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Musical, theater, dance and more! Let's taste another world at the theater

"The Phantom of the Opera" comes to Yokohama!

Speaking of the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" ... Yes, the theater company Shiki. It is well established so as to immediately recall the name, but there are many who are deceiving that "I want to actually watch it someday, but going to the theater is a bit far away ...". Good news for such people! The "Phantom of the Opera" will be staged at KAAT Kanagawa Art Theater <Hall> from March!

What is "Phantom of the Opera" ...?

Photography: Ken Arai (From the previous show)

Photography: Ken Arai (From the previous show)

Opera of Paris in the middle of the 19th century. During the rehearsal of the opera "Hannibal", the curtain of the background suddenly falls. Starting with the incident that was made a noise when it was the work of the "operate monster", a mysterious phenomenon that occurs one after another. The fate of the "monster" who lives in the opera and the diva Christine?

"Monster of the Opera" is based on a novel written by popular French writer Gaston Leroux (which at the time was a popular split with Arsene Lupin's author / Maurice Leblanc!) This is a story of the most heartbreaking love. Since its beginning in London in 1986, it has been staged in 164 cities in 35 countries. Even if you are not familiar with musicals everyday, there are not a few people who know only "Monster of the Opera" ....

The total number of performances in Japan is second only to "Lion King" and "Cats"3rd place!

Performed all over the world, "The Phantom of the Opera," but the Japanese premiere by the four seasons of the theater company is the same as the Broadway premiere in 1988. It remains in history as the third premiere in the world after Britain and the United States The total number of performances is the third in Japan after "Lion King" and "Cats" (as of September 30, 2016).

Shooting: Katsushi Hori (from last show)

Photography: Takashi Uehara (from the previous show)

What appears on the stage is the faithfully reproduced "Paris Opera House". Don't miss the elaborately crafted Proscenium Arch and the majestic chandeliers that rise high above your head, framed around the stage! How luxurious it is to taste the atmosphere of the Paris Opera House full of solid feeling in this Yokohama!

If you do not watch a stage that is full of charm, such as a gorgeous costume, a stage device, the overwhelming singing ability of the actors, or the solemn music that supports it, etc! ! It makes me feel that.

An inspiring stage filled with various attractions must bring you into the extraordinary world at once.

Long-term performances in the Yokohama area for the first time in four years!

Long-term performances in theatrical companies in Yokohama for the first time in about four years since the last "Cats". I think there are many people who remember, but for three years from November 2009 to November 2012, there was a "Cats Theater" near Shinto Takashima Station in Minato Mirai 21 area. The Cats Theater was familiar with the scenery of Yokohama in 3 years, and it felt very sad when the show was over and the theater was demolished.

Such long-term performances in Yokohama. The theater company Shiki-san seems to have been considered to realize the long-run performance in Yokohama again. This time, the performance for 5 months until August. KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater <Hall> You can enjoy spectacular drama with plenty.

Gorgeous stage equipment, powerful acting of actors and music that resonates with your heart will shake your heart hotly.

■ Theatrical company Shiki Musical "The Phantom of the Opera" Yokohama Performance

Date: March 25, 2017 (Sat)-August 13 (Sun)

Venue: KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater <Hall>

※ The tickets for the first stage (March 25 (Sat)-June 30 (Fri)) performance tickets are on sale.

※ Ticket for the second term (Saturday, July 1st-Sunday, August 13th): Tickets will be released on Sunday, March 12th at 10 am General release will start <Mr. (Sat)>

Ticket handling: Online reservation →

In addition, theater company four seasons reservation center 0120-489444 (10 o'clock-18 o'clock), ticket Pia, ticket Kanagawa etc.

Official site →

ff1493; padding: 3px "> Have a lot of the only (probably) book cafe in Chinatown, Kanseido Bookstore

Book cafe, Kanseido bookstore

Escape from the hustle and bustle of Chinatown and enjoy a coffee or Chinese tea while reading a book quietly. Inside the shop, there are a number of books on the history and divination of China from the West Yuuki, the Three Kingdoms, Kung Fu, and so on, and pandas (?). There is also a Chinese version of the familiar comic in Japan, so you may be able to study languages too! ? The colorful and kitschy interiors of Chinatown are also a sight to see. There is also an outdoor terrace where you can smoke.

Book cafe, Kanseido bookstore

Chinese tea, such as jasmine tea and litchi tea, comes with alternative hot water and tea-baked sweets, and grinning panda jelly.

"The panda that was just lovely at first also got used to drawing recently, and has become a complex expression (laughs)," said the manager.

There are also beers and pound cakes. It is a retreat cafe where you can spend a relatively relaxing time, probably because it is a location on the third floor of a building. We also sell used books and sundries at stores.

