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Ryu Miho's "Woman in Jazz ♡" 3rd Episode

“Enjoy your time on the early afternoon with jazz music”


The moment you open the door, you smell the wonderful scent of the coffee and feel the comfort inside, it’s so good!

The normal image for jazz coffee shops are that there is loud jazz music inside and it’s dark and smoky. I aimed at something different and tried making a bright and fashionable place, fitting the image of a European town scape.


I think it requires some courage for a woman to come alone to a jazz cafe for the first time. Are there women coming to TOMMY’S BY THE PARK alone?

I don’t know their names but there are regular customers who come and sit around there (the counter). They read books, check out their smartphones while listening to music. They just chill out and have a good time. There are also ones who buy pastries from the bakery just next to us and they come in with their babies and eat inside. I think we might be the jazz cafe where most strollers come in 🙂

I guess you should be thankful to mothers for that 🙂

Do you match the music you put on, to the customers inside?

Currently there are about 5000 CDs inside the shop, I try to choose pieces which I think the current audience will enjoy.


When regular customers come in, what do you talk with them on the counter?

With the regular customers who go to jazz cafes from a young age (usually between 60-70 years old), we mostly talk about the jazz music which is currently playing. Even if they sit around the counter, sometimes they read books and such, they just enjoy their time on their own so I try not to bother them sometimes. In other words, what I do depends on the customers comfort.

When did you start going to Jazz cafes and when was it that you thought “I should open a jazz cafe”

After I became a university student, I got hooked to the jazz music, I started going to jazz cafes around the city. My dreams of opening a jazz cafe was there since I was a university student, but back then, it was told and known that jazz cafes don’t make any profit, so realizing this dream came so much later. After I retired from my company when I’m 60 years old (3 years ago), I was finally able to make my Jazz cafe dream come true.


So you wanted to do this from such old days! When you were designing this place, what kind of place did you have in mind?

Like I said before, I tried to make a place befitting the town scape, a bright and fashionable place. The jackets hanging around are also contribute to the aesthetics of the place.

Audio system must be important for a Jazz cafe, right?

I’m by no means an audio enthusiast. but I wanted to choose something which would fit jazz music. The speakers are JBL, which I yearned for since I was young. They produce good sound which the owner can also enjoy. Amps have cool bright blue lamps, and with the Macintosh which has a good compatibility with JBL, my dreams came true.

I see, the sound is so clear too. From which table the sound is best heard from?

I suppose that would be the counter. But since the speakers are floor style, even the tables a little bit distant from the speakers get a good sound.

It sounds somewhat gentle.

It might be because of your vocal sound that we’re listening now 🙂

If it’s this comfortable inside, women can also come here alone.

Thank you.


Your coffee is so delicious! Is there anything you’re picky about for choosing your coffee?

I liked home roasted terra coffee in Hakuraku, so we get our stocks from them.

Where do you get your baked sweets from?

They are handmade. My wife makes them.

That’s so beautiful.


When women come here to eat alone, what must they do?

If they come here to eat, they can buy pastries from the bakery just next to us, they can bring their trays just like that. When they bring in food, I make a discount for coffee. The pastries of the bakery next to us, are made from rice flour. They have some reputation around here for being delicious.

This is such a comfortable place that you start to feel at home without knowing.
I will bring my favourite books and come here to enjoy my time.


How did you like the 3rd part of “Woman in Jazz”?
This time, I brought you my interview with the owner of jazz and coffee shop “TOMMY’S BY THE PARK”, which is located at Yokohama, Nakamachidai.
“TOMMY’S BY THE PARK” is the owners dream, realised.
The place is so comfortable that no matter which chair you sit, and you can enjoy your time and chill out.
“Enjoy your time on the early afternoon with jazz music”
Take one of your favourite books and chill out while sipping your coffee served by the owner.

Ryu Miho

Full-fledged audio jazz cafe in Kohoku New Town!


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