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Ryu Miho's Woman in Jazzman 3rd

"Your time while listening to jazz in the afternoon"


The moment you open the door, it is refreshing and very cozy with the fragrant aroma of persimmons!

We aimed for a bright and stylish shop that fits in a European-style city, different from the conventional image of the JAZZ cafe (large volume, jazz flows and dark smoke).


I think it's a bit brave if you're the first person that women go into jazz cafes one by one, but do women come alone to TOMMY'S BY THE PARK?

I don't know your name, but some regulars are sitting here on the counter. While listening to music, I think that many people read a book, look at a smartphone, and spend their time. There are also people who buy bread from the next-door bakery around the daytime and eat-in with the baby. I think that it is the most frequent jazz cafe that a stroller comes in lol

It is thankful to mom, isn't it?

Do the master's songs fit in with the audience?

Currently, there are around 5000 CDs in the store, but I try to select songs that are tailored to the customer.


What does the master say at the counter when regulars come?

When I was young I went to jazz cafes (mostly people in their 60's and 70's) and the topic about jazz played at that time is central. Even if you can sit at the counter, there are people who cherish your time, such as reading, so in that case, you may be discouraged from speaking from here. The point is that it depends on the customer.

How long have you been thinking about going to the jazz cafe and doing the jazz cafe?

As a university student, I went to jazz and went to a jazz cafe, mainly in Tokyo. Someday, I thought that I wanted to do a jazz cafe, I think that I have always been from school days, but since there was a reality that from the time there was no jealousy jazz cafes, three years ago when I finished my 60-year-old company work, The dream has finally come true.


I have always wanted to do it! Making a shop is what image is madeDid you do?

As I said earlier, we aimed for a bright and stylish store that fits the city. Even the jacket with the decoration is artistic and also artistically good, and I put what I think is simple.

The audio of attention, after all jazz cafe, is not it.

I'm not an audiophile at all, but I wanted to choose audio that suits jazz. I want to listen to the good sound that the master can also enjoy, and the speakers have been longing for when I was young, JBL. The amp is a stylish blue lamp, and the dream comes true with a Macintosh compatible with JBL.

Well, I can hear the sound clearly. Where is the best seat in the shop?

After all it is a counter. Even at the table seats away from the speakers, the speakers are floor-type, so it sounds like an expansive sound.

I can hear it kindly.

Laugh because of Ryu's vocal sound source I'm listening now

If you are comfortable like that, you can put in a woman alone.

Thank you very much.

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珈 琲, it's very delicious. Do you have any particular feelings for the wolf?

It was delicious to drink, so I bought it from a home-cooked terra coffee in whiteraku.

Where are baked goods from?

It is handmade by my wife.

It is very nice.


What should I do when a woman is alone at lunch?

If you are interested in lunch, you can buy it at the bakery next door and bring in the tray. In the case of eat-in, we offer discounted salmon. The next bakery's bread is rice flour bread, but it is also known for being delicious in the neighborhood.

It's a very cozy shop and it's just my own space.
I also have my favorite book, I will go to make my own time!

dent: 1em; margin-bottom: 30px; "How was it?" The third "Woman in Jazz"
An interview with JAZZ in Yokohama Nakamachidai and a master of "TOMMY'S BY THE PARK" was sent.
"TOMMY'S BY THE PARK" is the master's dream itself.
It's so cozy, it's a place where you can make your own time no matter where you sit.
"Jazz in the early afternoon, a space for one person"
While holding a favorite book and striking the master's favorite song,
Please make a nice time for yourself.

Ryu Miho


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