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Nakamori Genta × Nomura Mansai "Knowing and Fun! The Noh and Kyogen World" - Part 1 -

Nintori Nakamori who plays a dedicated monitor on the Noh stage and performs Noh as it captures Japanese and English subtitles. Nanshi Mansai is actively involved in cross-genre expression, such as acting Shakespeare in Kyogen style and dancing contemporary music. Two people who finished co-starring at "Nohikoi Kaikai" held at Yokohama Noh theater the other day talked about the charm of Noh and Kyogen, a Japanese traditional art, and future activities.
In the first part, I will listen to the thoughts of a new attempt to appeal to modern audiences while keeping the tradition of Noh and Kyogen.

Nakamori Kamakura The Noh stage adopts subtitles, but this is because people wanting to see Noh for the first time and those from abroad enjoying Noh.
As those who know the story and promises of Noh today are a minority group, we need some help to enjoy the stage. However, if you make everything such as the meaning of movement and dialogue subtitled, you will be forced to read subtitles and you will not have the room to see the stage. Customers want to enjoy the world that is originally performed on the stage while exercising their imagination, so subtitles are supplementary to the last. Although I am still in the experimental stage, I would like to exchange opinions with the team studying the earphone guide and I would like to offer better things.

Because the words of Nomura Kyogen are written in colloquial speech, even ancient words are somewhat understood. However, there are some words which I can not understand simply by listening with sound, so we have a dictionary function in brochure in our organized performances. For example, "Bumo." Since it is "Parents" when represented in letters, you can understand without reading subtitles if you check in advance. I would like to make it possible to choose a method that is fun for viewers.

In Nakamori Contemporary Japan, I think that many are imprinted that Noh is "difficult" and "not interesting". We also visit schools, but most of them are from teachers and students' parents, who have never seen Noh. In such circumstances, it is the first thing you are interested in Noh. I think that visiting schools will continue actively and I think that it is necessary to support appreciation like subtitles.
However, if you make changes on the stage "easily understandable", it will be no longer possible. While keeping the traditional form, I am looking for ways to let you know.

Nomura cuisine will be totally different if you change the recipe, but Noh and Kyogen will do the same thing. Cherish the traditional equipment called "Noh theater", sometimes going out to open-air spaces like school facilities and fireworks. Even in such a case, it is important that you enjoy cooking after observing the recipe.
However, there are dilemmas that the words used in the classical world are not as good as foreign languages despite being in Japanese. Regarding this point, we have trial and error in Noh and Kyogen world such as changing subtitles and presentation method, so we would like you to visit Noh theaters and experience.

Nomura I am trying to collaborate with a different genre but this is only possible if I can find contact with the world of Kyogen.
For example, I danced in music of contemporary music John Cage, but he has made music in the world that interviewed natural phenomena such as the sound of the wind and the color of the sky, it is indeed the world of Noh and Kyogen. Also, when playing Shakespeare in Kyogen style, "medieval" is common. Because it is the theme of Kyogen, such as existence exceeding human knowledge, big awesome power, fear of God, it can do it without difficulty.
Well, how about it when asked "Do you dance even with a disco sound?" I do not say "I can not do it absolutely", but I think that we should not dare to dance to the digital rhythm. I think that there is nothing you can not do, but then the goodness of Kyogen disappears. I think that the point is whether there is something that leads to Kyogen at the root.
Although I have co-starred with the Nakamori Orchestra, I felt that we would compromise whether we would play in accordance with the orchestra or whether the orchestra played Noh's BGM. Apart from plenty of time and budget, if you could write down the original songs, it is difficult to do easy collaboration.

I also choreographed Nomura ballet music "Bolero", but that is what I can do because I have a commonality with Kyogen dance "Sanjo". The important thing is to find common points between the two sides and to show them together. Because it is said that it is "strange" with a connection that customers can not convince.
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Nomura Kyogen often starts with the word "it is a person around here". Neither name nor anybody, no matter whether it is emperor or nobody, regardless of precious people "everyone around here". I think that Noh is a true opposite idea.

Nakamori That's right. Since No has developed as a religious play, the idea of respecting God, respecting Buddha and respecting Emperor is fundamental.

In Nomura Kyogen it draws a reversal phenomenon. A master who ought to be great fails, Taro who is an employee is smart. Even marital relationships, men are sloppy and women depend on themselves.
In the world of Kyogen, "criticism is acquired by grasping as" who is this neighbor "if you look down at the world, who is making it great? Critically looking at human life, we can laugh away that "human beings are doing nothing else", you can feel catharsis there. It may be a world that is not the best in the world, and it may be a person who is not even a locale, but it seems like "Well, that's what it is". I wonder if there is utility of Kyogen's "poisoning" around here.
* Kyogen "bastard" shooting · Shingji Masakawa

<strong> Nakamori I think that even one song does not have a way to play it. There are various productions depending on the way of thinking, there are various expression methods, so there is fun to choose it yourself. For example, since you can choose young women as an young woman as well as how to choose Nozaki, you can draw freely while thinking in myself. It may be close to the feeling of taking a movie. It is one of the pleasures to cook songs for customers to enjoy freely.
It is also our job to train customers who can say "interesting". Just watching it once did not think it was "discouraged", he went to the Noh theater several times, watching the various people playing, "That was how he was", "This man is like this" can be enjoyed Person. I think that it is important to nurture customers who can enjoy the same material with various flavors.

* In the second part, there are gifts for signature colored paper received from the two of you, so please look forward to it!

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