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The “Shushi Beach Film Festival”, a presentation of the achievements of travelers who connects people and culture

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Aggregate local to local connections

-What is the position of the festival and activities throughout the year?

CINEMA AMIGO, a cinema and cafe, is an activity that connects cinema caravans to the outside, a local base. The annual Choshikaigan Film Festival is called a film festival that allows visitors to experience the various connections they want to cultivate inside and outside of Choshi in some form, such as movies, art works, and workshops. It is a cultural experience event that is not only about movies.

Gen Nagashima, founder and musician of the Choshi Coast Film Festival

All the members love traveling, so the concept of “travelers with bases” was from the beginning. Even if it is just a trip and the exchange is born in the place where you went, it will end with a temporary thing, but if you go on a trip with a base where you can nurture, you will bring back what you got at the destination You can reflect it, you can invite it this time without ending with a single shot, and there is a different density when you interact with it. I wonder if that will lead to thicker connections.

-How did the inter-regional exchange with the Spanish Basque Country begin?

A Japanese who lives in the country and has a desire to convey the Basque culture to Japan visited Cinema Amigo to see if there was an opportunity to show video works made with local video artists in Japan. ,the firstIt was the edge of. So, there was a movie screening event at Cinema Amigo and an event to invite Basque people, this time there was an opportunity for cinema caravan Shizuno Rai to go to San Sebastian for an interview. started.

Then, while I was inviting Basque people from around 2010, I made a booklet, but when he lived in Basque and showed it to the director of the San Sebastian International Film Festival, If you come to Japan, you should do a cinema caravan during the film festival. " So in 2013, a total of 25 and 6 people, including about 10 core members of the cinema caravan, participated in the San Sebastian International Film Festival from Japan.

At that time, since I became friends with more local people, artists and cooks from the Basque came to the Zushi Beach Film Festival every year.


-What about Indonesia?

Takashi Kuribayashi, a contemporary art writer who is also a member of the cinema caravan, moved to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Yogyakarta's art scene is now thriving, making many connections and cheap, so it's easy to make large works.

In 2015, Yogyakarta ’s “ART JOG (After being called by a cinema caravan at a contemporary art festival called “Art Jog”, local people came to the Choshi Coast Film Festival. Takashi-kun's assistants and students come to Japan for half-learning, make and present works, and help set up during the period.


The word “Sister City” that we often use is actually an expression started by the root culture of the NPO in Kamakura. I am conscious of being local to local, such as x San Sebastian, Choko x Yogyakarta. There are several areas in Japan, such as Shirakawago, Yubari, and Nozawa. When.

Unearth the charm hidden deep in the region

――What kind of place do you make in cinema caravan destinations?

There are two ways to create a cinema caravan, when it is called a group of artists, and when it is called an artist group. It is important to make the most of it.

When I went to Shirakawa-go, I made the screen itself with traditional crafts, Mino Washi, and made the screen frame with materials used for gassho-zukuri. In addition, as for cooking, while using local ingredients, it offers menus that local people do not come up with and proposes new foods in the area. I also do that.

Screen made from Mino Washi and Nesso (c) ZUSHI BEACH FILM FESTIVAL

At the Niigata Earth Art Festival, we requested installations of local marginal villages as motifs, and made installations, movies and performances that expressed them.

-How about at the San Sebastian Film Festival?

Although the name is Japanese culture introduction, the venue is created in collaboration with local artists, with the concept of introducing culture in Japan connected with cinema caravans. Last year, I was invited to an art event called “SONSBEEK” in the Netherlands as a group of artists. The artists who connected there also called San Sebastián, and the three cities interacted.


--The venue for the Choshi Kaigan Film Festival has a very sophisticated atmosphere, and there are many customers from Tokyo.

: 30px "> I think that 80% of customers come to taste a little extraordinary atmosphere like visiting an amusement park overseas. A commercial atmosphere full of corporate logos. We are also very particular about our activities so that we don't feel like a school or entertainment party, and we are making the venue with only the sponsors who agree with the purpose.

I would like to see some of the people who have taken such a part to pick up and bring back other local cultures and messages that we really want to convey.


Develop human power as a strength of the community

――What is your biggest message?

Cinema caravans always have the key concept of “playing with the earth”. For example, at the Zushi Beach Film Festival, there are times when storms hit directly, and by clearing such things together one by one, something like the fundamental strength of people involved, human power The most important thing is that it goes up and it becomes a strength of the community.

In the future, we will not only introduce the culture, but also expand what we can do in other regions, so that it can be incorporated in Isogo, and improve the local living environment. I hope it can be used to create the charm of the city.

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