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Recommended traditional performing arts for autumn 1

New Japanese Beauty - Kanagawa Re-Classical 2016 in Odawara


A variety of traditional arts performed against the backdrop of Odawara Castle towering high in the sky
The ``Kanagawa Re-Classical Project'' utilizes traditional performing arts connected to Kanagawa Prefecture with new ideas and re-disseminates them as cultural arts that live in modern times. This is an initiative to convey the classic traditional performing arts of Kanagawa Prefecture to the present day, rediscover their charm and value, and pass them on to the future. This year, the fourth time, it will be held in Odawara City, a castle town that Kanagawa Prefecture is proud of.
The venue is Odawara Castle ("Odawara Castle Ruins Park Honmaru Square Special Stage"), which is famous among history fans as an "impregnable and invincible castle." ``Odawara Castle, which has been selected as one of Japan's top 100 castles, has just reopened in May 2016 after major renovations in the Heisei era.With Odawara Castle with its pure white castle tower in the background, in addition to Takigi Noh and Rakugo, Odawara Castle Local traditional performing arts such as musical accompaniment and Hakone Yutate Shishimai will be performed.

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A stage where you can feel the power of history and a new breeze
The day will consist of two parts, and will be guided by Robert Harris, a popular J-wave DJ.
Admission is free for the first part (Doors open: 12:30~/Start: 13:00~).
*It may be canceled in case of rain.
・Enshu Iida Yamame Shrine Gion Festival performing arts (nationally designated Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property), Rakugo by Mr. Sanzo Yanagiya, a local from Odawara, Odawara Hayashi (Odawara City Traditional Performing Arts Prefecturally Designated Intangible Folk Cultural Property), Kashima Odori at Terayama Shrine ( Traditional performing arts related to Kanagawa Prefecture, such as Odawara City (prefecturally designated intangible folk cultural property), Hakone's Yutate Shishimai (Hakone Town, nationally selected and prefecturally designated intangible folk cultural property), and the Uiro Urikuchi Research Group... .
Under the blue sky, you can enjoy the power of the ``forms'' that have been passed down over hundreds of years, and the new style of the times that is breathed into them.
The second part (doors open from 18:00/start from 18:30) is limited to 1,000 paid seats (advance tickets: 3,000 yen, same-day tickets: 3,500 yen).
*In case of rain, the venue will be Odawara Civic Hall.
Koichi Makigami / performance FOOD with Arzhan Suu, Hosho style Takigi Noh (Kyogen "Bunzo" (Tojiro Yamamoto, Norihide Yamamoto), Noh "Yato Soga" (Shite / Kazuhide Hosho, Juro / Manjiro Tatsumi)) A gorgeous member A full-fledged stage performance by
The gradation of the sky that changes from dusk to night and the stage with Odawara Castle in the background will be a fantastic and powerful performance that you won't see anywhere else. Even though it is a traditional performing art, it is not bound by existing concepts and is a stage performance that I hope the audience will experience based on their own sensibilities.
Message from the performers


Part 2 appearance: From Koichi Makigami

“Japan has a history of accepting cultures different from our own, absorbing them, and making them our own tradition.If you think about it that way, I think that constantly taking on new challenges can be called a traditional performing art in itself. Isn't it? Since this is a project called "Re" (re-transmission), we will also try something never seen before using "Odawara cast iron wind chimes" in order to create a new tradition. Please pray for a good wind (lol).”


Koichi Makigami: Graduated from Kanagawa Prefectural Odawara High School. A vocalist and producer representing Japan. In addition to his activities as the leader of the band Hikashu, he is actively engaged in solo work and collaborations using vocal acoustics, theremin, and mouth harp.

Arzhan Suu is a duo made up of Koichi Makigami and Masaharu Sato, and FOOD is a duo made up of British saxophonist Ian Ballamy, a master of jazz improvisation using electronics, and Norwegian drummer Thomas Stränen. The name of the quartet is "Ancient and Future".
A performance using Odawara's famous "wind chime" along with performances by musicians who are challenging the latest music in Japan and the world. The collaboration between the music flowing from musical instruments and the tones created by the natural wind is the very essence of "ancient times and the future." What kind of performance will it be? Mr. Makigami, who is always taking on new challenges, performed on a number of stages, including ``co-starring with wind chimes'', which was his first time. Like an art installation, it will be a stage where the audience can enjoy a new experience together.

