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Natsumori Nakamori x Shinsai Nomura "Fun to know! The world of Noh / Kyogen" ~ second part ~ [sign colored paper present! ]

Interview with Nakamori Kanuta and Nomura Resai, the second part, told about their thoughts about the present and future of Noh and Kyogen, which are also highly appreciated overseas.
There is also a notice of a present given by two people, so please read slowly until the end!

* You can read the first part here >>

Nomura's grandfather and father both loved overseas, so I think there are many overseas performances in my place. I went to Beijing and Paris again this year, and plans are coming in next year again.
However, I feel that domestic and foreign countries have not changed much recently.

Nakamori I see. If you don't have something that the Japanese think is "interesting", you will not be able to be delighted by foreigners. In that sense, the current situation is that you have to choose an entertaining song. As is the case with Zen Noh, it is better to listen to songs that can be appealing and have a glimpse of movement, rather than letting them speak in a quiet world.

As Nomura Kyogen is a line-of-speech, subtitles are attached as usual in foreign countries. In that case, the translated words are basically modern even if they are somewhat old-fashioned. There is no need to make it hard to understand (laughs). So, rather than performing in Japan Rather, you can understand the details. So I used to pick a song that I could understand with a movement like "sticky", but recently I'm bringing in a serif-oriented song like "Kawakami" or "Tsukimi-zatou" .

Nakamori Certainly, it is an interesting song as a script.

It is a song with Nomura Blindman as its theme, and the sound of the cane is the only change, but the story is profound. It is often said that "is it a new work?"

Nakamori : Even in the “Knowing of Noh” sponsored by me, there were a lot of songs that were reluctant to say “not for beginners,” but they have changed as they put out subtitles. For example, “Keisei” has little movement, but with the help of subtitles, you can enjoy the fine movements that are unique to Noh.
The same is true overseas. There are many more flashy songs that are more reviewed than stories, so it's "yes" to bring songs that enjoy the story from now on.
Whether collaborating with Nomura other genres or going abroad, I do not mean by my own values alone, it makes sense to have you look at Kyogen in foreign cultures ,I think. Sometimes what I think is valid, sometimes I don't. I also need to go abroad to see what I have done so far.

399; "There is a problem with profitability because there is a lot of manpower required to perform Nakamori Noh, and there are not many opportunities to go abroad, but if it is meaningful as cultural exchange, it is a lunch box. But I would like to challenge with pleasure.

Even Nomura overseas, recently, just playing classical music is not interesting. The idea is to play "Sanban-san" in three generations, to work with contemporary artists, and to create new works incorporating the "local thing" of the country.
There are many interruptions in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Convention, but I would like to work on new works in the future. Since we live in classical music, we have a desire to re-play our works many times, but we also have a strong desire to create new works that are comparable to the previous songs.

Nakamori I think that I can not do a proper performance at the point where it comes out of the frame of "the Noh theater". My father is an innovative person who says, "Because the pillars of the Noh stage are only hard to see the stage, it is better to set a laser beam." In the bubble period, I used to put lights on an acrylic stage to play Noh (laughs). I also use the lighting and projection mapping toI think that there is a stage that pursues the goodness. Traditional and standard things are also important, but I think that there should be a direction for the general public to enjoy as one of the entertainments as the entrance to Noh / Kyogen.

The Nomura 2020 Tokyo Convention is on the theme of “Recovery”. There is also a festival as a sporting event, but "festival" is to think of "death" at the same time as "sursuing to live". In the press release, I used the word "requiem and revitalization," but it is also a world view of Noh Gong.

The Nakamori Obon festival and other events are events that return to their ancestors, so it can be said that the world view underlying Japanese people.

Nomura seems so. As a result of life and death continuing, we are living the time we are now. I think that it is the figure suitable for the festival of sports that the living human beings gather and fight the vitality. Based on these ideas, I also take into consideration the ideas I have cultivated as crazys and share them with new creators. Some are in the high-tech field, others are good at entertainment. Aiming for high things and not just saying “I only need to know to the person who understands”, I think in a sense an expression that can be understood by anyone.
Nakamori's greatest common factor may be the most difficult thing.

Nomura I see. How much spirit and core can be expressed in entertainment? It is not impressive, and I would like to add a part that I realize "Oh, that's what it is like".

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