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"Living, making, sending out" Yokohama's small art center Wakaba-cho Worf started off!

Artist, practice studio, artist in-residence facility with inn

– What kind of facility is Wakaba-cho Worf?

It is a facility with a capacity of 44 people theater on the first floor, a studio with a mirror and a lesson bar on the 2nd floor, and a 20-floor accommodation on the 3rd floor.

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The theater on the first floor. It features a variable auditorium and stage, high ceilings over 4 meters.

Wakaba-cho Worf is aiming for "art center in town". Here, there are places to "make" and "to stay" and "to live". Living and making, making and announcing. Furthermore, we can participate in theater, involvement in production, and various people in various forms. Worf means "a wharf", and I am imagining that activities and exchanges will spread from this as a trigger.

I think the facilities of artist in residence (AIR), which artists stay in the area, inspired by the living and exchanges there and making works as a source of creation, will increase in the future both in Japan and abroad But we think that we want to actively cooperate with other facilities and other areas, such as the one that we made next will be performed somewhere and make a connection.

Wakaba Town is a very attractive city. It is one of the features that diverse countries live, especially visitors from foreign countries are easy to spend.

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The studio on the second floor. It is suitable for practice because it can take the same size as the stage part on the first floor. It is also possible to use the dressing room during the production.

Sara Kane "4.48 Psychosis" to understand

– Please tell me about this event.

Sarah Kane is a playwright who was active in the UK in the 1990s, born in 1971. It will be 20 years without any death. It was introduced in Japan in the 2000s.
In the 1990s when she wrote plays, in the era of Rwanda conflict, Gulf War, Yugoslavia conflict, Caine decorated a brilliant debut with a work inserting the atrocious acts of British soldiers of the time into the play. Although she wrote "4.48 Psychosis" in 1999, she died at the young age of 28, without having to watch a performance at the theater.

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On the 3rd floor shared lounge for guests. 12 beds for both men and women / 8 beds for women. Shared kitchen, shower, washing machine, free Wi-Fi etc It is also registered in the hotel reservation site, and it is possible to stay even if it is not related to the theater.

– When I read the play of "4.48 Psychosis", I do not have a useful name first, and it appears only as an enumeration of numbersThere are parts that are not, and it seems to be far from the form of play. I can not imagine how it will perform

That is right. Since it is not a simple play, first unravel what is written in the play. Then I wanted to work on the work. Making use of Wakaba Town Worf where artist in residence can be held, it is planning to work on two years.
Sarah Cain himself, who is the author of this work, is also saying "I do not know how many actors will appear". Because it is a writer who rewrote and published his play dramatically, "4.48 Psychosis" is not a decision draft. Because I am not a decision manuscript, I think that it has various possibilities.
Now I'm talking with Nina, a researcher at Sarah Kane, with English and Japanese texts associated.
In this reading, I will tell you the words of Sarah Kane. In the winter of 2019 I have a plan to present in the form of opera.

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British playwright, Sarah Kane was born in Essex in 1971. In 1995, 23 years old, decorate a brilliant debut with "blasted". Harold Pinter, Edward Bond and others get praise. Announced 5 dramas and a short film scenario. Self death at the age of 28. I can not feel the darkness from the expression of the drama collection cover.

Sarah Cain's works released from Yokohama

How did you meet Takimoto who appeared with Nina, a researcher with Sara Kane?

Several years ago, when I was doing a continuous performance of Sarah Cain's work, I met with Nina Kane who came to Japan by chance on that occasion. Have you met Takimoto san about ten years already? I met each other during the practice era. I think that there are not many people who go out with the project like this experiment (lol), but Ms. Takimoto has worked on experimental things in addition to Sarah Cain's work.

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Tomoko Kawaguchi Director. Wakaba Town Worf Artistic Associate. Born in 1983. Completed graduate school of Tokyo Gakugei University. Studied under play Nobutaka Sato, a playwright / director.

How do you feel about Mr. Sarah Cain's research being done in Japan far from the UK?

