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Double Planet 第5話
Theater / dance

Double Planet Episode 5

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Double Planet
Episode 5 "Today, a miracle begins to occur"
Satoru Aono (Furutajun & Yota Kanda / Radio Shonan Personality)

Even at the high school I attend, online classes have finally begun.

You can take classes if you have a smartphone or a computer.
The teachers still seem to be groping, and for the time being, only two 45-minute lessons a day are delivered.
Yesterday was English and Japanese.
It's a little strange that about 300 second-year students watch the same class all at once.
Some guys didn't listen to it seriously, but I listened to it seriously.
If you write it like that, you might be mistaken for a serious student, so to be honest.

Satoru Aono is "certainly" beginning to change.

It may be an exaggeration, but even though it's such a daily life
I started music and it became "a little" fun to live.
How important is this "little" when the world is like this?
I feel like I'm in my own way.

I should be an examinee next year.

It may be necessary to study for the exam, but I feel that I have come to understand the meaning of studying for myself as a musician. do.

First, English.

Until now, I've only listened to Western music. Although I like it, it is a melody supreme principle.
I've loved Western music with cool melodies, but recently I've become interested in the lyrics.
This is also my lyricsを書いてみようと思ったのが大きい。

試しにネットで好きな洋楽を調べてみると、色々な翻訳が出て来る。好きな人が自分なりの解釈で訳していたりもする。ニュアンスの違いで、微妙に異なるのが出て来るので、よく分からない。そうか、自分の解釈なんだ。そう思った僕は、好きな洋楽を好きな解釈で訳すことを始めた。洋楽の歌詞は、すごくシンプルな英文だったりするので、こんな僕でも文法と英単語さえわかれば、ギリギリなんとかなる。今、挑戦しているのは、大好きなThe Libertinesの『Don't Look Back into the Sun』。


























犀の(1) The metaphorical expression "horn" means "loneliness".
In short, don't be afraid of loneliness.
Now you can easily connect with others in various ways such as LINE.
If that doesn't work, you may feel lonely.
But I think it's okay to love even such loneliness.
It may be my self-defense by myself, who is still single.
Ha ha ha "

It must have been an image of laughing there.
In the classroom where there was only Mr. Sawamura, a vain self-laughter echoed.

"And the word'dignified!'
Does anyone know this?
Actually, there is a legendary professional baseball player named Eiji Sawamura who has the same surname as the teacher.
It's his habit. At the end of the words, "Dignified! ].
This phrase is noble and energetic.
I like it, and my teacher often wears it.
You may spend a lot of time alone now,
Please love even such loneliness proudly. "

I was impressed by myself.
It was a word that would save me even if I was trying to play music by myself.
As soon as the class was over, I opened the lyrics note and started running the pen as I wanted.
There is no correct answer.
Mr. Kanda of "Love & MUSIC" said that it's okay to start the lyrics from something like a diary. Maybe I just wanted to write down the feelings that came to my heart like a diary. After finishing writing all at once until the last, I decided on the title.

"Kiseki no Kotoba"

Scattered dream scraping line up
If you take a shape and look back at the current situation
The story of the miracle I met

I'm chanting to my horse's ears
There are times when my heart is shaken
I met you suddenly this timeincrease

"Don't lose, you'll win at any time!
"It's not just about winning, it's cool! It's dignified !!"
Blooming Kiseki no Kotoba

I'll tell the people of the future I'll leave it
As Sawamura says, I'm my own
Let's raise the voice of Kikake This time it is in full bloom

"Don't lose, you'll win at any time!
"It's not just about winning, it's cool! It's dignified !!"
Blooming Kiseki no Kotoba

I'm a hero I'm good
If you think so, courage will spring up

"Don't lose, you'll win at any time!
"It's not just about winning, it's cool! It's dignified !!"
"Don't lose, you'll win at any time!
Blooming Kiseki no Kotoba

"to be continued"

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