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Yumeko Fumiyuki creates words from the paintings of Tetsuro Komai, the sparkling universe

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Yokohama Museum of Art "Tetsuro Komai – Universe on the Sparkling Paper" Related Event "When words are born from paintings"

Miyuki Inoue (copywriter)

Komai Tetsuro is one of the pioneers who gained recognition of new printmaking expressions and their appeal in the Japanese art world through copper prints. Personally, I am interested in cross-genre activities "Kobo laboratory" where Komai participated. I heard that a variety of talents such as composers, critics, lighting houses, photographers, engineers, artists, etc. gathered, "I heard it sounds like ballet and luscious!" I was excited without permission.

Ballet Rusus who worked mainly in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century was a talented crucible of the ballet dancer's Nizzinski, Cocteau, Satie, Picasso, Laurent sun, Coco Chanel and others gathered. There are such wonderful avant-garde activities in Japan!
On Saturday, November 10, a related event inviting the poet 's poet Yukari Fumizuki to the guest was held, so I wanted to touch the world of art beyond the genre and went out.

* Tetsuro Komai (Photo: Kiyomi Kawaguchi)

Exhibits visited before the event It was the portrait of Tetsuro Komai that first got his eyes on the room. Excuse me, how a good man!
Born in Chuo-ku Nihonbashi currently in 1920 (Taisho 9 years), he entered the Tokyo Art School (presently Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music) from Keio Kindergarten through middle and high school. It is a brilliant profile. When he was taught at a university, he said he was using "dark blue suit, a tie to a white shirt" and was also careful about clothes. The freedom of the work, the kind of unrestrained thing, let's think freely that it is not related to the birth and growth of the author.

Then, talk and poetry reading "When words are born from painting (eh)" opening.
"Because we are acting as a poet, it is rare to be invited to an art museum event," Fumizuki said. Despite that, as I belonged to junior high school, high school and art department, I am well versed in the art world and carefully chatting while choosing words.

"Black horses in the dark" under exhibition is a short edition of Yuutaka Haniya, "painting" Komai painted illustrations. Komai receiving a request from Haniya contains illustrations that visualized the world view after carefully reading the novel.
While saying "I did not know the name of Tetsuro Komai", Fumizuki's bookshelf seems to be lined up with "black horses in the dark."
"Although it is not a special wrestler, I found it in an old book store during my school days and I accidentally purchased it."
Different genre, was there a fascination with talent and talent?
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Because there was no copperplate tradition in Japan, Komai studied techniques in self-study. Because of the new genre there is no workshop, that is, no craftsmen. For this reason Komai himself used a press machine for publishing a poem book "Song of Moldor" and printed more than 2000 pictures for issuing 350 copies. The fact that poetry and paintings are arranged in an exquisite balance seems to be related to the fact that the painter "handmade" one book at a time.

"I feel a force beyond the relationship between poetry and paintings, I was drawn to the fact that the relationship between which is the Lord and which is the subordinate is not settled and is antagonistic"
Mr. Fumizuki talks about 1 volition "bulbs" chosen from "tokyo".

After that, talks with poet and recitation of poetry continued, I feel that the distance between Mr. Fumizuki and Tetsuro Komai is getting closer.

Finally, Komai 's work selected by Mr. Fumizuki is "Time Maze" (1952).
Through this painting I wrote down a new poem and recited himself.
Some of the poems include texts of Komai recorded in the exhibition of the exhibition. Feeling that the threshold was a little low, that the poetry has such a way of enjoying.

In a question and answer session, I will introduce one theme of interest.

Q Among the same generation as Mr. Fumizuki, is there cross-genre exchange like Komai?
style = "color: # 800080"> A I think it is wonderful that the copperplate was established as a genre, but I felt a little distance from other genres, and I am somewhat lonely. The power to create new things beyond genre such as "experiment laboratory", I think that it is amazing that the poet book collection published in that exchange has been looked back over 50 years now I will.
I myself wish to engage with works of writers and painters who died already, without limiting generations, and to collaborate.

After the event, an exhibition limited menu "Monochrome vanilla cafe mocha" at Café Ogurayama in the museum. Mix and melt the crispy chocolate on top of cream.
The taste of Paris that Komai admired?
A symbol of Komai that continued to produce works of esprit while interacting with poets and musicians?
For the time being, I felt it was becoming a deep fall landscape.

"Tetsuro Komai – the universe on a sparkling paper"
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