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My heart's journey begins in rich colors

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File.4 Masayasu Uchida Memorial Art Gallery
( Yamamoto Ueno / GALLY WATT)

Last year, when I visited a cafe, I was attracted to the postcards that were lined up at the counter.
It is a modern landscape painting with vivid colors. Although the depiction was simple, it felt light, the smell of earth and grass, the voice of birds and insects who were not drawn seemed to be heard, and in an instant it was wrapped in the air in the scenery.
It is drawn into the picture world of a postcard size! I was impressed and bought several kinds of cards and went home.
If it is normal, I will examine the name of the writer there, but it is more important for me to immerse in that comfort at that time than who drew it, as it was leaning the card on the shelf.

Well, after nearly a year since then, when I was surfing the net, I entered the field of view accidentally.

"That? There is something that leads to the card I have … …"

And I knew it was Mr. Masayasu Uchida's picture for the first time. Uchida is 96 years old!

You can see that there is Mr. Art Gallery in Kamakura, and that must come! And good is hurry.

The nearest station of the gallery is Enoshi's "Hase valley" station. If I go to Kamakura or Shonan direction, it is almost a car,Actually it is my first experience to ride Enoshi.
While touching the loose attraction of local lines with more than 100 years history, I was feeling a bit nervous at a crush when I was thinking about the gallery I visited.
Because, because it also serves as an atelier, you might be able to meet a teacher.

It is a modern white building where it takes less than a minute walk from the station. There is "Kamakura Kokoro no Gallery House". That one corner of Niban is "Masayasu Uchida Memorial Art Gallery".
Immediately after entering, there is a bright color impact. As you watch each and every one, scenery with rice stained with gold and landscape with Manshu Saha that red is impressive, they were scenery that makes you feel the fall just now.
One of the reasons that I am attracted is the composition of bold allocation of more than half of the screen as sky and rice field. It is very modern.

Mr. Uchida's work was not noticed by the postcard, but actually, "Hari painting".
The nuances of depth and texture due to overlapping of colors together with paintings, the five senses of the viewer work dizzily and are enveloped in a feeling that is closer to the senses.

Mr. and Mrs. Mitsuo Uchida's son Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Uchida managed and gallery carefully. Unfortunately the teacher is not present .

In a painting picture, soft lines do not use scissors because they make facial expressions, they cut hand-made paper and paste them with glue. More than 100 types of Western-style papers that are different from each other in color and thickness. It seems that the color is vivid as you stick to paper. Although the texture of Japanese paper is also tasteful, the teacher definitely said that fuzzy nuances such as pale color, fuzzing when tearing, etc. are not expressions he is looking for. And it was not a tori painting nor a cut picture but a world of "Hari painting" was established.
Draw paper with wrinkles and rubbing with Cushkusu before applying, partially sucks ink, shadows are born, the texture of the rock is appearing exquisitely. Also, as for the nuance which is not in the handwriting paper, it is said that it will also give a look with a brush before applying it.

Mr. Uchida's main business was a graphic designer. When I was in my thirties, I asked the adult school (present culture school) from Yokohama City where I live to ask art to be taught to the general public. Thinking in the absence of budget, she seems to have pursued the way to express Japanese scenery with 'Hari painting' after learning the shape by cutting newspaper and then the teacher himself. To tell the truth, instant miso soup "Asame" "Yuu" is a masterpiece of the teacher. Oh, I was touching my teacher 's picture from a while!

If I had heard such a story, how! The teacher who woke up from a nap got downstairs for production! It is modern, hurried figure.×680.jpg "alt =" "width =" 1024 "height =" 680 "/>

After saying "Welcome", "There are autumn leaves both in Japan and overseas, everyone is touched by beauty, but one leaf falls apart, and words and sounds are born there are Japanese It is delicate sensitivity.
Earth is one of the scraps of the universe, human beings are only one of the microorganisms there. What does the human being feel in Mother Nature? I have painted various landscapes for many years but I continue to convey the sensitivity that children and the future generations should not forget by drawing their heart. "

The teacher is powerful and keeps on with words.

"For example, when suddenly becoming dark on a big stage where tens of thousands of people fill up, finally everyone will be tears when one light is taken, Why is that, what is there? All that is drawing It is a feeling that the bodily sensation is sensible. "

Then, gaze at my face, "Let's do your best as well as you and me." Yes, the teacher came into the atelier.

Touching the deep part of our roots, which is not such a simple thing, such as beautiful color and beautiful landscape, awakens an important sensation.
Sensibility that I saw with somebody's feeling up to now. Even though I usually forget, I will instantly access that memory. It was the moment when I realized the reason why I was attracted to my postcard.
The teacher 's picture, which is delicate and also dynamic, does not really make the viewer forever bored.
Common to the work of becoming 900 sheets is the place where there is a mind. From the teacher's painting picture, the kindness was overflowing.
Here, we care about the four seasons, and we are changing the display around once every two months.

"Even in autumn, it is different in early autumn and late autumn." The four seasons are not simply four, "Mr. Hikari said.

Everyday it tends to be chased by timeIt is the gallery you want to visit as many times as you want to reconfirm your axis.

"Gallery information"
Uchida Masayasu Memorial Art Gallery

〒 248 – 0016
Kanagawa kamakura city Nagatani 2 – chome 12-17
TEL: 0467-23-5105

* Opening Hours: March to October = 10: 00-17: 00 / November – February = 10: 00-16: 00
* Closed: Monday and Thursday 3rd (except when the holiday is a public holiday, the next day will be closed)

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