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Hirokazu Hinagata's Danceable LIFE Vol. 3

The dancers are physically capitalized!
Hirokazu Hinagata (dancer and choreographer)

“Stardust Pumps”, which opened in September, has fallen as a result of injury. We sincerely apologize for the concern and inconvenience caused to everyone.
Thanks to the dedication to rehab, thanks to you, recovery from the injury is going well. We will do our best to keep you in front of you in the stage of THE CONVOY SHOW in December, so please look forward to it!

On this occasion, I tried to look back on creating a body as a dancer.
I am currently training my personal trainer twice a week. However, it was a custom since I entered my late thirties, and when I was young I did not make this effort. Even though it was so complex and it was a complex, I was convinced that "I can not help because I have no muscle." Because there is little muscle mass for the height of the height, there were many breakdowns, but when I was in my twenties, even if I was tired, I would feel better if I went to sleep overnight and cure the injury quickly. Although the dancers say that their bodies are capital, it is a bad story.

I met my current trainer when I was 37 years old.

"In the current situation, the engine is too small, which means there aren't a lot of working muscle mass, so you can't get good performance with it."

Remember that said is. As with a car, it is possible to perform more delicate performance if you move the body with a larger engine and extra space. As I was convinced that way of thinking, I was asked to create a menu and started training.

However, it was hard at first. It's hard to notice any tangible achievements or changes just by doing sober training. That situation began to change around three months later. It will be fun when you see it and your body will change, and you will be relieved from the pain in the lower back and numbness of your fingers, which makes you feel comfortable everyday life.

And above all, I did not get hurt. I felt that it was this kind of thing to strengthen my body.

Since then, I always work on a detailed training menu, thinking about the strength and strength required for the next work. Whether you dance hard or play-centric, what you need is different.
Also, if you get injured like this time, it is important to approach based on the schedule for your return. Astonishingly, I am starting to rehab this day after surgery. Of course, I do not immediately move the injured right leg, but by stimulating the muscles of the left leg, I can prevent the decline of the right leg muscle to some extent. It is said that it is instinctively trying to maintain the balance of both feet, but the human body is strange.

Being able to understand my body and meet the trainers I was able to put on the stage with more confidence, and the performance improved. I often hear that the mind and body are connected, but that's exactly. For example, even if you're sprained, you can focus on dancing with confidence if the trainer says, "Because I'll tap it firmly."
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My goal is to stay on stage as a presenceful artist with a tense body and spirit no matter how many. In order to do so, I think that I have to keep maintenance and face my body firmly.

Photo cooperation: Don Giovanni