“Kanagawa Re-Classical Project 2016 Odawara”
■Date and time: September 19, 2016 (Monday/holiday)
Part 1/Doors open 12:30, Performance starts 13:00
Second part/Doors open 18:00, performance starts 18:30 (scheduled to end at 21:00)
■Venue: Odawara Castle Ruins Park Honmaru Square (in case of rain: Odawara Civic Center Hall only for the second part)
■Price: Part 1/Free admission (no advance application required). When the venue is crowded, admission may be restricted.
Second part/Paid (advance ticket 3,000 yen, same-day ticket 3,500 yen) All seats are free, limited to 1,000 seats.
■Ticket: e+ (Eplus) → http://eplus.jp

A little detour: Utsuwa rape blossoms



Utsuwananohana is a gallery located in Odawara. This gallery is lined with pottery, porcelain, lacquer, and other utensils made by Wagashi Nanohana, a Japanese confectionery shop that has been around since the Meiji era and is famous for works such as "Moon Rabbit." Inside the store, there are an array of artist's works that exude individuality and warmth, carefully selected by the owner. This is a shop where you are sure to find your favorite pottery that will make your daily life more comfortable.
The exhibition in September is Morimitsu Hosokawa Exhibition (Guest: Satoru Kishino/Sculpture). Morimitsu Hosokawa's ceramics are lined up with a simple yet warm feel that will make you feel relieved.
Exhibition period: September 17th (Sat) - September 25th (Sun) *9/21 (Wednesday) Closed
Address: 1-3-12 Minamicho, Odawara 250-0013
TEL: 0465-24-7020
Business hours: 11:00-18:00
*Only open when special events are being held. *Exhibitions from October onwards can be found on the website.

Recommended traditional performing arts for autumn 2

[1st to 7th of every month] Add laughter to your life!
"Yokohama Nigiwai Yose" can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to experts

Even beginners can wander in and enjoy the laughter.


Noge is attracting attention as a drinking area in Yokohama. Yokohama Nigiwai-za is located in a bar district lined with restaurants that livens up Yokohama's nightlife. It has become well-known as a center specializing in popular entertainment such as rakugo, manzai, magic tricks, and acrobatics. The entertainment hall, where you can enjoy traditional arts in a casual manner, is perfect for the lively atmosphere of this city.
While even beginners can casually drop in and enjoy a variety of laughs, ``For Rakugo performers, Yose is a dojo. It's a place to hone your craft, and every day is a serious challenge,'' says Master Katsura Utamaru, who is also the director of the theater. The audience's reactions will help you hone your skills, and the audience will enjoy seeing your refined skills. Yose theater is a place where the audience can truly understand the feelings that the Rakugo storyteller has put into their performance.

Feel free to attend vaudeville from 1st to 7th! "Yokohama Nigiwai Vaudeville"


One of the most popular events at Nigiwai-za is the Yokohama Nigiwai Yose. It is held from the 1st to the 7th of every month as a joint performance between the Rakugo Arts Association and the Rakugo Association. Yokohama Nigiwai-za's unique format is that comedians belonging to two associations appear on the same stage on alternate days. It would be a waste for the citizens of the prefecture not to experience it.
In between the rakugo performances, there are manzai and magic performances, so even beginners can have fun. Of course, it's also fun to pop in for a quick drink after the performance is over. Why not take a walk to Noge in search of laughter that is rooted in your daily life?

"Yokohama Nigiwai Vaudeville"
■Date and time: 1st to 7th of every month. Performances start at 14:00 each day (doors open at 13:30)
■Venue: Yokohama Nigiwaiza Entertainment Hall
■Fare: Non-reserved seats General: 2,800 yen, Seniors (65 and older): 2,700 yen, Students (high school students and older): 1,500 yen, Children (junior high school students and under): 1,000 yen
*Persons with a disability certificate (same fee for up to one accompanying person): 1,500 yen
*Discount service after joining: You can enter for 2,000 yen after joining on the day (break/around 3:15 pm).
■Tickets: Yokohama Nigiwaiza (Tickets only 045-231-2515)

Continued in the second part: Rediscover the charm of Japan! Let's go see traditional performing arts (Part 2)

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