This is my first stay in Yokohama, Japan. I also participate in the theater salon and can interact with the local theater person and I am stimulated. I feel that various activities and connections beyond the country are giving power to the place called Yokohama.
Previously, when I saw Mr. Kawaguchi's performance of Sarah Kane, I trembled that there was someone who had the same sensibility as myself. Sarah Cain is famous in the UK, but its interpretation is biased, I am not satisfied. I would like to bring this project to the UK.
In the autumn of this year, we are working on the editing work to publish the book of Sarah Cain research, but we decided to incorporate the efforts at Wakaba Town Worf in the final chapter. I think that if you publish it in the world, I can introduce that there is such an interesting art place in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan.

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Nina Kane. From 2007 I will work on Sarah Cain research. The inviting artist of this time (UK). Cast – off – drama art director. I will act as a drama turku in "4.48 Psychosis" text reading which will be performed in Wakaba Town Worf on February 7th and 8th

– On February 7th and 8th, we will perform an esoteric work "4.48 Psychosis" in text reading, that is, in a read aloud. As Mr. Takimoto plays a piece that is unknown as to how many people are casting, how does Mr. Takimoto feel?

It may be that some people think that this place called Wakaba Town Worf is also a phrase or Sarah Kane's "scary". I want to tell you that "I'm not scared." I think that I can embody by being protected by Nina's affection, Mr. Kawaguchi's passion, and the affection of the local people. Both the theater and the theater are surprisingly ordinary things about Sarah Kane's book.
I thought that I was a sponge, this time I absorbed it from sharp books and sharp planners, their love and passion, works and customers, everyone. It might be squeezing what we did here and elsewhere.

IMG - 6705 - th
Naoko Takimoto. An actor. I belong to the troupe black tent. He is involved as the only performer in "4.48 Psychosis" text reading which will be performed on February 7th and 8th.

I want to convey freedom of theater

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– Now, why are you picking up Sarah Cain's work here?

First, I thought that I wanted to do something irritated if I were going to work in a warf. It is good to have various plays. Rather than going to a uniform world, the theater is more free. I am planning to meet people who will do activities and projects at this theater while approaching from talk, workshop, text / reading, and many other directions about Sarah Cain's playwright writer.
And if you come to Worf, I want to keep something strange thing to see. I want to keep a sharp point that you can see something you do not do elsewhere.
Sarah Kane's dramatist who is not necessarily well-known is difficult. It tends to be thought. But it's hard to pick up so it's not fun. Actually it is junk and there are many access points, hurdles are not high. I think that you can go out with a sense of reading cartoons.
The influence of the theater that you have seen hardships, what human beings will perform on the spot, what is more interesting than the net, what you can not find if you are alone alone when you come to the theater, what you can not receive within yourself I hope it will be a work that you can experience.

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Building of Wakaba-cho Worf. We have rebuilt the 50-year-old building that leaves the Showa era.

WAKABACHO WHARF (Wakaba-cho Worf)
Address 3-47-1 Wakaba-machi, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Telephone number 045-315-6025
Fax number 045-315-6027
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Period: January 28 (Sun) – February 9 (Fri) of 2018
Invited artists: Nina Kane (cast-off drama artistic director / UK)
Planning: Tomoko Kawaguchi (Waka Art Town Associate, Wakaba Town)

◇ Program 1 Screening + Talk
Screening of "Cleansed" (work by Sarah Kane) plus a talk program from 2010 to 2013.

Wednesday, January 31 (Wed) 19: 00
Screened: "Purification. "(2011 Wednesday cleansed project)
Talk program: Jungen Shimami (Art Forum Azamino Gender Equality Center Yokohama North) & Nina Kane

Thursday, February 1st 19:00
Screening: "Washing cleaned" (2012 Spring cleansed project)
Talk program: Hiroyuki Kondo (Shakespeare researcher, Professor at Tokyo Gakugei University / "Wash cleaned" translator) & Nina Kane

◇ Program 2 Open Workshop
Saturday, February 3, 13: 00 ~ 16: 00
Facilitator: Tomoko Kawaguchi & Nina Kane

◇ Program 3 Text Reading
February 7 (Wednesday) + February 8 (Thu) 19: 30
"4.48 Psychosis" Text / Reading by Sara Kein Director: Takeo Tanioka Director: Tomoko Kawaguchi Drama Turku: Nina Cain Stage Director: Tatsuhiko Ito Acoustic: Shimpaki Lighting: Yoshihiro Yokohara Appearance: Naoko Takimoto

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