We are planning a picture book reading, a picture-story show event, a coloring book cafe, a manuscript cafe, etc. in addition to the pressed flower art class on Thursday and Saturday. A collection of books from the Beijing Opera, also known as the Beijing Opera, and books from the 19th century China in the same era as the "Pewter of the Opera" are also

If you can sit in a retro Chinese restaurant after watching “The Phantom of the Opera” in the 19th century Paris, it may be a day where you can enjoy the exoticism of Yokohama.

■ BOOKS & CAFE Kanseido Bookstore

Address: 166 Yamashitacho, Naka Ward, Yokohama City

Business hours: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 11:00 to 19:30, weekdays: indefinite

Regular holiday: Wednesday

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We are drunk in richness of physical expression-Yokohama dance collection

© Damien Jalet | Kohei Nawa, VESSEL_2016_ROHM theater_Photo by Yoshikazu Inoue

© Damien Jalet | Kohei Nawa, VESSEL_2016_ROHM theater_Photo by Yoshikazu Inoue

With "Yokohama dance collection"

A dance festival that started in 1996 with the aim of identifying and fostering young choreographers and the spread of contemporary dance, it has a history among the many cultural programs in Yokohama. This is the 22nd year. Above all, the competition, which is the central program of this festival, emphasizes the uniqueness of the choreography.

Shaking the body and expressing joy and sadness, we can not tell the baby of anyone I have been to nature since about time. There are endless ways of "expression" such as words, pictures and music, but dance can be said to be the "beginning of the way of expression". "Choreography" conveys the expression method using the "body" that everyone has to a work that everyone can appreciate the timely, aesthetics, feelings and values that the person has, etc. And when you look at the certain skills of the dancers that support it, it seems that "the pleasure beyond that of body expression" is coming.

In any case, it is a stage that you want to look real and feel with your heart.

The 22nd year of this year is an art program in collaboration with the Yokohama Museum of Art

By the way, it is Yokohama dance collection with the history, but we hold program in cooperation with Yokohama Museum of Art this year. The exhibition "BODY / PLAY / POLITICS" of the Yokohama Museum of Art, which had been held until December 14 last year, was a contemporary art group exhibition with "body" as the key word. The same theme as the exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art, which shows the multifaceted expression of one human body, collective action, and spiritual 'body', the 'body' in dance is the same We will delve deeper into the expressions that will be produced.

New work leading the world! Tadanosuke "Choreograph"

"RE / PLAY (DANCE Edit.)" © Suzuki Ryuichiro

"RE / PLAY (DANCE Edit.)" © Suzuki Ryuichiro

I would like to pay attention to the new work “Choreograph” directed by Tadanosuke Tada (director of Tokyo Death Lock, director of the Fujimi Citizen Cultural Center Kirari ☆ Fujimi Art Director) who is also a jury member of the competition. The performances at this Yokohama Dance Collection will be the world premiere.

idth: 280 px ">

"First, think about" choreography "in dance. Choreographed, choreographed, choreographed, choreographed, dance. Body to be born and body to be received. And "choreography" and "reproduction". Then, think about "choreography" in our society. We also refer to the history of the present and the history that follow it, the history of Yokohama, and in particular the relationship between the West and Japan and the future. "

(From the official site)

Performers include Aokid, a choreographer / dancer who won the Yokohama Dance Collection 2016 Competition I award, and an artist, as well as an award-winning choreographer and Ito Kaori who is a member of Tokyo Death Rock, and in the break dance community. He is a member of the intensely influenced “BRONX” ultramarine, a world competition for creative originality dance not limited to street dance (France) “Juste Debout Experimental (2016)” Naoko Tozawa, who plays an active part in a wide range of events, such as the Yokohama Dance Collection 2016 opening “None, Sound, Flowers” and the 2017 “VESSEL yokohama”.

(From the official site)

And the director, Tanosuke Shino will also appear!

Known as a director who creates "dance like theater, theater like dance", Tadanosuke Tada has created a new stage expression while extending new possibilities beyond the boundaries of existing theater. Directed with an unparalleled uniqueness has won high acclaim both in Japan and abroad. In recent years, let's take a look to see his broad perspective on history, which has continued to be created in Southeast Asia such as Singapore and Cambodia.

30px ">
■ Tanosuke Shinosuke “Choreograph”

Production: Tada Konosuke

Music: Otani Nobuo

Cast: Aokid, Kaori Ito, Gunsei, Naoko Tozawa, Konosuke Tada

Date and time: February 16, 2017 (Thursday) 19:30-17th (Fri) 19:30-18th (Sat) 16:00-19th (Sun) 16:00-

※ Ticket is on this page →

Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 Building 3F Hall

Yokohama Dance Collection 2017 official site →

"Who are you?" Hamlet of young actors, start!


