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Tachibata Hiroshi's Danceable LIFE Vol.3

Dancers are the body's capital!
Tanishi Hiroki (dancer / choreographer)

"Stardust waste pump" that started in September has become a descendant due to injury. We sincerely apologize for your concern and inconvenience to you all.
There was also worth devoting to rehabilitation, thanks to your injuries, the recovery of injuries is going well. I am doing my best to stand in front of everyone in the stage of THE CONVOY SHOW in December so please be looking forward to it!

On this opportunity, I looked back on the body making as a dancer.
I am currently training twice a week on personal trainers. But, it was a custom since I entered the late 30s, I was not making this effort when I was young. Despite being very thin, although I thought it was a complex, I was convinced that "I can not help myself because I do not have muscles." Because the amount of muscle is small because of the height of the tall, there were many breakdowns, but in the twenties, if you sleep overnight you will be fine and the injury will recover quickly. A dancer is a bad story though the body is capital.

I met the current trainer when I was 37 years old.

"In the current state the engine is too small, that is, the amount of muscle that is running is small, so good performance can not be done as it is"

Remember what you told me so is. The same as a car, moving the body where there is plenty of room by enlarging the engine provides more delicate performance. I was satisfied with that idea, so I asked him to create a menu at once and started training.

Nonetheless, it was painful at the beginning. Just by seductive training, it is hard to see the visible outcome and change. It started around 3 months after that situation began to change. Visibly changing body tone will make yourself fun and it will be easier for you to live because you have been released from back pain and numbness of your fingers who have been plagued on a daily basis.

And above all, I got hurt. I felt painfully that it is such a thing to train the body.

After that, I always think of the muscular strength and physical fitness required for the next work and do a fine training menu. Depending on whether you are dancing hard or acting, what you are asked for is different.
Also, when you get injured like this time, it is important to approach based on the schedule for returning. To our surprise, this time we are starting rehabilitation from the day after surgery. Of course, I will never immediately move my injured right leg, but by stimulating the left foot muscles, I can prevent the right foot muscle weakening to a certain extent. I instinctively try to keep the balance of both feet, but the human body is strange.

By understanding my body and being able to meet trainers who can be entrusted, I became more confident at the stage and improved the performance. I often hear that the mind and body are connected, but that is exactly right. For example, when sprained, you can concentrate on dancing with confidence if you are told from the trainer "I'm taping tightly so I can do it".
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My goal is to keep standing on the stage as an expressionist with a tense body and spirit no matter how many. To do that, I do not mind maintenance and I think that I have to face my body firmly.

Photographing cooperation: Don Giovanni