “between”. That was the beginning. Also, now I think that there were some complexes where the picture was not so good compared to the surroundings.


――There was something you wanted to do first, and you came to the technique of animation later.

Wada : That's right. At first, there was almost no knowledge and skills for anime production. It was close by chance that I started working on the work. At one point, when I tried to make a short animation with curiosity, my university teacher and friends around me gave up. I was very happy with that.

──It was simple as a motive (laughs).

Wada : Yeah. To put it simply, I thought, “Is there a chance for myself to do this?” (Laughs) That's right now. Even if the place where the work is presented is changed to an overseas film festival or television, it is the biggest motivation to be praised by someone close to you or to say that it was interesting. I'm sure the timing was good. The personal computer has just begun to spread, and the environment where a beginner can challenge animation production alone is getting


──What inspired you from the “tension” and “between” comedy is that Wada-san was originally from Kansai?

Wada : How about it (laughs). Because I was in touch with nature in my daily life, I wonder if I was conscious of it myself. However, unlike live-action animations, if you have a lot of time and effort, you can control the details even by yourself, so I thought that this would be better for expressing “tension” and “between”.

──For example, what kind of comics or conte did you like?

Wada : I watched it all the way, but I loved downtown. I also clearly remember the contes in the variety program, such as “Gottsue feeling”. I think I was most influenced by the original video work “HITOSI MATUMOTO VISUALBUM” (1998-99), designed by Hitoshi Matsumoto. There are 3 volumes and 5 shorts each, but all the settings are very interesting and the visual quality is high. Above all, I am making it without worrying about the scale of the broadcast, so I can feel the unique “between” that only Matsumoto can give out.