Commercial facilities and Lasona Kawasaki near JR Kawasaki Station. “Plaza Sol”, located on the 5th floor of the West Building, is an easy-to-enter multipurpose hall. We hold various performances of young musicians and performers such as concerts, plays, and boardrooms. This time, a fresh young actor and a new national theater theater trainee are welcomed as the main cast, and a hot stage is set out.

2015 performance "Macbeth"

olor: # 808080 "> 2015 performance“ Macbeth ”

The stage of a young actor is one of the pleasures to be able to watch how it grows during the performance. The Macbeth, which was held last year's performance, was well received by showing off the powerful and innovative Macbeth, making the best use of space and body under limited conditions.

The audience also increased with each passing round, and it was said that it became a popular performance that could not enter the hall on the final day.

This "Hamlet" is Shakespeare's masterpiece like "Macbeth" and is a masterpiece in the masterpiece of Shakespeare's human observation eye representing Renaissance theater.

"Who is oneself?" A young, up-and-coming actor plays with passion and speed with a sense of passion and speed as he worries about the way the hero lives and worries about his appearance in a world that is breaking and going towards madness. You Feel the enthusiasm of the actor with your skin on a stage where the spirit is brisk.

■ Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Sol 10th Anniversary Hamlet Performance

Date and time: January 25 (Wed)-February 1 (Wed)

Location: Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Sol

72-1 Lazona Kawasaki Plaza 5F, Horikawacho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City ※ About a 5-minute walk from JR Kawasaki Station

Ticket handling: Confetti (general tickets only) , Lazona Kawasaki Plaza Sol Ticket window 044-874-8501, others

Official site → https: //

Japan's only performing arts platform "TPAM-International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2017" is held!

Courtesy of Kick the Machine Films_feverroom

Courtesy of Kick the Machine Films_feverroom


It is the only international performing arts platform in the country, organized by three programs: "performance program", "interaction program for stage people" and "open call program". The number of participants when held last year was 292 people from 40 countries and regions in the world and 424 people from Japan, making it one of the world's leading performing arts events. Basically, professionals participate, but general participation is also possible in most programs. It was possible to appreciate it at a reasonable admission fee, and the last visitor mentioned was 18,773.

Performance program to experience Asian and world performing arts

The performance program features 13 works / projects that embody the latest trends in performing arts in Asia and the world.

For example, “TPC is the premiere in Japan for“ Apichatpong Weera Sethakun “Fever Room” ”!

Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thailand), who has won numerous film awards including the Parm d'Or award at the Cannes International Film Festival, has made great strides internationally. As a genius filmmaker & artist in Thailand, many films and shows were held in Japan last year, including “Bunmi Uncle no Mori”, and Japanese films and dances that were fascinated by the attraction A hot star was sent from a party person in charge of Taiwan.

The "Fever Room" is a stage work that Apichatpong has been working on for the first time. The highly acclaimed works at festivals around the world will be presented for the first time in Japan as a completely new theater experience that transcends the framework of films and theaters!

We can appreciate exchange program and open call for participants program

The "Interchange Program" for information exchange and networking of performing arts professionals both in Japan and abroad can be attended by general customers, with symposia and talk sessions excluding business negotiations and negotiations. You can also admire the public offering program "TPAM Fringe", which is a chance for new artists to gain international recognition. It is also very popular every year as a chance for stage fans to discover new talents and works.

In addition, various performances and events are abundant during the period!

Therefore, I asked the TPAM administration office for recommended performance.

Eco-Spryant (Indonesia) choreographed dance work "BALABALA" ( is the third Asian international co-production in which TPAM participates.

As a choreographer / dancer, Eco-Spryant, who has worked on mainstream shows such as Madonna's shows, reinterprets the traditional dance of remote island Gyroro in East Indonesia with five local young female dancers in a contemporary perspective. It's a spectacular performance that goes beyond gender and cultural barriers. 18 years old or younger can watch for free!

(TPAM PR Mr. Amamiya)

dpress / wp-content / uploads / 2017/01 / shiki_0119-16.jpg "alt =" 18 years old or younger are free to watch "/>

At TPAM, where performing arts professionals from around the world and abroad will meet, there will also be performances of Japan's premiere and world premieres and artists who are currently attracting attention. please check it!

■ International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2017 (TPAM2017 / TPAM in Yokohama 2017)

Date and time: February 11 (Sat)-19 (Sun), 2017

Venue: KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater, Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Building No. 1, BankART Studio NYK, YCC Yokohama Creative City Center, Elephant Nose Terrace, Amazon Club, etc., multiple venues in Yokohama and Tokyo

Ticket handling and fees vary from performance to performance.

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