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「Made in YOKOHAMA 」横浜開港とともに横浜からスタートしたさまざまな製品

"Made in YOKOHAMA" Various products started from Yokohama with the opening of Yokohama Port

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June 2nd is the anniversary of the opening of the port in Yokohama. This is due to the opening of Yokohama Port on June 2, 1859, 162 years ago, based on treaties signed with each country. By the way, did you know that this port of Yokohama was not supposed to open at first? Initially, the Shogunate designated Kanagawa Minato (near Honmachi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama) as the opening port, but due to various circumstances, it suddenly changed to Yokohama-mura (near Kannai, Naka-ku, Yokohama). Since this was different from what is stated in the treaty, it seems that other countries opposed it, but the Shogunate explained that Yokohama Port is also a part of Kanagawa Minato. Anyway, the original shape of the spots that represent Yokohama, such as the current Osanbashi, has been completed in this way. Since then, as you know, Yokohama has developed as Japan's largest port city with a rich international flavor.

In such Yokohama, there are many products that are said to have originated in Yokohama.
It is said that various products such as soap, cider, beer, curry, Neapolitan and ketchup originated in Yokohama (including the one that was successfully manufactured for the first time in Japan).

Today, I would like to introduce something that is said to have originated in Yokohama.
X-PORT Co., Ltd. sells various design goods and original foods based on Yokohama's intelligence, quality, and humor, touching on each story. At the "Red Brick Depot" operated by Export, such products from Yokohama are lined up in a row.

Soap "Isoemon SAVON" campaign target
The first person in Japan to succeed in making soap was a person named Tsutsumi Isoemon from Yokohama. This product faithfully reproduces the relief based on the soap mold in the Yokohama Archives of History Museum. It seems that the package was designed using the label of the time in the Tsutsumi family's collection. State-of-the-art design and nostalgic scent at that timeCan be enjoyed.

Yokohama ale (beer)
Here is a modern reproduction of the British-type beer "Pale Ale," which was the most drunk beer in foreign settlements when Yokohama opened. We are particular about the fruity aroma and deep taste that make the best use of the characteristics of top fermentation.
Yokohama Port Cider
Cider also originated in Yokohama. It is a cider with a nostalgic taste that sweetens old-fashioned sugar by dissolving it in water. The point of this label is that the blue circle, which is the color of Yokohama, is the motif, and the dots can be seen from the back of the bottle. The cool design enhances the refreshing taste. (The photo is the blue dull version)

Yokohama King Curry Perri
Curry is said to have landed in England in the early Meiji era. At a Western-style restaurant in Yokohama, we quickly made a menu and acted on people. Yokohama curry is modeled after the taste of such a Western-style restaurant. Not to mention the taste, the "Perli" package released to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the opening of Yokohama Port has an outstanding impact and is a gem that will delight your eyes and tongue.
Tomato ketchup also originated in Yokohama. "Shimizuya Tomato Ketchup" developed by Yosuke Shimizu in 1903 is the beginning of domestic ketchup. It was reprinted in 2007. The taste of the time was faithfully reproduced based on the recipe (procedure) at that time.
Yokohama Napolitan
Napolitan also originated in Yokohama. Using Japan's first domestic ketchup "Shimizuya Tomato Ketchup", the balance of acidity and richness is exquisitely finished.

Yokohama Café
It is said that the first coffee served in Japan was the "Royal British Hotel," which opened in Yokohama. From such an environment, coffee makers such as "Key Coffee", "Caravan Coffee", and "Mitsumoto Coffee" originated in Yokohama. It was developed in collaboration with Mitsumoto Coffee in the 1860s to convey the culture of the cafe that was open in the settlement. We have prepared a bittersweet "rich blend" and a gentle "mild blend".

BesidesOne of the reasons why this shop is so popular is that it has a lot of humor and a fashionable design that makes you think of Yokohama. Let me introduce a few of the many.

Yokohama chocolate "red shoes"
It's a waste to eat, and the red shoes I want to decorate are chocolate. It seems to be a standard souvenir.

Yokohama caramel
That caramel has also been transformed into the Yokohama version. The dice rolls are available in Yokohama icon versions such as Landmark Tower, passenger ships, tugboats, and bay bridges, as well as the Zoorasia version.

Yokohama Oh! that! Red box
The collaboration hail with Minoya Hail Manufacturing Honpo, a long-established hail maker in Yokohama, is a Neapolitan hail using Shimizuya ketchup, a hail using Komatsuna from Yokohama, a dry hail that is perfect for Yokohama beer, and a hail that is all in Yokohama.

Blue dull chocolate
The familiar marble chocolate is also blue, which is unique to Yokohama. It's the design of the popular character "Blue Dal" born in Yokohama.

Mask sticker [Power of aroma] Campaign target
This product with "Blue Dal" drawn on the package is a sticker for masks. This sticker is soaked with natural aroma oil, so it will make your mask life more comfortable.

The thing that originated in Yokohama, the thing that is full of Yokohama-ness.
The products of X-PORT Co., Ltd. were full of feelings for Yokohama and the charm of Yokohama.
Why don't you stop by when you visit Yokohama?

Export homepage : http://www.xport.jp/
OnlineYop: http://www.madeinyokohama.jp

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