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Ryu Miho's “Woman in Jazz ♡” 3rd

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"Let's spend my time listening to jazz in the afternoon"


The moment you open the door, it's refreshing and very cozy with the fragrant scent of strawberry!

We aimed for a bright and stylish shop that fits the European style of the city, which is different from the traditional image of a JAZZ cafe (Jazz flows at high volume and dark smoke).


I think that it is a little courageous for a first time that a woman goes into a jazz cafe alone, but is there a woman coming to TOMMY'S BY THE PARK alone?

I don't know your name, but some regulars are sitting on the counter. Many people spend their time reading books, watching smartphones, listening to music. There are also people who buy bread from the bakery next door and eat in with their baby around noon. I think that the stroller comes in is the most jazz cafe

Thank you mommy

Is there a song that the master plays that matches the customer?

Currently, there are about 5000 CDs in the store, but we are trying to select the music that suits our customers.


What kind of story does the master talk about at the counter when regular customers come?

With regulars (mostly in their 60s and 70s) who went to jazz cafes from a young age, the topic of jazz that they were playing at that time was the center. Even if you are sitting at the counter, there are also people who value their time such as reading, so in that case you may refrain from talking from here. In short, it depends on the customer.

When did the master go to a jazz cafe and do you want to do a jazz cafe?

I became a university student, got into jazz, and went to jazz cafes mainly in Tokyo. One day I thought that I wanted to do a jazz cafe since I was a student, but from that time there was a reality that jazz cafes are not profitable, so three years ago when I finished working at a retirement age of 60, Finally, my dream has come true.


I've always wanted to do it! What kind of image is made in shop makingDid you do it?

As I said earlier, we aimed for a bright and stylish shop that fits the city. The jackets that were decorated are also arranged in a simple way to make the visuals look artistic.

Discerning audio, after all it is only in jazz cafe.

I'm not an audiophile, but I wanted to choose audio that suits jazz. I want to listen to the sound with good sound that can be enjoyed by the master, and the speaker is JBL. The amp has a bright blue lamp, a Macintosh that is compatible with JBL, and a dream come true.

I can hear the sound clearly. Where is the best seat in the store?

Is it still a counter? Even at table seats away from the speakers, the speakers are floor-type, making the sound more expansive.

I can hear it gently.

Ryu's vocal sound source that I'm listening to

If you feel so comfortable, you can even put a woman alone.

Thank you very much.

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That's really delicious. Are you also particular about the bag?

It was delicious when I drank it, so I bought it from a place called self-roasted Terra Coffee in Hakuraku.

Where do you buy baked goods?

It is handmade by my wife.

Very nice.


What should a woman enter when having lunch alone?

For lunch purposes, I bought it at the next bakery and brought the tray as it was. In the case of eat-in, you can get discounts on potatoes. The bread of the bakery next door is rice flour bread, but it is also popular in the neighborhood.

It's a very cozy shop and it's just your own space.
I also go to make my own time with my favorite books!

dent: 1em; margin-bottom: 30px; "> How was it? Third" Woman in Jazz "
We sent an interview with JAZZ in Nakamachidai, Yokohama and the master of “TOMMY'S BY THE PARK”.
“TOMMY'S BY THE PARK” is Master ’s dream.
That's why it's so cozy and a place where you can make your own time, no matter where you sit.
"Jazz in the afternoon, a space for one person"
While having a favorite book and singing the master's casket,
Please make your own time.

Ryu Miho


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