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"First of all," motion "and" intermediate. Themes will follow later. "Animation Artist: Wada Atsushi Special Interview:" New Artist Picks Wada Atsushi Exhibition | My Numa "

Mr. Wada, you started to create animation on your own at around 2002 while you were at university. What was your chance?

Wada : I majored in art when I was a student, but I was actually more interested in visuals. Originally I love to watch mangas and controls, and I can not express such "tension" or "meeting" of such laughs myself. It is the beginning that I thought so. After that, there may be some complex that the picture is not so good compared with the surroundings when thinking now.


―― I had something I wanted to do first, and I came to an animation method later.

Wada : That's right. At first, there was almost no knowledge or skill for animation production. It was also close by chance that I came to work on the work. One day when I tried to make a short animation with curiosity, my university teacher and friends around me gave up. It was very happy.

動機 It was simple as a motive (laughs).

Wada : Yeah. To put it plainly, I thought, "If I do this, I have a chance to put in myself" (laughs). It is so also now. Even if the place to present the work changes to foreign film festivals and television, it is still the most motivational thing to be praised by people close to you and to say, "It was fun". I guess the timing was good too. Just as personal computers have begun to spread, there was a ready environment where novices could try to create animation


── The reason why you felt inspired by the comedy “tension” and “in between” is also related to Mr. Wada's coming from Kansai?

Wada : How is it? As I was in touch with nature in my daily life, I wonder if I was conscious of myself .... However, unlike live-action animation, since it takes time and effort to control even detailed parts, I thought that it would be better for expressing tension and interval.

--- For example, what kind of mans and controls do you like?

Wada : I watched all over the place, but I especially liked downtown. I also clearly remember the controls in the variety program, such as "Gotsu yeah". I think that I was most influenced by the original video work "HITOSI MATUMOTO VISUALBUM" (1998-99) that Matsumoto Hitoshi dealt with. There are 3 volumes in all, 5 short films for each, but all settings are very interesting and the visual quality is high. Above all, it is built without worrying about the length of the broadcast, so you can feel something unique like "between" that you can only give to Matsumoto-san everywhere.