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“A definitive photo brings together all of your thoughts. That is the power of photography.” Nobuo Shinoyama Special Interview: “Kinobu Shinoyama Photo Power THE PEOPLE by KISHIN”

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―― “Shinoyama Nobunobu Photo Power” has been circulated all over the country so far, but it seems that each venue has a special display of photographs of people who are related to the area. Here at the Yokohama Museum of Art, I heard that Hibari Misora's photo is. This time, two photos of Hibari Misora were on display, and one was a large piece sitting on a chair in a room with a Buddhist altar.

Sasayama : Hibari Misora is the photograph of the last year. I was asked to take a record jacket at home because I was sick and hard to go to the studio. So, I visited my home and took a picture. I took the jacket photo again in a different room, but when I looked at the next room, there was a very large Buddhist altar and flowers ... and a shadow behind the wall. Dad, mom, brother. Most of Hibari's family died before her. Hey, I thought it was a great room and asked, “Can you take a photo here?”

――I guess it was a photo you could shoot by chance.

Shinoyama : Yeah, it wasn't where we announced it, but it was taken. I was in a magazine just after Hibari-san died.

--It's a very precious work.

Shinoyama : Even when I filmed that, Hibari wasn't very good at it. Did you sit in a chair in the Japanese room?I couldn't sit on the cushion. I think I died in about a year after that. And there was another small picture of Hibari next to it? It was taken on the sofa at home, but it is a photo only for the Yokohama venue.


-In Yokohama, what kind of photos can you see specially besides Hibari?

Sasayama : Yuzu, Mitsuko Kusafue, Daisuke Miura, Riki Takeuchi, Ms. Tsukatsuki, and Eiko Koike. Eiko Koike is not a person from Yokohama, but this is one shot when Mr. Koike's DVD was shot with the theme of Yokohama. I took it in front of the red brick warehouse. The red brick lighting is very beautiful.

――By the way, where in the city of Yokohama do you think Mr. Sasayama is photogenic?

Sasayama : There are many photogenic places. I often use shoots around foreign cemeteries. The Western-style building is a house studio. There are a lot of shootings there.

--The natural atmosphere of Yuzu's photo was wonderful.

Shinoyama : That's right. The girl who is surrounded by Yuzu's two people is called “Yuppi”. At the time of filming (2008), she was still a teenager and sang a song on the street. Yuppi-san came to see this exhibition. Singing nowShe seems to be studying to pass the university. You said you wanted to be a doctor.

--You must have been deeply impressed. How was the photo of Mitsuko Kusafue taken?

Sasayama : The photo of Kusafue is a fashion page of a magazine called “Home Pictorial”.

-The year of photography is 2016. Just recently.

Sasayama : That's right. Kusafue and I have been doing so for a long time, but it was the first time we shot. It feels very good ... I'm a veteran (laughs).